5 Times I Wish I Was a Better Mother.

Hi Everyone. I have to say that I think I'm handling this whole Mom gig pretty well. I mean after all, most days I throw some food at them, I make them bathe a few times a week; and I'm usually good about getting them into bed by 10 pm So, you know...no one is starving, dirty or tired around here!  I even do the more important, but quite possibly equally mundane things like forcing them to complete their homework and read every night as well. These are all good goals to have as a mom, don't you agree, LOL!  ...more
We all have times we could have done better as a mom but the fact that you KNOW those times ...more

Baby Girl, I Messed Up.


How to Stop Seat-Kicking (and Other Practical Tips for Flying with Kids)

In this instalment of my video-series on travelling with small kids, I'm covering all my biggest tips for ensuring the best in-flight experience possible!...more

Are Mothers Selfish?

Buds on the trees, and I see the woodpecker who visits every year in our apple tree.  Sesame, our cat, is chirping at the window watching the birds.  Spring is here and Mother’s Day is around the corner....more

"we" is the new "me"

that pretty much sums up motherhood! ...more

Truth Be Told

A preacher had all of the children gathered up front one Sunday morning and was giving a children’s sermon on the topic of love and how to show others your love for them. He asked the group, “have any of you ever seen your Mommy and Daddy kiss?” One little girl quickly raised her hand and, much to her parents’ embarrassment, announced, “I’ve seen them do a lot more than kiss!” Before she could be stopped, she added, “I’ve seen them hug.” The congregation let out a collective sigh....more

Culture Unshock. Moving from Peru to Southeast Asia

I wrote this piece a few years back and just found it again on the ExpatsBlog.com site.  By: Orana Velarde in 2012 I have been thinking a lot lately about culture shock....more

Like My Car, I'm Usually Running on Empty

Most days I feel as if I’m running on fumes. Most days my car actually is. I am of the belief that people fall into two categories: those who play the cat and mouse game with the fuel light indicator and those who fill up as soon as the fuel gauge moves away from full. In high school we learned about dominant and non-dominant genes and how blue-eyed parents can produce a brown-eyed child or maybe it’s vice versa; I have never fully understood science....more