Zara for the win...

ZARA FOR THE WIN... ...more

Athena, over the top jewelry! ...more
I would like to see this cuff worn in pairs and  one cuff should be solid.more

Reviewing eShakti: A Dress Made Just for Me

Let's say you see a dress you like, but aren't a fan of the neckline. Well, eShakti lets you switch it out to a different option. Maybe you need something more modest than the miniskirt shown on a design you otherwise love; you can choose to have it made with a longer skirt. The best part is the sizing. You can customize any piece to your specific size and shape by giving them your measurements! It only costs $7.50 to customize, but for your first order it's free. ...more
Grow It Girl Thank you! =)more

Things I’m Loving Right Now…

The weather is cooling off, school is back up again, and the holidays are approaching.  This is my favorite time of year!  How about you?  I thought I’d share with you a few things that I’m loving right now.Fabletics...more

How to Dress Your Child Like a Kardashian

If the Kardashians know two things best, it’s fashion and babies. With Kourtney’s third child on the way, I can’t wait to see what he or she will be wearing.Today, in the midst of New York Fashion Week, Kardashian Kids, which is sold at Babies “R” Us nationwide, announced that it is launching a toddlers collection on September 19th.After hearing the news, I had to check out the existing children’s collection! I learned that it is both adorable and affordable.As for my top picks:All photos are courtesy of Babies “R” Us and Kardashian Kids...more

Weekend Wear Fashion Tips for Plus Size Women

The weekend brings occasions to let down your hair and relax, but it also ushers in afternoon gatherings in the fall and nights on the town with friends and significant others. Wearing clothing that's fashion forward, comfortable, and flattering helps make your weekend outings even more enjoyable by boosting your confidence. Check out these practical tips for plus size women who want to look beautiful every weekend....more

Outfit of the day

Hi dear everyone, today was extremely warm in Sydney; walking under the sunshine, I could feel Summer.Summer has always been one of my favorite seasons because I can wear dresses, play dress-up and get out more without worrying about freezing air....more

10 Tips for Dressing Like Kate Middleton

It's a struggle that starts in your mid-20s. How do you look young, stylish, and professional at the same time? The short answer: Follow Kate Middleton's lead. ...more
I adore Kate and her style!!more

My September Stitch Fix: Happy Birthday to ME!

Oh my goodness, I feel like I’ve been waiting for this Stitch Fix delivery FOREVER! My schedule got all discombobulated in July when I got a ‘do over’ Fix. Since I ended up buying every darn thing in the box, I figured I should skip my August fix and just have one come for me in September… on what happens to be my birthday week....more
Denise I kept the sleeveless top and jacket, but passed on the pants. They just didn't look as ...more

Fall Fashion Trends for 2014

Now that summer is coming to a close, the tank tops and shorts will soon be packed away in order to make room for the coats, scarves, boots, and jeans. This fall season is full of new and old trends working together to create amazing fashion. Here are the top trends ready to be debuted for fall: 1. Oversized Everything ...more
BlogHer Looking for styling tips for Fall? Ask the pros at fashionclub at #AskFIDMFC today from ...more