When Your Divorced Parents' Wedding Song Still Tugs at Your Heart

My parent’s wedding song was the Theme to Love Story. To this day, the iconic melancholy melody punches me in the gut, squeezes my heart, and puts a lump in my throat - and it’s not because of a nostalgic longing for my parents loving marriage. ...more

Adventures in Landlording - The Things We Leave Behind

It’s getting real.  The boxes are getting packed.  There are empty nails sticking out the wall, slightly darker paint showing where picture frames once hung.  The home turning back into what it was when I first walked into it eleven years ago, just a house.So much has happened in the past eleven years.  I go back and forth between thinking that it all seemed like a lifetime ago, but also, just last week....more

My Mind

It has been a rough week and my hoarding senses are tingling. My mother’s illness is getting worst and we all know that there is no cure to make her better. As a family we have always been one tight knit sweater, but now we are unraveling.I have thrown myself into getting rid of so much that I have lost the main purpose of why I was doing it. I wanted to clear out my home as well as clear out my mind. But with each bag full of trash I found it harder and harder to clear my mind during this time of trouble....more

A Staycation In Cambria | Part One

My husband and I are always on the move. It’s one of the qualities that binds us in our relationship because neither one of us can stand still for very long without needing to change things up whether it be an overnight road trip or a weekend getaway....more


I love the beach with kids. On our first attempt driving to Splish Splash earlier this summer, my sister and brother in law took the kids to Oyster Beach. It was towards dusk so we didn’t get to go in the water, but it was still a fun day....more

Are you living your values?

Yesterday I was giving a talk on Leadership Authenticity at the CA Society of CPA’s. I shared about how important it is not only knowing your core values, but also modeling them so coworkers and employees know exactly what you value and expect.One woman raised her hand and asked me if our core values can change over time. Absolutely. When I was 18 through probably 26 years old, I loved my family. But as I gained independence, family was neither a priority nor what I’d call a non-negotiable core value....more

I Am the Silent Mother - Always Waiting

Yes, I do have three wonderful stepchildren. I adore each and every one of them. I love their quirks, their attitude, and even their tantrums. I love that they call me Mom, Mommy, Mamma - words that I never thought I'd hear. For seven years I have been a Mother - and in the same breath I am not. I am the silent mother, always waiting. I don't get the special presents, balloons, flowers, gifts et,c....more

How to communicate with our kids

What the world needs now, more than ever, is a new generation of kind, respectful, tolerant people to fix the damage caused by others, and the way to do that is to teach children the art of communication. As parents, we are our children’s first teachers. It is us who sets the ball rolling, long before school ever comes into play. And it is our job, as loving, responsible parents, to teach our children how to communicate with others. ...more

An Open Letter to the Woman Who Laughed at My Son's Buns

You were waiting just like me, perched on the edge of a wall that wasn't really a bench. It was early in the day still, but you looked like you knew what kind of special hot hell the day had the potential of delivering, and you, like me, were getting the most of the shade before the noon hour stole it away....more

10 Ways to Make August Awesome

Don’t know what to do this month? Here are 10 ways to make August awesome!Why don’t you…?1. Start a collection? Vintage sunglasses? Cocktail rings? Charm bracelets?...more