Fashion Slump

Hi there.  My name is Christy and I'm in a fashion slump.  It happens every year about this time and one of these days I will be prepared. It is so freaking cold outside that you can't see what I'm wearing.  You will see my Uggs, my rain boots, or my workout sneakers and the bottoms of my pants.  That's it.  I'm covered in cold weather gear and I don't care.  Blech!...more

My January Stitch Fix: Which Tops Are the Best?

I'm so excited to share my very first Fix of 2015, which is my 16th Stitch Fix delivery. Can you believe it? Even weirder is that I've blogged every single Fix … and OH MY GOD, were my initial pictures terrible!...more
Been using this service for half a year--been so happy with the results. Love the black ...more

Making the Case Against Yoga Pants

Ah, yoga pants.At the risk of sounding like a fashion prude, well, there's a time and a place for them.At the gym, yes.At the grocery store, a restaurant, or the mall, I can do without seeing the outlines of total strangers' bootys, thank you very much. Seriously. I don't need the birds-eye-view of the dental receptionist's bum, nor do I need to see the wiggle-jiggle of my neighbor's can.I know, I know. The rest of the world is in love with them....more

6 Clothes Shopping Tips to Develop Your Best Personal Style

My husband is always amazed when I wear something he thinks is brand-new, but I've actually had forever. Over the years, I've invested in many quality pieces of clothing that stand the test of time. You may have a closet full of clothes already—but building a fantastic wardrobe that reflects your personal style doesn't happen overnight. As you start to accumulate pieces, follow these tips to help build a stylish wardrobe that reflects who you truly are and will last for years to come....more
busywifebusylife Elaine Griffin Off to find you now!more

Boot Straps = Awesome

Remember a few months ago when I tried to figure out the boots + jeans conundrum with a few different pairs of boots? One of the suggestions I had come across was to buy little straps that connect your jeans cuff and go under your foot and hold them tight.Well, apparently these magical things are called Boot Straps… and they are awesome....more

Sexy and Smart: Amal Clooney is a fashion icon for career-driven women

Amal Clooney stole the show last night at the Golden Globes. In her red carpet debut, she wore a stunning black Christian Dior gown, Harry Winston jewelry and a pair of white opera gloves that started a Twitter #GoldenGloves frenzy....more

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How do you delete a post on blogher?...more
unsettledvoyage Members cannot delete their own posts. You need to email or ...more

HAUTE COTURE Designer Niolas Jebran

I just discovered an amazing Couture Designer that I Wanted to share with you! Just phenomonal Designs!...more

Black,Brown Models Strut at 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

  Black is Beautiful, This is a phrase that I've been brought up to believe this and be confident in myself as a young African American woman/girl growing up....more

Fashion DIY rolled up bracelet!

Good morning, today a new fashion DIY, the rolled up bracelet...more