Fashionista Chicago Trunk Show Recap

Dear Fashionistas,If you missed the open house trunk show this past Saturday, don’t sweat because we have the ultimate scoop for you!...more

DIY: Jewel Statement Necklace

Dear Fashionistas,DIY (Do It Yourself) has been a popular trend for a few years now. As time goes on, more and more ways of creating your own personal masterpiece keep appearing. Making your clothes, jewelry or even decorations is a fab productive hobby that will leave you feeling proud and of course fashionable....more

Monday Memories

Sorry that this is late again. I still haven't figured out about uploading pics from my phone...because honestly I haven't had time to research it. Any of you know how if you are using the WordPress app?! What a HOT week! Holy cow, the summer is here! Hope you're staying cool wherever you are. We had a good week and a fun weekend with friends....more

Friday Faves: Brit Chic

I love connecting with jewelry designers because each piece of jewelry is so different from the other....more

Look Younger-It's Worth The Effort!

For some reason, I feel compelled to share my tips to look 10 years younger on a good day, 5 years younger on a bad day.  Is it easy?  HELL....more

How To Master French Girl Style

French girls, eigh?Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, you probably still want to dress like them.For some reason, it's difficult for us American and English girls. Based on what I know about myself and what I've seen women wearing on both sides of the pond, we tend to overcomplicate and overthink things rather than focusing on the classic, the quality, and the simple. ...more

Can Fashion Be Feminist?


Monday Memories

So sorry that this post is just now going up. Since I’m working from a new site, I am having trouble connecting from my phone. Monday Memories is usually written from my phone…We had a great week and a fun weekend celebrating Father’s Day!...more

Six Ways to Get Styling: Fashion for the Single and Very Special Mom

With no time to dress, there's still a way to dress to "kill." Knowledge, organization, and a keen eye takes fashion to a new level for a mom in need of a wardrobe and no extra time to fret about it. The clothes have to be easy to wash; ready to wear; and fit into the finances. I am not an expert on clothes - far from it. My power comes from others. There's an amazing group of women out there that have the information to help us all pull together a wardrobe we can turn eyes with, wash and wear, and bend over backwards in comfort. ...more