NEW RECIPE on the blog. Easy Chicken Enchiladas!

The Family that Laughs TogetherClick the link above for the recipe.  So easy and yummy! ...more

Balancing Family, Life, and Marathon Training

 Who knew that summer with a 3 year old would be so busy? As you know, Lil Man is our only child, and we are learning as we go. So I wasn't really prepared for the busy summer days, and I even ditched some of the programs that I had originally considered us doing. But we are having a blast at Hershey Park this year. And we are getting more than our money out of our season passes....more

Dear Annie: A Letter to our Rescue Dog

Dear Annie,15 months ago I saw you sitting outside the pet store when I was running errands.  I wasn’t sure if you were part of the local humane society’s adoption event, or if you were heading into the pet store with your own family.  You were far too pretty to be up for adoption – a pure bred, rust-colored, goofy, 7-month old golden retriever pup. I put my bag of groceries down and made a beeline for you.  I’m pretty sure I elbowed another couple out of the way so I could get a good look.  “Is this a pure golden?” I asked....more
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Lost and Found

As I was sliding down the hill, I had to question the wisdom of taking the trail my 12-year-old son, Tom, wanted to take.I figured that because I was with my dad, it would be OK. But my dear 71-year-young father was way ahead of me and wasn’t looking back. I’d lost sight of him.Tom was behind me, exclaiming that this was the best day of his life.For a minute I panicked. We were 15 minutes from home in a state park I’ve known since the age of nine, but I feared we were hopelessly lost....more

Just Grateful

Oh today is a lazy Sunday.  I am so out of it.  What do I mean? I am so out of “The Groove” today.  Usually I am hyped up by Sunday and ready to start my week but today I am not. It may be because it is to hot and humid here in Georgia.  Or it could be because I learned today of a member in my church losing his daughter earlier this week after losing his wife to cancer only 9 months previously.  That really gave caught me by surprise and has really given me cause to pause and reflect today....more

How Having A Baby Changed My TV Viewing Habits

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Road Trip Ramblings

Family road trips can either scar you or get into your veins. For me, it's in my blood. I love road trips. There is nothing like getting into the car and taking off knowing that you have an adventure ahead of you....more

The Memories Make the Home

I find myself searching the walls and rooms of this large, beautifully decorated space we live in. Looking for marks and memories, seeking signs of a growing family that wasn’t planted here....more

Take off my left shoe? My foot!

I cannot believe that professionals are writing stories with tips and products are being made to help people remember that they have a child in the back seat of the car. If you cannot remember on your own that your child is in the car than you should not be driving at all.  Take your left shoe off and put it in the backseat so that when you reach your destination you remember to get it (and your child) from the back....more