If you can't go to Saint Barts... wear it.

You know those kind of friends that are always traveling to some exotic place while you're stuck at home? Even if you don't - that's where Calypso Saint Barts comes in. It's a clothing line that's inspired by Saint Barts and I have to say the clothes are so pretty that they (almost) make you feel like you're there. The detail you can't see about this top in the picture is that it's both embroidered and sequined - so it actually shines not unlike a Caribbean sunset.Best part - it's on sale....more

5 Tips for Buying Lingerie

Lingerie is a very important component of every woman’s wardrobe. I've been in the lingerie business for tens years and I am often asked for my best tips. Next time you consider upgrading your lingerie collection you should focus on the following characteristics for your convenience. ...more

Iris Apfel and I.N.C International Concepts Team Up At Macy’s


Eyelash Extentions are Worth It! Win a GiveAway! By Jen Oliak

I have been getting eyelash extensions for 10 years. Ahh! Yes, 10 years. Is it worth it? YES. It is one of the few things I do every 4 weeks religiously and CANNOT live without....more

Find Yourself The Best And Unique Designer Dress


Get twisted...

Lately it's been super hot outside. And not your garden variety hot either. No this has been heat accompanied by boat loads of humidity. Weather like this usually encourages me to stay away from the great outdoors. And what is there to do inside - why shop online of course (wink, wink). I have to say I was really excited (I know, I'm easily amused...) to find this trend in tops. Cause up till now, just about all I've been seeing on line is variations on peasant tops. Now I really like peasant tops, but can't say I truly want to own a lot of them....more

Black, white and French...

Wow was I surprised and delighted at the weather in the northeast yesterday. Here I am freshly returned from Paris, ready to wear my new purchases (some of which are long sleeved) and New York is having a heat wave. So disappointing.  Until yesterday (yay). So I finally got the chance to wear this beautiful bell sleeve top by Paule Ka. The sleeve detail is really gorgeous - and it's a perfect white jeans kind of a top (and it's 50% off right now!). Mind you, adding in some black accents pulled the whole thing together - and I'm in love with these sandals by Stuart Weitzman....more

Paris - part deux...

One of the cool things about being in the city of Paris is looking at the many beautiful flower shops that line the streets. They are so completely unexpected in the midst of all the crowds and traffic that it becomes easy to appreciate all things floral. That, of course, brings me to the tunic top I'm wearing. You can't see it from the picture - but the flowers on the top are both embroidered and beaded. The beads add a completely unexpected touch - so like the flower shops in Paris....more

Classics never get old...

Whenever I'm not sure exactly what I feel like wearing - I always go for a look that's  a true classic.  And what could be more so then black and pearls? I secretly like to  imagine that I'm channeling Audrey Hepburn when I wear a look like this one. Cropped pants, flats and mock neck sweaters have seriously been around since her time, hence the term "classic". So if you don't already have these items in your wardrobe - I highly recommend adding them. They mix and match beautifully and will never ever go out of style. Audrey and I promise......more

Fashion in Your Twenties - How To Stay Stylish

Adolescence is a blissful period of one’s life. It is that time of our lives in which we wish to look classy and attractive. Getting twenty could be an unusual experience because it’s the end of teenage and there are many changes one is going through while turning 20. One such change is the transformation in fashion trends....more