How The World’s Quietest Man Taught Me The World’s Loudest Lessons

My Dad deep down despises the internet and social media. He can’t stand walking into a room and seeing his family, with their ‘noses all in their phones and faces down.’ As a marketing professional with a strong grasp on all things social media and digitally related, he still to this day, eight years into my career, cannot fully understand what I do or how it impacts business....more

I Don't Celebrate the 4th of July...

“What are we doing for the Fourth?” My husband asks me every year and every year I do a double-take. “The fourth of what?” ...more


I understand more now why I hoard. It is my way of holding onto memories. I have things from my high school years, free willing years, child bearing years and now I have too much stuff.My mother is ill. She has dementia. Something that in the past had frighten me. You see I’ve watched her sisters slip away.It started with my mother having a heated discussion with my father about one of her sisters over twenty years ago. She wanted him to take her from the tip of Indiana to the far corner of New Jersey because of what she heard her sister say....more

Overcoming a Mother's Devotion to Follow My Own Dreams

This past Mother’s Day, I rode my bicycle two cities over, slicing through humidity and foreboding; both of which felt so thick and heavy that I may as well have been treading water.  Despite this, I was resolved to reach my destination and pay my dues. I was headed to my mother’s house to visit with her and three of my four brothers.  This was because, essentially, the calendar told me that I should....more

Fun Foods for Kids!

I love helping parents find creative ways to get their kids eating healthy.  The easiest way is to start from their very first bite!  When it is time for solids to be introduced into a little ones diet, there is no need for fancy or expensive baby foods, but rather providing them with foods such as avocados, sweet potatoes, steamed vegetables, and bananas is the most nutritious and simplest way to form their palate to crave these foods.  Actually, research shows that our palates begin forming in the womb....more

What Is Being Busy Costing You?

Friday 5

~ 5 things from the week ~ Lots been going on, let's get to it!  First things first, I got a job.   ...more