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Well, hello there. Hi! I feel like I'm finally back at school after a long sickness absence (think mono length) and the teacher is calling role, and I finally get to say PRESENT! or HERE! or whatever kids are saying these days. Oh, what's that? Nobody calls role anymore because it's 2016 and #technology? Cool. ...more

The Top 5 Most Engaging Family Friendly Board Games For The Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching, a time to gather with family and friends, a time to reconnect and decompress. What better way to reflect and bring the crew together then with a rousing board game. So, step away from the electronic gadgets and start interacting with your loved ones!We’ve played a slew of games over the last few months and here are our top picks. These games will have your family laughing and cheering with sheer abandonment....more

Daddy Issues: Daughter of an Addict

It was Christmas morning, I had made my dad a snow globe. It was little, filled with glitter and plastic confetti. He put it in my moms hands, frowning, saying he didn’t deserve it."Dammit, take it. She made it for you," my mother said, trying to stay hushed. I continued unwrapping gifts. I remember feeling bad; tears welled up in my little brown eyes. Why didn’t he like my gift?I understand his guilt now. As an adult, accepting a gift you don’t deserve can be humiliating....more

The Nablopomo Alarm

30 days, 100 words a day-One day I sleep 2 hours and then the next day I sleep 10.  Yesterday I pressed the snooze button three times; I never do that. Didn’t really want to get up, how many days of school would the kids miss if I just didn’t get up? But then what would they do all day at home; I wouldn’t be schooling them. That wouldn’t work. I needed to get up. Make a breakfast we will fight about and not eat. I have an invention idea, a really sweet breakfast cereal called “something else”. The box would smell like old lollipops...more

Who am I angry with?

The kids put a hotwheels color-changing car in the freezer and forgot to close it. Everything defrosted. Woke them up angry and yelling. We fought and had an awful morning.I bought pesticide for the ants and a spray bottle. The maid put the liquid in the spray bottle and tried to spray. She expected it to spray at the first pump and proceeded to take off the nozzle and hack a hole in the spring mechanism. She thought the thing didn’t work.  I didn’t yell at her for ruining the spray bottle.I need to get my priorities straight....more

Nablopomo here we go again

30 days, 100 words a day. There was Halloween this year in my house. Costumes, candy and spooky parties, pink wicked witches and peter pan with long pants. I made some apple turnovers for dinner the other night and couldn’t wait till they got cold. I put too much cinnamon but it was ok in the end. Didn’t have any cornstarch so I used custard powder instead and that worked well. I rolled the pastry out with a glass bottle because I keep forgetting to buy a wooden roller.  I cleaned up to avoid the black ant infestation and went to bed with a full tummy....more

4 Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy During the Summer

The late spring is something school children of any age anticipate. In any case, as a parent, it can be somewhat of a tight spot. You need your kids to have a break and have some fun, yet then you are confronted with the quandary of keeping them occupied and out of inconvenience throughout the entire summer. Below are things you can do to keep kids occupied in the late spring:Assign them Duties...more

Record Voice Messages on iPhone: Smart Ways to Keep Your Children Safe

In today's world, where technology has become an essential part of life, children and teenagers are being exposed to online dangers such as online stalking, cyberbullying, adult content, etc. Although modern technology has its upsides, there are also cons that people should be aware of. As parents, you want to do whatever you can to ensure the safety of your children. Listed below are ways to keep your children safe while using smart devices. ...more
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Giving Up on the Uninvolved Grandparents

[Image credit: http://www.sowetanlive.co.za/[/caption]...more

Everything There Is To Consider Prior To Filing For a Divorce

It goes without saying that any marriage has both good and bad times. Virtually all relationships have an emotional roller coaster, but couples are advised to assume the conditions and responsibilities accompanying it. Wedding vows oblige married individuals to stick together at all times; come rain or shine. ...more