The Steep Cost of Taking Too Many Pictures

We just got back from the most amazing family vacation.Gorgeous scenery, beautiful weather and loads and loads of quality time.But I just realized one very big 'thing' was missing.Pictures.When I got home and went through my camera roll, I was shocked to realize I'd barely taken any....more

31 Summer Activities

 Time for beaches, pools, BBQs, hot days, flip flops, ice cream, late nights and so much more! Although I do enjoy Summer and my little monkey’s being home it’s easy to fall into the patterns of boredom and laziness! I have 3 kids my son is almost 17, I have a daughter who’s turning 13 in July and an 8 year daughter who is full of energy!Here are 31 Summer Activities for you to do as a family this Summer!...more

The Good Stuff


Why Having In-Laws is So Hard

Let me start by saying that I probably have the best in-laws in existence. And that's not an exaggeration. They're kind, generous, supportive, forgiving, and understanding. They're always there for my family, but they're never demanding. They see me as their own daughter. But all the same, getting used to having in-laws is a strange, uncomfortable experience. ...more

Top 10 Reasons we LOVE Downtown Disney

Disney. The place that dreams come true. Seriously. Growing up an hour away from the house of mouse has given me a love of Disney that knows no bounds. And every time I go, it's still just as magical. And yes, it's worth every penny. But sometimes we don't have the money to go Disney crazy and still want to go Disney Crazy. Enter Downtown Disney. We LOVE the Downtown Disney area and they are doing so much to make it even better. And, it doesn't have to cost much at all to have a good time....more

15 Ways to Help You Enjoy Being a SAHM

 Being a stay-at-home mom can be tough and very over whelming at times. You're around kids 24-7. They may whine a lot, siblings fight, you're on diaper duty 24-7, feedings, potty training, cleaning, cooking, shopping... The list of not-so-fun-stuff goes on! It can be difficult to find time for yourself and to get everything done that you have planned for the day. It gets stressful! ...more
I agree! Having a schedule (although flexible) helps tremendously.more

Delicious Cinnamon Rolls

Usually, I make my cinnamon rolls from a can. And boy do I enjoy that popping sound when I tear the paper off the tube. But then I decided to be wild and crazy and try making them from scratch. I have to say my first attempt wasn’t too bad. If I can make these, so can you! ...more

Teach Your Kids to Play Soccer

1. Grab a soccer ball and take them to the field. Teach them the basics. No hands, only feet, unless your the goalie then you can use hands and feet. Take the ball and kick it into that thing called a goal. ...more

The Graduation

I remember the first day of schoolHow excited you were and oh so coolWe headed on out, wondering what was in storeAnd realized quick that school was something you’d adoreYou learned a lot, SO MUCH, it’s trueLetters and numbers, Dinosaurs too!...more

Monday Morning Coffee Date