How to Sexify your Winter Whites


Golden Globes 2013 Fashion Favorites

The red carpet is always my central point of focus when I watch any award show. I can only imagine the anxiety celebrities feel when choosing a dress for such an important and fashion-defining moment. I remember first getting a glimpse into the process of picking the perfect look to accurately reflects one's personality when the Rachel Zoe show first aired. Rachel would exclaim "A Die" for winning pieces and literally grow gray hair when something didn't work....more


 the time...more

Wedding Wear

Is it bad when the first thing I think after I receive a wedding ivitation is, "Oh my gosh, what am I going to wear?" I can't help it.. I know I should think "Oh yay, I'm so happy for the sweet couple!" but for some reason my closet bursts into my head. I have million dresses, however I always think I need a new one.. ugghh is anyone else like that? Please say yes. AND I then I have no idea what color is appropriate to wear..? No whites or creams.. red? is blue okay? black? Isn't that 'funeral' wear? UGH!...more

How to wear unconventional colored shoes

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Navy Blazer = Classy

If you don't already own a navy blazer, I would highly recommend adding one to your wardrobe.  It's a wonderful classic piece that pairs with a lot of different looks, that can be dressed up, or down.  Here I have mixed it with a graphic tank that gives it a fun laid back vibe as well as ornamental tangerine colored feather earrings, which give the outfit a little edge not to mention blue and orange truly compliment each other. ...more

Tragically hip

I remember it vividly… First day of school, sun was shining and I was surrounded by a gaggle of girls who were marveling over the peach skater skirt and sweatshirt ensemble I’d paired with black tights and patent leather oxfords. Mind you, this was Florida and it was at least 80 degrees. I had just started the 7th grade and on that day ( or a bit before) a fashionista was born. Fast forward a couple of decades to a move to NY, a thwarted design career and a need to have comfortable shoes and ya got…well, the pendulum swings between hobo and haute hippie pretty often....more

Hats Off!

Read full post here ...more

Fashion & Beauty Resolutions for 2013

Today I guest posted over on Lauren's blog, Fizz and Frosting, about my beauty and fashion resolutions for 2013. You can read the article here- a sneak peek is below!      ...more

Loving Leopard