What Time is it in China? An American Family Abroad

Thanks for this slice of your life in China!more

Do You Discuss the Dangers of Drug Abuse with Your Kids?

I’ve always known that I grew up sheltered. I was raised in the South, in a church-going family (Baptist, naturally), with loving parents and protective siblings and friends whose idea of peer pressure was to make sure I called my mom before I stayed out too late.It was Mayfield, of Leave it to Beaver fame. It was Mayberry.I liked it there. I wanted to raise my kids there. Mayberry is the perfect town. There’s nothing to lead a young child astray. There are no scary things there. No crimes, no criminals.There are no drugs in Mayberry....more
momndaughtersavings Your story is amazing. I hope your daughters are in recovery, and that your ...more

parenting amnesia - it's real people

This post originally appeared on KalySullivan.com The other day I was getting ready to leave my yoga studio, and I experienced a flare up of parenting amnesia. I overheard a conversation between two women about infant sleep. The mother of the infant was distraught about everything–her unsleeping child, her husband's reaction to the situation, her own exhaustion. ...more

Who Waters Your Family Tree?

My cousin is a tree-hugger, but though he takes great pride in his annual display of summer impatiens, I don’t think he has a clue about the difference between an oak and an elm. No, Steve has embraced the science of genealogy and has devoted his retirement to researching his family tree with all of its branches and limbs. Of course, as one of those branches, I get to benefit from Steve’s hobby which is quite fortuitous since I find genealogy fascinating but am too lazy to do anything about it....more

Toddler Fun: Moving to a Big Boy Bed

It seems like just yesterday that I told you all how we decided to move Jack from his crib to his toddler bed last June.  After stressing about the change, it turned out to be totally uneventful with Jack happily making the switch.It was totally fine for months too, until a few weeks ago. For some reason Jack started going through some hard-core separation anxiety from me and getting him to go to bed suddenly became a 2 hour long event....more

Christmas 2014: The year that the gift became being present

This post first appeared on writer, Mona Andrei's personal blog, Moxie-Dude.So here we are, another holiday season behind us – to which I say, “Yayyy!”Christmas is exhausting. And yet this year – unlike any other year – I find myself smiling nostalgically over the pictures taken with my kids on Christmas Eve .Before the reason to smile, though, I have to remind myself that the holiday season is not only exhausting, it’s STRESSFUL....more

Can You Really Predict the Future With Eggs? My Grandma Did.

If you were to walk into my childhood home on New Year's Day, you would see six of us tip-toeing around a dining room table, careful to not bump and disturb the tall, clear glasses filled to the rim with still tap water. "You can't move them even a bit!" we would caution each other. "If you do, then none of it counts!" ...more
I love that "oomancy" is the very most perfect word for this type of activity. Great piece!more

The Best 90 Seconds of My Day

I had one of those magical parenting moments the other night.One of those moments where time stands still and nothing else matters.  It was only about 90 seconds long, but man, it was awesome.Just as I was tucking my 2.5-year-old into bed, he looked up at me with his big blue eyes and soft little smile and asked, "What was your favourite part, mom?"Pretty normal question, right?It's something we've been doing for a while now - asking each other over dinner or at bedtime what our favourite part of the day was....more

The nest is emptying, in a way. A.K.A. Random musings thrown together for no apparent reason.

/Ramble on.Well, it's Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!  And the one kid of mine that would appreciate that is already back at college.  Another one is leaving this afternoon to head out to a six week course with a trucking company.  If it all works out as advertised, he'll come home with a job. ...more

Good... Morning?

It's 10:47am. It's technically still morning. But I've been up since 7ish. This is a true confession blog post. Ready? Ahem. ...more