Thoughtfulness Thursday: Growing Up

You know when you pray really hard for something for your child and you really want it? Well, I've been praying for months that E would get into this church school (3 half days/week) next year. I really want him to have the social interaction and to thrive. I also think he needs structure, because let's be honest we don't have assigned times for things (other than lunch and nap). To continue reading, visit: Xo,J...more

The End Of A Good Life...

My mother’s husband has died. Her husband of twenty-seven years peacefully died after suffering his 4th stroke on Christmas Eve....more

Lets start at the beginning!

Hi there!, I am so happy to be a new member of BlogHer! Right now I am still figuring things out here and I guess, this blog can be about - my blog? What do you think? Anyways, I am a 34 year old mother of 1 and aunt of 1, but I always say I have two kids. My sister and I consider them both- Ours....more

Totally Mindless

So today is the one day a week (which I haven't had in a month due to winter break and snow days) that I have no children at home for a period of 4 hours. The older kids are in school, and my 1-year-old attends a Parents Day Out program on Tuesdays. As you can imagine, I had a monstrous list of things to do today, so I of course had not a single thing on my mind....more

Do You Have a Bad Temper?

NaBloPoMo ~ January 22, 2014 Wednesday, January 22, 2014 Do you have a bad temper? How often do you lose your temper?~~~~~~~~~~...more

Bedroom Boob Tube

Before you get all excited, this is a G rated blog! Since I posted yesterday about The Snoring Saga that inhibits a good night's sleep for me, I thought I would follow it up with a sleep inhibiting habit that occurs nightly in our house....more

Monday Memories

So the blog is changing a bit...Mondays are going to have my pictures from the last week and Tuesdays will be Tasty Tuesdays. We will see how this works out, but for now this is the plan! So sorry that last week's Sunday Snapshot never got up. I've been using my phone for some posts and apparently it hasn't been working correctly. ...more

Sunday Snapshots (a week late)

Apparently I'm having Blogger issues (I swear this uploaded last week...anyeay, this is a review of week before last).To see my pictures from last week, visit: Xo,J...more

Total andComplete Dinner Failure

After the post yesterday about a dish I made the night before that my family absolutely loves (Baked Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wings), I felt it was only appropriate to post today about the total and complete dinner fail from last night. Because as you know, this is real life, and sometimes things don’t turn out the way we planned!...more
Pecked2DeathByChckns Thank you for the recipe, we will have to try it! So many times I fix ...more

Two Years

My Mom left me two years ago today.There is not a day that goes by that I don’t miss her and/or think of her. Perhaps it’s because my Brother Bob and I took care of her for close to five years after she slipped into dementia.There is so much I know she experiences from a higher vantage point: her children, her Philadelphia grandsons,her sister, her family,her church.I am sad because she never got down here with Jim and me,but am taking some comfort she’s up there,watching with my Dad....more