My Niece is More Like Me Than My Own Daughter

It’s never meant as a compliment. I doubt she takes it as one, anyway. I detect a whiff of ridicule, but usually allow it to pass without comment. “She’s just like you. It’s both scary and uncanny that your sister gave birth to a daughter who could be your twin.” Thirty-four years and 400 miles separate us, but I understand their comparison. She is blond, petite and bold; I am brunette, tall for my family, and timid, and yet, we couldn’t be more alike....more


Hi, my name is Tracey and this is my new blog.  I'm the new girl on the block hoping to share lots of great recipes, DIY projects, parenting tidbits and so much more.  I am happily married to my best friend, Aaron and mama to our two boys, Brady and Sammy. ...more

Your Teen and School: Should You Push or Pull Back?

One week to go -- not even seven full days, really. Seven days of early mornings. Seven days of scrambling to find books and car keys. But only three full days. The remaining school days dismiss at lunch, finals and farewells encompassing the morning hours. One more year to go -- not even twelve months, really. One school year, which translates into nine months, which translates into roughly six months of actual school time when you remove weekends and vacation days. ...more

Friday 5: Celebrating Everyday

~5 things from the week~ I whipped up some quick personalized towels for part of a gift for Vaughn's awesome Girl Scout leaders, using my tutorial from years ago.  ...more

The Best Mother's Day Gifts Don't Come With a Gift Receipt

We didn’t intend for it to be the worst gift ever. No one ever does. But when you are a tween without a driver’s license and limited funds, you’ve got to get creative. My two tagalong siblings weren’t much help; they had little to offer at ten and eleven-years-of-age. So I put them to work, like any older, bossy sister does. It was to be a surprise, I instructed them. Mum’s the word to mum, I dictated....more

Do You Have Kids? This is what happens when you opt out of the Mommy Club

I was floating around the socialmediaverse the other day when I came across a friend’s Facebook post. She’d linked to the article below about why one woman opted out of having children. Intrigued, I clicked and read.7 Realizations That Convinced Me Not To Have Children –

I'm Not Your Friend

 I' m Not Your Friend....more

How to Survive Mother's Day When You're Estranged

Mother's Day, at least according to Hallmark, is about showing your love and appreciation for your mother. When you're estranged from your mother, it's often yet another painful reminder of what should have been instead. Before you resign yourself to a miserable day, take heart: there are ways to reduce the grief of being motherless, even and especially, on Mother's Day. Public Domain Image via Pixabay. ...more
'survive' mother's day? That's just such a strange though to me. I mourned the loss of my mother ...more

The Obligatory Mothers Day Post

Mother's Day is fine if you have either a mother or children. Otherwise, it's difficult, confusing, and even annoying. And for some people, worse than that.Let's think about this. Childless women...more