Autumn is ready !

Skirting the denim issue...

Denim has reinvented itself so many times that it's hard to count. Usually it's in the form of jeans - wide leg, slim leg, legging - you count 'em. But lately the newest trend in this fabric seems to be the farthest thing from pants. Every length, silhouette pattern, print  and price point seems to be suddenly available in a skirt. I love the idea for this time of year. It's just so easy to wear skirts when it's warm out - and - they look equally good with sneakers, sandals or shoes. I especially like the new longer lengths....more

Monochromatic MAgic.

Hello friends!!! Happiest of Mondays to you all. Well first things first Land Before Time  (the first one) still makes me cry like a baby and holy crap ant bites are not fun....more

Don't get mad. Get ruffled...

You know that expression "don't get mad - get even"? Well I propose getting ruffled instead - it's a really pretty way to go. I adore the ruffled sleeves on this J.Crew top. They're everything that's trending now in sleeve treatments and for about $37.00 (the top is currently 25% off) you can't beat the price. Plus, the stripes alternate not with white - but with off white, which is a super way to transition to fall. That of course brings me to the pants....more

What "Lies" Beneath

Lies have been the demise of many a relationship. However they are the firm foundation of one very near and dear to my derriere. And I’m not talking about those little white ones either. These are more full coverage and also come in beige, black, or cocoa…shapewear....more

My Favorite SoCal Fashion Brands

SoCal fashion tends to be very beachy, relaxed and trendy. I actually started learning more about SoCal designers when I was a fashion columnist for the Santa Barbara Sentinel. I would profile different owners and their boutiques while getting educated on the different fashion brands.I also used to be a model back in Minneapolis and I have a lot of respect for more independent labels than say the big, high end brands. It’s very dear to my heart.Here are some of my favorite SoCal fashion labels:...more

No shades of grey here...

What to do when what's supposed to be cool fall weather turns hot hot hot? Why it's elementary. In fact, it's even black and white. Get it...? That's why I bought this top by Splendid. It's comfy, seasonal and  costs $60.00. And it's got a really pretty, flowy shape. How much better can you get for 90 + degree weather? Mind you, it looks great with white pants as well - but since I've already referenced fall - and am trying desperately to get in that mode - why not go for black. So if you too are feeling the heat, yet trying to go with the fall flow, give this look a try....more

How to pep up your fall wardrobe...

Oddly enough there don't seem to be a lot of pronounced fashion trends in fall clothing. However, being the shopping addict I am, I have noticed at least one that caught my eye. Peplum tops are all over the place. The detail of a peplum can take the most innocuous fabric or shape and transform it into something feminine and special. I adore the look in blouses, sweaters and knits alike. This silhouette looks terrific with everything ranging from jeans to pencil skirts or leather pants. So if, like me, you're bemoaning the end of summer - don't fret....more

Wrap it up and put a bow on it...

I don't know about you, but whenever I'm looking for a new piece of clothing I tend to look for things that are different or unusual. Not that the black and white outfit I'm wearing is earth shatteringly remarkable, but this top really caught my eye. I just loved the bow detail and I've never seen anything like it....more


 If you have ever traveled via plane, train or automobile chances are you either schlepped or noticed someone carrying the highly recognizable patterned bag by Vera Bradley....more