It's All Good

The other day my daughter LIzzy and I were out to lunch with my parents. I was having so much fun watching her tell our favorite waitress what she wanted to order....more

My New Phone

My children gave me a wonderful plant and homemade ceramic gifts for Mothers Day.Today I got a big surprise when they gave me my new phone..A Samsung S4. I'm so excited .Thank you to my wonderful children, Love you! ...more

Compost My Life; Lord

 I started composting my pile this time last year. It seemed like it took forever!! But, it was worth it because it has been a great experience for the kids learning about oxygen, nitrogen, etc. etc.,,,,,, I got a few tips from Earth EasyAnd from that I had an idea....more

An Open Letter To Nurses

Dear Nursing Staff,...more

10 Things NOT To Say To A Stay-At-Home-Mom

I have a pretty good sense of humor. I can shrug off unintentionally inconsiderate comments or nosey questions, especially when they come from the folks I love the most....more
mommydiary Thank you! Kids can really put a lady through some crazy stuff :)more

Monday Memories

We had a great week and a wonderful weekend that was in Charleston celebrating one of my best friends from high school! Here's a peek into my week....more

How to Make the Best Damn Taco Shells Ever

Okay, here is a recipe for the best damn taco shells you've ever had....more
bunsinmyoven  You just blew my mind. My husband is going to be so much more in love with me next ...more

Breaking Bad

Employers in the United States are not mandated to provide paid vacation or holidays to their employees thus contrasting sharply with any other industrialized nation in the world. In view of this, I believe the logical mental leap here would be to think that those of us who get paid vacation would put it to good use. Not so. US employees perform rather poorly in the vacation department and as many as 60% of us end up working during the breaks we do take.  How did we end up with a workation culture?...more

A Letter To My Sister

So, it was my sister’s birthday the other day and since I could not be there in person, ocean dividing, I wrote her a letter. Last I heard, she replied back, I love you too.____...more

Musical Memories of Dad