Some Fat Girls Like to Cover Up

Perhaps it’s because I have been called a lot worse than “fat”.  Perhaps it’s because I know that I am fat.  Perhaps it’s because I know that a little extra weight isn’t such a big deal and many of us look good with some extra blubber.  Perhaps it’s because I know that dealing with obesity is extremely difficult.  Or maybe it is because I know how to handle criticism well.  But the term “fat” doesn’t bother me at all.  Sticks and stones may break my bones (probably not, since I have a lot of exterior to shield me) but words will never harm me....more


Since the 1950s, cholesterol has been demonized for clogging up you arteries, raising blood cholesterol, and being the leading cause of all heart diseases. Because of this, people have been lowering their intake of cholesterol rich foods, and today, cholesterol lowering drugs are a tens of billions of dollar industry. You’ve most likely heard in the past, “Lower your intake of eggs and red meat because they’ll raise your cholesterol!” and you see food labels of “low fat,” “low cholesterol,” “heart healthy” everywhere....more


One of the food trends that have been the most detrimental to our health has been the advent of the low-fat diet. Not only has the rate of obesity spiked since this revolution, but more and more Americans are suffering from heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and allergies. With the rise of food giants and the industrial revolution, the low-fat message has been reinforced by the food industry....more

You might be making your spouse fat

My husband and I both work full time. And there was a long period where we worked in the same company (albeit different departments). And we both worked really long hours. Then we had our little guy and life had to change: There were more important aspects to our life together than work....more

Fat Feminist Starting Out

This is a long time coming, I suppose. I am using this primarily as a journal of sorts, but if it somehow helps someone else who feels like they don't quite fit the mold then I couldn't be happier to bare my soul anonymously to the internet. I suppose the best place to start is the beginning and it will most likely take more than one post to cover the content which will be contained on this blog. ...more
I think I love you. I was skin and bones up until I hit puberty. I've been slowly gaining ...more

Getting Rid of Your Fat Habits!


Words have Power

Some more reminiscing... In the long-ago summer of 1986 I was 19 years young, had just squeaked through my first year of university, and was back in what I considered to be my hometown to look for a job. ...more

Today is My Birthday!

Today is the actual birthdate of the Fokker. Due to the place and time I was born, I am a Pisces not an Aquarius – but it was close. I have been stomping around planet earth for 42 years now and my skin is as loose as a Shar Pei’s in places. Seriously, this is what I look like when I sleep on my stomach: ...more
Happy, happy birthday!!! :-)more

The picture that horrified me into finally going to the gym

 What a pound looks like......more

Fat: The hardest word

I can say overweight and plus-sized, usually with a reasonable degree of comfort. I can say, with only some hesitation, big, large, and heavy. I can say chubby, round, and, laughingly, gourd-shaped (à la my dear husband). It's a whole lot harder to say FAT. ...more