31 Things I've Learned in life

I told Big C it was my birthday today and followed it by asking him how old he thought I was. He said 17. I giggled and told him to guess again. He said 100. Talk about a hit to my ego. 31. I told him I was 31 today and he followed that with, "That's a big number mama."...more

Creating Your Wedding Guest List

Creating your wedding guest list can be a difficult undertaking. For me, it was the most stressful part of wedding planning. It was the only part of wedding planning that I actually shed tears over as I watched my once-small wedding get larger and larger, until the guest list had 100 more people on it than I originally envisioned. It’s the aspect of wedding planning that can make or break your budget, and also the aspect that your familiar will like have the most to say about. Trust me, your parents will have a lot of opinions on the guest list....more

Preparing for Kindergarten

I know...it seems like summer JUST started. But GUYS...in just over a month, my boy starts kindergarten. I mean, just yesterday I had to pick up his registration packet which means this is real. He's going to big kid school with his sister and will be gone ALL DAY...leaving me...alone......more

Road tripping and questioning our sanity

What childhood is complete without a family road trip memory or two? I remember several from my own childhood and remember them fondly. When we told the kids we would be driving to California from BC, our plans were met with many complaints. It will take too long, it will be too hot, etc.  ...more


VIALast nights World Cup game was amazing.  The wo...more

The Monster Under My Bed

The monster under my bed is gone.  He left last year when he decided that sticking around on earth was too problematic…so, he took his own life last year, October 1. He wasn’t a monster of fairy tales or fiction, he was my bio-dad.  I can’t entertain thoughts of referring to him as dad or father, although he indeed was.  He was a difficult man, caustic, toxic, and as you might imagine, very dysfunctional.  He failed at his first marriage, the marriage to my mom.  He brought discord and vitriol to his second marriage to my stepmom....more

Live Your Dream

There’s been a lot of talk in our household lately about dreams. What dreams I have, what dreams the Mr. has and what dreams we have together...for our future and the future of our kids. Of course, all this talk got me thinking about life and why I gave up on some of my dreams and why I let them drift into the night, never to see or experience those dreams coming to life....more

10 Tips if you're planning to become a ONE income family

Since 2012 our family has been a one income family. The day that I found out I was pregnant with Annabella, Jonathan and I decided I would not go back to work after she was born, unless it was absolutely necessary. I was determined to be a stay at home mom to my girls. Working mothers have the absolute hardest jobs of all. They have to juggle their jobs, homes, children and husbands all at the same time. Jobs are not flexible for mothers and the guilt is overwhelming. So working moms, I salute you and I feel for you....more

How to Talk about Depression with Your Family

Talking to your family about depression is not always easy, especially if there is nobody else in the family who is dealing with depression already. I’ll tell you about my experience and give you a few tips. Just know that it won’t be the easiest thing you’ve ever done, but it also won’t be the hardest thing either. Sometimes you will have to talk to them several times and sometimes they just may never understand, but be patient with them and know that you need to do this for your own well-being....more
Thank you for sharing this.  I have battled depression for years and trying to be brave and open ...more

8 TV Shows to Binge-Watch While On Late Night Baby Duty (Or, Right Now)

Last week, I chatted with some colleagues about the television shows we’ve been watching. One of my co-workers is due with her first baby in a few short weeks and therefore looking for something to watch during those 2 a.m. feedings. She took notes on all the things we said we loved. ...more
I suck as a parent Sherlock - yes! I love me some Cumberbatch! And Alias is the classic binge ...more