Sometimes I Feel Very Far From Home

When I went away to college, my mother nearly collapsed from grief - not because I’m all that, although I’d like to think my absence is worth a few tears - but because there had been too much loss already and my leaving felt like another loss to her. Long-distance, over a staticky phone line, my mother sang me a song while I sat in my dorm room and felt the twist of the knife slickly coated with guilt....more

Patience Cards™

T: West, can you spare a few Patience Cards™? Me: Sure, what’s up? T: My mom called and they’re having issues with their router. She asked if I could come help my dad sort it out. Me: *sympathetic silence* Please take what you need. T: I wouldn’t ask, but I just loaned my sister my last two PCs™ because our cousin needs help with her resume. Me: What’s mine is yours. I have nothing in the foreseeable future that necessitates any, so take ‘em. Godspeed....more

Her side of the reasons for the divorced

Realization Theresa said “I realized that my mother's past experiences has affect me very much, I didn't let go of what happened to her after my father's death. How do I live my own life and follow the plan that God has for me? Yes I am the oldest but I need to live my life. I need to let go of the past especially my mother's past hurts. My siblings are living their life like nothing happened to us but they were very young to remember anything, what do I need to do to live my life....more

About Loss and Fried Chicken

Some Days I Want to Run and Hide

Let me start by saying that I love my husband, MS, my cats, and the rest of my family and friends very much. ...more

Paws Off

Before I say something that could incur the wrath of many, let me first say that without question, I LOVE animals. Especially wildlife. I love to take my Nikon and stake out the owls and bobcats behind my house for hours on end. But, I’m not a dog person. WAIT! Don’t leave! I’m not a cat person either. PLEASE STAY! I like them, I just don’t want one. I don’t want a pet....more

Somewhere In There

They say it gets darker just before the light. They say sick people and animals do better just before they die. They say it gets colder just before the sun breaks the horizon. Calm before the storm.All of these things are true. I've seen them all. My breath is put on hold waiting for the worst before the better or the better before the worst. It can be a bit paralyzing. ...more

Cancer Can't Take A Joke

Several years ago, my sister was diagnosed with cancer—Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.If ever there was a time to vehemently deny the title of this blog and the notion that Life Is Funny (even when it’s not), it was at this moment. Life wasn’t funny and I didn’t think it ever would be again. I was devastated by her diagnosis.It was my closest dealing with the c-monster and I was terrified of the unknown and heartbroken that it was her—my very own sister—who was stricken with the unpredictable and vengeful disease....more

Grandma's House Is on the Market: We Took a Look

Last week, my grandparents' old house went on the market. It has been inhabited by another family for almost twenty years now, yet every time I drive by it, I still think of it as Grandma and Grandpa's house ... despite the many renovations. My mom, my aunt and I decided to go to the open house, to see what had changed and what had stayed the same....more
Loved this! You are brave...not sure if I could go into my grandparents' home after someone else ...more

Parental Guidance Suggested

I’m extraordinarily thankful for growing up when I did.My two siblings and I—very close in age—played outside like it was our j.o.b. The three of us, along with our neighborhood friends, ran amok nearly every day, until that moment between dusk and dark, when my mom stepped onto the front porch and yelled, “Kids! Time to come in!”...more