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Hi everyone! You can find my posts if you click on the link below!www.eliseschoice.wordpress.com ...more

Wearing Polka Dots to Work

Today's post is inspired by the Creative Closet challenge I'm participating in, hosted by the lovely women of The Modern Tulip and Life Could Be A Dream. As you might be able to discern, the topic was....polka dots! ...more

Shades Of Grey

     Shades of Grey. Dress by Sabo Skirt / Full post on www.skynaite.com ...more

Festival Inspired

Street Style Chic

Free Spirit

Free spirit look is inspired by all the trends Coachella has created. One of the reasons to go to festivals is to see how creative people get when it comes to their outfits that separate them from others. And because Coachella is coming up so fast, i thought i would share this cute outfit with you ! Fringe, gold accessories, wedge boots - comfortable and looks great. ...more

Low Key

Winter here in SO CAL went by so quickly. The weather has gone from low 50s to high 80s in a heart be at ! One week i was browsing around for sweaters and jackets, next thing i know before i purchase them the sun comes out ! I hope it stays this way, because lately all parts of the world have been having crazy weather changes....more

PFW SS15 Jean Paul Gaultier Street Style


Ever Inspiring Runway Fashion 2015

Nothing tends to be as influencing and exciting as updating to all the hustle and bustle going on at the fashion inclines. With every tick of the moments in the arena, an influx of new and rousing looks of style tends to parade away the latest sensation of the passion in vogue....more

I CONFESS - I'm afraid of being a FASHION BLOGGER

There I said it.What’s wrong with me ? (Don’t answer that!) A while ago, one of my best friends said something to the effect of “now that you’re a fashion blogger…..”, which I quickly responded with: “Oh, but I’m NOT a fashion blogger, I’m a LIFESTYLE blogger, who just happens to blog about fashion – it’s different” And she said “An —- gieeeeee. (going from a high pitch to a low pitch)   You ARE a fashion blogger” ...more