Budgets are Sexy

http://mamantics.simplywritten.caBy all reasoning budgets are sexy, since being broke with no savings and living pay cheque to pay cheque is decidedly unsexy. With the high cost of living and low wages in today’s society, budgeting almost has to be a priority among families. In today’s inflationary world, nothing is more important (or sexy) then knowing how to wisely spend the income that you get....more

The real cost of a fire.

It's been a strange few weeks for me. It started when I had what I assumed were a series of fever dreams, (I was running a fever at the time, so, I really thought that had to be the case), and in every one of them I was at my great grandmother's house, walking in from the back door, through the mud room and into the kitchen, and that's when I woke up. Like clockwork and without fail for three nights in a row....more

Fall means all things apple

Nothing feels more like fall in Michigan than apple orchards and cider mills. The smell of donuts, the crisp feel to the air, the tractor rides, the unpredictable weather--it's all symbolic of the changing seasons....more

Family Fortunes

Rejection is never a pleasant thing. I know from personal experience. Most of us are far more self-conscious than we like to admit and whoever it might be that has shunned us – be it a girlfriend, prospective employer or spouse – it can often prove a shockingly bitter pill to swallow. Disappointingly, the first taste of it I had was delivered by the first people I ever knew: my parents....more

The Turths About A Suburban Stay At Home Mom

As the self proclaimed Stay-At-Home Queen of Suburbia I feel it is my duty to confirm some truths regarding what us Stay-At-Home Moms do all day...I mean there are a lot of hours in the day right? If we aren't going to work what the heck do we do all day? Truth: Our Nails Get Done Up Everyday...more

How To Deal With Loaning Money To Friends And Family

 Loaning money to friends or family is a situation that almost everyone has experienced at one point or the other....more

3 Years Post Double Lung Transplant Celebration!

It has been 3 years since Randy, my husband, received the last minute gift of a double lung transplant. Randy had been on life support for almost 2 weeks, and time was running out....more

Parenting: It Was Supposed To Get Easier

When I had my first child 7 years ago, I distinctly remember everyone saying to me "It's going to get easier." I must've had that frazzled sleep-deprived look about me back then that would warrant almost everyone from the Target checker to my own family saying that to me. Those times WERE rough, I'm not going to lie. I remember days without showering. Nights without sleep. Days with endless crying. I smelled like spit up almost all of the time. Yes, those days and nights were rough. I honestly looked forward to the time that it was supposed to get easier like everyone said....more

Life Goes On, Even When We Aren't Ready For It

Let me first start by saying I know very little about "blogging" - I do know that writing has helped me over the past 9 *ish* months of my life (I will get to that later). I also know that I want to learn more about this #blogger industry. I decided about a week ago that I want to write to a more public audience. My current audience consists of me speaking out loud as I write into a $20 journal I purchased, and my puppy might be listening, but who knows. So here I am....more