How to look good in jeans...

How to look good in jeans is a question that has plagued women for years. Do you even try, or do you just decide to succumb to a decidedly messy, relaxed look? My answer - first, always try to look good (it never hurts). Second, pick a top whose colors accent the jeans you're wearing, that way the whole look ties together. Third if the jeans are slim fitting, go for a top that is blousy or loose and vice versa. Lastly, wearing a pair of heels really helps to make legs look long....more

Emerging Fashion Trends - The Elegance of New Anarkali Suits

The original Indian attires have a particular space in the style world. These not only offer beauty, but offer stylish looks also. They are best to be able to own sensible & the stylish appearance at the same time. The fast speed changing fashion has affected the original Indian clothes to a larger extent....more

The proof is in the...sleeves.

Have you noticed the detail on sleeves lately?  If not - pay attention. One of the most interesting trends I've noticed in a while is the shape of sleeves. It started with wide arms on peasant blouses and has morphed into the most incredibly varied shapes  I've ever seen. This top by See by Chloe is no exception. The sleeves combine a bell shape with ruffles and layers - how's that for detail? I really love this look as it takes an otherwise ordinary top and makes it into something really special and fun....more

Wear It Out

Getting dressed to work from home this morning, I walked directly to my “not worn enough to go in the laundry, but not c...more

Back to School Emergency Kit for Fashionistas

My heart beats a little bit faster when I see Target setting up its back to school section. Notebooks and pencils and binders, oh my! While I don’t miss being in school, I do miss stocking up on school supplies, or at least I miss the excuse of school for splurging on those supplies. Now, I just feel slightly guilty when I load my cart with 50 cent notebooks and 99 cent pen packs I don’t really need but will totally use… eventually....more

Black and blue...

I don't know about you, but when I hear the phrase "black and blue" the last thing that comes to mind is clothing. I think bruises or super rare steak. The funny thing is that one of the most flattering ways to wear blue denim is to pair it with black. Black seems to somehow make the color of denim appear rich, lush and even bluer then normal. To pull off the look in a truly coordinated fashion, it doesn't hurt to match the color of the top to the color of the shoes you're wearing. All said and done this look doesn't appear remotely bruised or rare. So go for it. Get black and blue....more

White hot...

Somehow when the temperature goes up outside wearing white just plain feels cooler. Not cooler as in hip (although I kind of think it is) but cooler as in more comfortable in extreme heat. Mind you white jeans are exactly the same weight as their blue counterparts so choosing them to actually be more comfortable makes absolutely no sense at all. There is the idea that light colors actually deflect the sun rather then absorbing it - but at the end of the day it comes down to how they feel. And I think they feel cool. In both senses of the word......more

Colors of summer...

The things I love about summertime are way too numerous to list - but at the top of the list (right below warm weather) is color. I adore everything that blooms in my garden and get inspired to follow suit. This dress by Dolce and Gabbana was definitely a splurge (even though it is on sale) but it just felt so right for the season that I broke down and bought it. Not only did the colors speak to me but also it's cool, comfortable and just plain makes me feel happy....more

I have a Theory...

So one clothing line that I always seem to go back to is Theory. I love their stuff for the great basics they always have. Whether it's for work or play, their clothes have clean lines and tend to be super flattering. This dress, for me, was no exception. Simple, elegant, light weight and wonderfully easy to dress up or down. To be honest, I never would've selected this color for myself (I initially thought it a bit drab), but ultimately the dress just looked so durned good that I couldn't resist it. Just goes to show how important the fit of an item of clothing is....more