Getting Rid of Your Fat Habits!


Words have Power

Some more reminiscing... In the long-ago summer of 1986 I was 19 years young, had just squeaked through my first year of university, and was back in what I considered to be my hometown to look for a job. ...more

Today is My Birthday!

Today is the actual birthdate of the Fokker. Due to the place and time I was born, I am a Pisces not an Aquarius – but it was close. I have been stomping around planet earth for 42 years now and my skin is as loose as a Shar Pei’s in places. Seriously, this is what I look like when I sleep on my stomach: ...more
Happy, happy birthday!!! :-)more

The picture that horrified me into finally going to the gym

 What a pound looks like......more

Fat: The hardest word

I can say overweight and plus-sized, usually with a reasonable degree of comfort. I can say, with only some hesitation, big, large, and heavy. I can say chubby, round, and, laughingly, gourd-shaped (à la my dear husband). It's a whole lot harder to say FAT. ...more

The F Word

The constant media attention to the obesity epidemic in this country has caused our cultural pendulum to swing between extreme reactions.  News reports of national health always being voiced over stock footage of large bellies and butts walking around, squeezing into chairs, carefully cropped images of headless people with dripping hamburgers in their hands...images meant to shock us into lives of fitness, instead have led to a backlash of people calling out "fat shaming"; and like my sons, telling the world to mind its own business, they'll get fit if, and when they feel like it....more

How Did I Miss Fat Shaming Week?

Sweet Babou and My Fat Body

I read an article a couple of years ago that was talking about the fact that almost 1/3 of the British women surveyed felt that they are too fat to have sex, and that (strangely!) this has a negative effect on their libido.Imagine, if you will, the concept that you loathe your physical self so much you don’t feel you should have sex since some poor male (or female, since the Fokker doesn’t care one way or another who shares your bed. I am not an asshat.) would have to look at your nekkid flesh, and touch your smooshy body....more

Fat mom to a skinny girl...

If you don't know me IRL, I am a large woman...I was a chubby child, and never looked back.  The last time I saw 110 lbs I was probably about 12 years old is something I struggled with, tried to correct (with gastric bypass in 2005 which was relatively successful but I got pregnant with the girl and haven't looked back lol) I am still a plus size woman. I am comfortable with that but it's easy to be comfortable when you are 45 and tired :) ...more

Today I am mostly making rude gestures at the world ...

  I am pissed off.  And I get it.  For once I understand why.  I've just sat in a hot bath and gone through my feelings. My husband and I were invited last minute for drinks next door.  My first thoughts being that I don't want anyone to see me and my hair is a mess.  I am definitely in a hiding away mode at the moment and my self confidence is very low.  So I send my husband over to keep next door's hubby company as I know she's having the girls round (who are also my friends and are all super skinny).  I am sitting in the sod...more