7 Things Kid-Free People Should Stop Saying

The struggle is real, people. All the moms out there know how difficult parenting can be. There are so many decisions that need to be made about your child, your family, and your lifestyle. Every choice has a pro and a con, and every choice has an audience of nay-sayers and criticizers. We will never be perfect, but that’s okay because we are all trying our best. ...more
no, it's not, but when the caption above the article says "What do you think?" ..... we get to ...more

Farm Babies Have Arrived at the Minnesota Zoo

Farm Babies have arrived at the Minnesota Zoo! For some reason people just bypass the farm when they go to the zoo. I use to be one of them. Why go to a petting zoo when there are a kinds of other animals you don’t typical see? They are just cows and goats! And do we really want to walk that much further to see them? The answer is yes!!! From a little kids perspective, they get to interact with the animals and burn off some extra steam too. If you remember to bring change, buy some goat feed and feed the animal....more

A for Effort

I remember failing at things, as a child,  and being told that I got an A for effort.As an adult, I feel like I need someone to say it to me again. I'm trying. Really hard.  To hold it all together. It's just not possible to do it all. I know that. It just doesn't stop me from trying. Does that mean my crazy? They say doing the same thing and expecting a different result is considered insane....more

3 Tips to Make Picture Day Picture Perfect

Last week the little ones had picture day and ya'll  know how I am about pictures. Last year for picture day in Hawaii we were on vacation so we missed out on those picture day memories but this year I was ready! A week before picture day the school sent out the reminder with a little note attached that offered students the option to take Sibling Pictures! So you know it was on and popping. ...more

Long time, no write

Time is not my friend. I thought we could work together, but we may have to break up. I never have enough time. I get up early. I work my hind parts off all day and still feel like nothing gets accomplished. I know most of the work I do during the day is not on my to do list. ...more

From Boyfriend & Girlfriend To Mum & Dad

I was really quite sad to read the news that Olympic swimmer and recently turned Reality TV star Rebecca Adlington and her husband of 18 months had decided to separate.  Sad but not all that surprised.Rebecca and her estranged husband Harry, welcomed their first child 6 months ago.  Rebecca has been incredibly candid about how the demands of parenting have applied pressure to her marriage, often resulting in arguments between the couple.When I first read this admission, a small, knowing smile broke across my face....more

Things I love about being a Mommy

I love being a mom. Simply stated, not discounting the tough times and tiredness or days I want to pull my own hair out...I truly love being a mom.On some level, I knew I would become a mom, but I was career minded and didn't foresee it.  However, I was blessed with two healthy babies, a boy and a girl and I think to myself, this is the best job ever (though without a doubt, the toughest). Here are just a few reasons why I love this gig:...more

Goodbye Parenting, Hello Carenting

 “I lived alone for almost a decade, but I never actually felt alone until I had children,” Tarja Parssinen recently wrote in Salon....more
trampslikeus2 Now that women work, we need to return to that kind of parenting to support all ...more


Sometimes people ask me where I feel at home considering I’ve moved many times. Most times I just say “where I am now,” and that would be true. Lately though, since Thanksgiving, I know where home is to me. It’s Arizona. I know this 100%. Im not sure if you’re aware, but I went to Arizona last week to help with my father-in-law’s recent surgery. I didn’t want to leave. Not at all. I’ve never been more happy in a single place. I can say that I am super excited to move to the mountains and have a little homestead. I want to have a garden and a greenhouse. I want to raise animals....more

25 Pictures of Siblings Meeting for the First Time Will Give You All The Feels

I will admit, the moment I found out I was pregnant with baby #2 was joy and sadness. I was sad for Phoebe. She was 16 months old when I became pregnant and still my one and only baby. I felt guilt and like I was betraying her. She would no longer be the center of my world and attention in just 9 short months. ...more