Fashion in Your Twenties - How To Stay Stylish

Adolescence is a blissful period of one’s life. It is that time of our lives in which we wish to look classy and attractive. Getting twenty could be an unusual experience because it’s the end of teenage and there are many changes one is going through while turning 20. One such change is the transformation in fashion trends....more

Red, white and... denim.

What do you wear on the fourth of July? Why red, white and denim of course. I think it's hands down more fun then the traditional red, white and navy blue. Also, I'm being a bit of a contrarian here. All I see in the stores and online are denim pencil skirts. Don't get me wrong, I like those too - but I bought one last year. So what's a girl to do when it comes to adding freshness to her denim wardrobe? Weeeellll, go a-line....more

Disney x Coach Unveil Exclusive Collection


Culottes are cool...

So I have to admit I was looking for a change. I've been wearing a lot of denim and white pants lately, and started to wonder if there was anything else out there that would suit my casual/comfortable mode of dressing. Seems to me I found the perfect answer. These khaki culottes are truly comfy and easy to dress up or down. In this case I paired them with black (and did my usual thing of matching the color of my shoes with the color of the top), but they'd look terrific with a white top and sneakers or sandals. So next time you're looking for a change - try a pair of culottes....more


Swiss-made watch brand Larsson & Jennings has opened their first U.S. Flagship in New York’s West Village at 335 Bleecker Street.   What began as an e-commerce boutique reimagining classic designs mixing Anglo-Swedish tanneries with Swiss mechanics, is making a major presence in the US ....more

Feeling blue...

I have to admit it. Lately, I've been feeling really blue. When it comes to clothes that is. Maybe it's because I've been enjoying denim and chambray a lot. Or maybe it's because blue just looks so durned good with white. In any event, the upshot is that blues have been floating my boat in a big, bad way. And that's why I fell for this Michael Kors top. Well, that and the fact that's it's been marked down to $79.00 (and is on sale at Neiman Marcus for 25% off). So I strongly suggest that you give it a try. Get the blues and wear them well......more

Going To A Summer Concert? Boho Chic Style Inspiration

Summer music concert season is in full swing! I have been enjoying the music of my favorite artists, as well as all of the fun looks I get to try out. I’m sharing a boho chic inspired look I wore to a recent concert....more

Denim for days...

So this seems to be the summer of head to toe denim - and I do mean that literally. And given that I'm a fan of monochromatic looks - I couldn't be more delighted. After all, what's more tonal then denim on denim? In this case one of my tricks was pairing the color of the top with that of the sandals. Doing so enabled me to mix the different shades of denim while still looking coordinated. However, it is fun to just play with all the different shades of denim and chambray in any way that pleases you, and this year they are available in just about every incarnation conceivable....more

17 Thoughts I Have While Shopping For Swimsuits

I live in southern Arizona and it's already starting to warm up – during the summer months we can reach upwards of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. So this means that very soon we will be scheduling as many water-centered activities as we possibly can. This week when I went to pull out last summer’s swimsuit, I realized it was looking bad. Like really bad. Unfortunately, this meant it was time to go swimsuit shopping....more
Till Soil Haha! I think that is what swimsuit shopping should be renamed as. I hereby dub it so ...more