The Thing About Learning

A Month Without My Father

It’s been one month since my dad passed away.  He was one of my best friends—so much so that I wrote an entire memoir about him and gave it to him for Father’s Day one year before publishing it at his request.  His passing was both expected and surprising.  He had end stage renal disease, and while we considered him “terminally ill,” we also thought we might have another year with him at least.  In the end, it wasn’t the renal failure that took him from us; it was a MRSA infection, one that caused him more pain than he deserved. ...more

How I Get Sh*t Done

7 things to teach my daughter before she turns 10

The city has for a while been full of reminders that Irish Mother's Day is coming up next week. So happy early Mother's Day Ireland!  1// Remember who you areThis is what my own mom would say every day when we left for school. Remember who you are is still a phrase that I give a lot of thought to as an adult. Remember that you are loved. Remember that you are valued. Remember your principles. Remember your talents. Remember where you come from. Remember your dreams. It meant a lot to me that my mother thought it important that I keep all those things in mind throughout even the most regular boring days. I think that it is during the uneventful unchallenging times of our life that our true selves are revealed.2// You can do anything you wantThis is a lesson that really took me a long time to learn myself. I think there is a big difference in learning that you can do SOME hard things, and learning that you can do ANY hard things. And the latter is the correct one. I want to teach you that although you may have discovered that you're good at dancing you may have yet to discover that you're also good at swimming. Talents shouldn't define who you are, they should be used as stepping stones to achieve who you want to become. ...more

Advice from One New Mom to Another

My daughter Emily is ten weeks old today, and I’m finally starting to feel less like a “new” mother.  I’m getting into a groove with motherhood and every day is a little bit easier.  Sunday I went to a friend’s baby shower and everyone who attended had the opportunity to write down some “new mom advice” for the mom-to-be.  I thought long and hard about what I wanted to write, but several things came to mind.  As a new mom myself, I felt like I could offer some pretty profound advice.  The concept of “new” motherhood is still so fresh in my mind.  I finally sett...more

National Letter Writing Month: The letters we save

Do you have any letters tucked away in a special place? I don't often think about the letters we save, but when I do, they bring up so many memories. I have an entire box of letters that my husband wrote to me in our early days. I have the circle journal that I wrote about last week. There is also one letter that I forgot about until last week. I keep it in my daughter's baby book....more
What a special poem to have! My most special cards and letters are from my mom who passed away ...more

The Force of Harry Potter

I've never been a fan of Harry Potter. *GASP* I know. To be honest, I never gave it a chance. I just wasn't that into that sort of stuff when it first came out. But now I have a daughter who is very into that kind of stuff. The force of Harry Potter is strong in her like I bought the first book a month ago...if that...and she's already on book 4....more

The Sudden Loss of my Grandpa

As many of you who are aware last week we lost my grandpa. I would like to take this moment to tell everyone who has reached out, prayed for our family, and just offered to be a shoulder to cry on, we really do all appreciate it....more

How To Spring Break Like A Pro: Family Edition

Lake Havasu or Miami Beach might be the place to be when you’re in college feeling all froggie and young and single, but when it comes to planning a spring break for kindergarten age kids and younger, your focus becomes more on what you can do with the kids during the week while you take advantage of being able to sleep in since there is no school for an entire week! Public Domain Image via Pixabay. ...more

I don't use names/Story

Ok, you can probably tell how new I am to blogging. I hit enter earlier and it looks like I now posted a blog with a title only! ...more