Red white and blue...

In my never ending search for how to dress well - while being casual and comfortable - I had a revelation. It definitely doesn't have to be the fourth of July to pull off wearing red white and blue. And lets face it. These colors just scream summery. Mind you, it doesn't hurt when you find a top as pretty as this one is. The intricate embroidery combined with the flared sleeves just absolutely sold me - on both the color combination and the top. So try working with the colors of the American flag next time you're feeling patriotic - or not......more

Looks We Love From J. Crew For Fall


Pretty in plaid...

I've said repeatedly that I'm all about being casual and comfortable. So the question is, what do you do when you want to be casual, comfortable, feminine and just a teeny bit dressed up? My answer is to go for a truly comfy skirt. I love that this one is both flared (therefore not tight fitting) and has an elastic waist band. You can't get much more comfortable then loose and elastic - and how great is that? Plus - at $77.00 this skirt was a real steal. So next time you have an occasion, or just want to feel pretty - try getting your skirt on. I think you'll like it......more

Parisian moments

New Plastic Surgery Procedures Will Melt Away Your Fat

Science and technology have made great progress in recent years. Medical and surgical procedures have advanced to an extent where the success rate is much higher than what it used to be. Similarly, new plastic surgery techniques are continually being updated, refined and improved to alter and improve the appearance of both men and women. In the past, the main patients of plastic surgery used to be women but now this trend is changing....more

When the heat's too hot...

Wow has this summer set records for heat and humidity. So what's a girl to do when the real feel temperature tops 100 degrees outside? Why dress for it, of course. I figure wearing something pretty always makes me feel good - in spite of the heat. That, wearing sandals and pinning hair up all work to help keep cool. I adore these light blue jeans and was delighted to find a cool (no pun intended) top to work with them  in keeping with my tonal theme. I also just can't say enough about these sandals by Stuart Weitzman....more

The Great White Hope

Few fictions have fueled more foolhardy quests and beguiled the hopeful hearts of full-grown women more frequently than the legend of those ever elusive, so-called “essentials of summer" -- white jeans. ...more

What It's Like to Work as a Fashion Show Dresser

Watching models strut down the runway, it’s easy to believe that fashion shows are glamorous parties, but look behind the scenes of a fashion show and you see a different story....more

This Item Turns The Walk of Shame Into A Catwalk-Walk

There are days when you wake up with a huge hungover. There are also times when you need a little protection from the crude sunshade. Not to mention that time when you have to make the walk of shame! There is one blessed item that can help you at all times: sunglasses!...more

How to look good in jeans...

How to look good in jeans is a question that has plagued women for years. Do you even try, or do you just decide to succumb to a decidedly messy, relaxed look? My answer - first, always try to look good (it never hurts). Second, pick a top whose colors accent the jeans you're wearing, that way the whole look ties together. Third if the jeans are slim fitting, go for a top that is blousy or loose and vice versa. Lastly, wearing a pair of heels really helps to make legs look long....more