8 Tips For Dating A Single Mom

Next month marks my fourth year of being a single parent. My youngest happens to be four and a half years old. It perplexes me when I hear of a couple separating soon after the birth of their child. I think, “You just welcomed this little darling into the world. You’re supposed to be in bliss.” That’s how the story is supposed to go: first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage....more
Great information I like them. Thank youmore

My Life from Home

This is where I plan to show you a little bit about my life from home; kids, crafts, fashion, decorating ideas, organizing and sometimes a little cooking and schooling also.  I love all things that make my life feel like home.  www.mylifefromhome.com...more

DIY Budget-Friendly Star Wars Halloween Costumes for the Family

Our costumes have always been homemade. The problem with homemade costumes when you're me is this: I have absolutely no sewing skills. Sure, I can re-affix a button to a shirt, but there have been several times my sweet, talented sister Jenny has attempted to teach me how to use a sewing machine and I've almost killed both of us. Multiple times. ...more
Lol thanks! Sadly only Noah will be wearing a Halloween costume this yearmore

Lonely & Scared: How Autism Attempts to Keep Me Isolated

And here I sit… again. I've been thinking about a post on the reality of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) parental isolation for years, but have been afraid to publish. And here I sit… desperately needing to talk to someone with no one at all to call. How could I possibly explain my child's latest antics to a parent of neuro-typical children. Heck, some parents of ASD kids can't understand my kid's behaviors, and they are up to their eyeballs in their own kids' stuff. My burdens will not help them. ...more
Oh my goodness! I could have written this myself, though I would have a cute cat on my lap ...more

Whole Food, Gluten Free, Family Challenge

Amber @ Fit, Foodie Runsfitfoodieruns.comThe other day I sat down and had to get ‘real with myself.’ Ugh. The words are terrifying…I took out a pen, paper and calculator and started pulling together numbers and decimals, and things that made me go, eeek!What I came to was the realization of the alarming amount of money spent on food in our home – a whopping 47% of monthly income goes to food. I swear, I passed out. How could this be? And why is it affecting me now? It never did before....more

Trader Joe's Favorites

Let's talk Trader Joe's. I love it for many reasons - the prices are great, they offer a lot of organics and all house brand items are Non-GMO (but not labeled that way, read why here), it's small which means I can do my shopping quickly, and it's a fun environment. Want to try something? Just ask an employee and they'll open it for you - including wine!...more

Starting my blog

Hello.  I have spent time reading a lot on BlogHer today and have taken the leap and started my own blog.  I love writing and sharing my love of cooking, baking, all type crafts and most of all my family.  I also love to take pictures so expect to see many of them here.I can not wait to share my love of quilting, knitting/crocheting, jewelry making, etc. as well as pick up as many tips from y'all as I can....more

A Week in Stars Hollow: My First Time with Gilmore Girls

  It's been a week since Netflix enriched our lives with unlimited access to Gilmore Girls, which means it's been a week since I had my first trip Stars Hollow....more