Finding YOUR Fashion

There is no way that I would consider myself a fashion guru.  However, after all my years of being alive, I do know what colors look best on me and what styles work on my full-figured loveliness.   But, this isn’t about me.  This is the counsel that I would like to provide to the teen girls that are struggling to find their unique beings within the fashion realm.  ...more
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Metrosexual Style & Sexual Orientation

I read an article “Express Yourself” in Barnard's book "Fashion Theory" which got me thinking about my guy friends who have style and the way they are portrayed by some people. Being that I work in the nightlife scene, I have seen my fair share of metrosexual men and barbie doll looking women. Nightclubs downtown are filled with people dressing like that. But here I want to focus on metrosexual men. ...more

Suffering from Pre-traumatic Mall Symptoms? Try Our Shopping 101 Course

Hello Mamas, About a week ago my cousin posted a status on facebook that got a lot of feedback mostly negative. Her status read..... Whenever I go to the mall my body starts to shutdown. I get tired, sluggish, unfocused...I really hate shopping. Does this happen to anyone else?...more


Hope I'm Not Too Late: Thanksgiving Food & Fashion

I hope I’m not too late, but I wanted to share some last minute Food and Fashion do’s and don’ts for Thanksgiving.  Perhaps you don’t need to hear any of these yourself, but you may be able to pass these tips on to someone less fortunate. If you are on a diet during Thanksgiving: ...more
LOL! I actually look forward to growing old and wearing a velor gym suit wherever I go ;) Have a ...more

How I Style...

Thom Browne.

Click for Video of Thom Browne Spring 2012 Fashion Show: Read More:


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All dressed up, somewhere to go?

I am so enticed by pretty ads for beautiful party dresses...but that's really not "me" so I gonna pair a sparkly top with dark jeans. Fun yet casual. See my options at

Real Life Outfit: Friday Night Out