Finding Shorts I Don't Hate

I think I hate shorts shopping even more than swimsuit shopping.I know, I know. That’s QUITE a statement because nobody likes swimsuit shopping…but every time I try to find a new pair of shorts it seems like my two choices are either super long or super short. If I find a pair that looks okay, there will inevitably be a gap in the back of the waist or that fun little surprise when you sit down and your thigh is doing its own special version of a muffin top....more

Asked someone to take a picture of you lately?

I originally asked my husband to take photos of me for the White Jeans post. I found it was not any easier than setting up the camera on a tripod and taking selfies with a timer, as he didn't know what I wanted. At least when I took them myself, I could immediately take another after seeing the result....more

Learn French: Fashion Vocabulary for beginners

Today let’s talk “fashion” (mode) and “style” (style). As you can guess from the title, “les accessoires” mean “accessories.” Here are a few you’ll come across:1.L’écharpe (scarf)Je porte une écharpe rouge. - I am wearing a red scarf.2.Le chapeau (hat)...more

My May Stitch Fix: Feeling like Summertime!

One of the Maryland-y things about Maryland is that spring lasts for a split second before summer stomps its way in with a fun mix of heat and humidity.Since summer slows down at my work, it’s a great time to escape and spend some time down at the beach with my family. I’m already counting down the days to our first week away! So yeah, go ahead and listen to this song while you’re reading today’s post.With that in mind, here’s the note I sent to my stylist for this month’s Fix:...more
Denise Thanks Denise! I'm getting mixed reviews on top #3 on my FB page and blog... but everyone ...more

That Time We Went to a Kate Spade Fashion Party

Recently, Kory and I attended an event hosted by Evelyn of at Kate Spade's NY flagship store. Kate Spade New York is an American fashion design house founded as a handbag company in January 1993, by designer Kate Spade. Through the years, the brand grew and began to sell stationery, personal organizers, address books, shoes, beauty products, perfume, raincoats, pajamas, and eyewear. It also has a full women's clothing line. Jack Spade is the men's complement to the Kate Spade brand. ...more
modernmanicmommy It was so much fun! Felt like an adult dress up session. lolmore

Capsule Dressing: Friend or Foe?

Michael Korrs does it. Obama does it. As a new mother I did it to. Capsule dressing. Donning a predictable uniform day in and out is popularizing itself yet again. The general principle of this capsule wardrobe approach is to wear either the same color(s) or cuts of garments day in and out to eliminate making choices on “fussy” things so that one’s mind is still sharp when it comes time to make decisions for life and work. It is routine to the extreme....more



Blake Lively Explains How She Styled Herself for Her Press Tour

Blake Lively is currently promoting her new film ‘The Age of Adaline’, but now that she is a mother to daughter James, the actress decided to cram the press tour into just two days instead of the usual two weeks it would normally take.  Read more .......more

Make Yourself a Gold Sunglasses Chain

Sun season is fast approaching, and so grows my paranoia about losing or damaging my favorite pair of sunglasses. I’m very active in the summer months, so putting a safe and fashionable hold on my new Supers was definitely the inspiration for this project....more

My April Stitch Fix and GIVEAWAY!

Happy Stitch Fix Day! It’s like Rex Manning Day, but with even more cheesy smiles and awkward dancing.With the return of spring weather, I’ve been drooling over floral prints, swing skirts and girlie dresses. You know, when I’m not wearing a black t-shirt with my skinny jeans. Of course. So, I was hoping for another box like last month’s winner… which is why I asked my stylist for more of the same!Did she deliver? Check it out!...more
Love the dress!more