Trying out Fabletics

I’ve been working out on the elliptical for a couple months now and it’s been hard to keep myself motivated. First, I gobbled up every single season of Alias and was super upset when it was over. Now, I’ve recently started watching Orange is the New Black, which I love.I’m kind of sick of my workout clothes though, so after seeing a ton of ads for Fabletics I decided to try it out. I figured that even if I hated everything, I could share my review with you in case you were thinking about trying them too....more
JennaHatfield When I made the order the website must have been having issues, because I couldn't ...more

What's (Actually) In My Bag

I'm convinced these types of posts tend to be popular, because we're all a bit nosy by nature. We're fascinated by these sneak peeks into the personal lives of celebrities and bloggers. I know I love to click on these posts. I want to know!Usually, it's a celebrity or fashion blogger, and her bag is filled with high end makeup, designer sunglasses, keys to a Mercedes (in the case of celebrities), and other fancy things. The bag itself will also be designer, costing several hundred dollars....more

Friday Favorites...

Friday Favorites... I'm a big fan of tone on tone....more

Plus Size & Beautiful

Too many of us live in a world that reflects ourselves with an image we believe true even if the mirror shows otherwise. Come on let's be real most of us have mastered the art of the "Up Shot" we look oh I'd say about 10-25 punds thinner based on the angle of the photo.I do understand it makes us feel better, but I think we forget we really do not look that way because we are so used to seeing ourselves in this image. Hey don't get me wrong I'll be the first to admit I can look about three sizes smaller in photos. But why do we do this?...more

Monday Memories

Monday Memories What a busy week...getting ready for the half marathon and a big meeting at work! I'm relieved to have a little more time on the weekends now (well, after E's birthday party is over...which is THIS weekend)....more

Polka Dots


Monday Memories

Spring is here! The weather is warming up and I love it! Thaat means lots more Lilly and dresses! I'm hesitant to switch out my closet...what if there's another cold spell?! Maybe I'll get to it this week!...more

Primary Colors.

I just bought these 3 gorgeous necklaces and I had to share!  ...more