Baseball Love

When it comes to sports, baseball rules our house. Yes, we love other sports. My husband enjoys pro football, and I can’t get enough of college basketball, especially my Kansas Jayhawks. However, come spring, our focus is purely on the national pastime, baseball....more
FanAllstar I love that movie too! There are so many good ones!more

To Binky or not to Binky, that is the question...

So I'm in the lovely swimming lesson observation room again talking to one of the other mothers.  She had her two year old with her in the room.  The two year old had a binky in her mouth.  I also have a two year old son who still uses his binky.  We were talking about our different excuses to why our two year olds still used a binky.  The other mom said she wanted to wait until her family had gone on vacation to quit the binky.  I really don't have an excuse, I just want to sleep at night and my son screams without a binky. ...more

Rules Vs. Freedom: Exploring the Play Paradigm

Seemingly the easiest part of any child’s life is that which includes play.  It’s a natural, built in method of exploration, learning and, sometimes, even exercise.  Kids live to play – outdoors, in groups, even by themselves.  Sometimes, though, children’s ability to play freely can be hampered by their parents’ desire to control the way their children spend their time.  A child’s mind is like a sponge, so it is said, a fact which fuels a desire to ensure that a child’s time is spent optimizing the use of that sponge through purposeful, useful kinds of play. ...more

Things That Make Me Happy


Under the Influence

Blount forced Trauma; Baby daddy strikes again“For the protection of Deon” Nancy Kodama, Kid’s World Learning Center Cy-FairThose were the words that prompted me to pin this article. Hearing those words are what prompted me to wonder, once again about the well-being of my child; his best interest and his ultimate safety.Why I would have these concerns, one might ask....more
mattmmrs thank you! Everyday is a struggle but I put my trust in GOD that he will work it outmore

Educating Tweens and Teens on Pop Culture: The Movies I INSIST My Kids See

It took me a long time to gather my thoughts for this list of essential movies I want my children to see before I can consider their pop culture foundation complete. A long  time. I mean, with all the junk that can be dumped into an impressionable young mind, I had to very seriously consider what junk I wanted throw in there, besides the usual dysfunction. ...more
yesnofilms I didn't see it until after I turned 30!more

Monday Memories

Sorry that this is late again. I still haven't figured out about uploading pics from my phone...because honestly I haven't had time to research it. Any of you know how if you are using the WordPress app?! What a HOT week! Holy cow, the summer is here! Hope you're staying cool wherever you are. We had a good week and a fun weekend with friends....more

Working full time plus 2 young children plus college equals crazy

If someone would have told me six years ago that I would be working full time with 2 young children while going to college at the same time, I would have said "Yeah right".  But here I am six years later doing exactly that.  I am taking one class per semester until I get my bachelor's degree.  I am officially crazy.  I am doing it out of necessity though.  In the city that I live in, a person in my field needs a bachelor's degree in order to have job security....more

So Long it's Been Good to Know You

I’m a good mother.I’m not a perfect mother. I could easily fill up 100 pages with mistakes I made just this weekend.But unlike the deep bouts of doubt I once had over whether I was a good actor or singer, or the doubts I can have today over whether I’m a good writer, blogger, gardener, or even friend, I don’t have too many over my ability as a mother....more

I will make my kids throw away their own trash

So I took my two year old to eat at a fast food restaurant for lunch.  It was a fun lunch.  My son enjoyed looking out the window at all of the cars and trucks.  A baseball team was also eating at the same restaurant with their families.  The team consisted of 10-11 year old boys in fancy matching baseball uniforms.  They all had nice sunglasses and some were carrying around smart phones.  All of the boys were sitting at a big long table with their families sitting at tables around them.  In general they appeared to be well behaved....more