The 5 Covert Sexists You Meet Online

Any online dating profile containing the word “feminist” is bound to elicit some unsettling reactions, some merely misinformed – “I’m not a feminist; I believe in equality” – and some outright adversarial – “I guess you don’t want a man with balls” (that’s an actual OKCupid message). You probably won’t give these people* a second glance. But some are less upfront about their sexism. They may even make it through a few dates before you come face-to-face with their covert but insidious beliefs.1. Mr. Nice Guy...more
So whose left?  I'm Mr.Crawl into your chequing book. You can't resist.more

On Squirting

This is about to get adult. Back away if you are uncomfortable. However, if you are female or are sexually attracted to anyone that has typically female anatomy, I hope you’ll stick around and listen up....more

To The Man Who Sexually Assaulted Me

*Trigger Warning* This is the story of my sexual abuse, and may contain triggers for other victims of abuse.    Introduction: ...more

Here's The Thing About Kings And Queens

 When I began learning more about feminism I thought it important to follow and interact not only with feminists online, but with those who had opposing opinions. I find it important to be able to debate and discuss the topic, especially since some of the people who disagree with feminism aren't very well educated on the topic or have a misconceived view of feminism and feminists....more

Vaginacular: The New Slang

Vagina Evangelists across the land are looking for any excuse to drop the word “Vagina” into their conversations. It doesn’t take long to flush these sickos out; the conversation sinks to the lowest common denominator in roughly 2 minutes flat and you’re left wondering what the fuck just happened? “Weren’t we just talking about our kids’ gymnastics class? How did vaginas enter the convo?” ...more

I Can't Believe I Never Learned About Frances Perkins

When I am battling insomnia, I most often turn to books to pass the sleepless hours. Yet once in awhile, when I am too tired to read but not able to sleep, I do resort to television. On one such night, I happened upon The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell. He had just begun a discussion related to currency, in particular the lack of women featured on US currency. Instead of lulling me to sleep, his words made me sit up in bed and pay attention....more
CheekySkirt Lawrence Perkins was a phenomenal political force! Thanks for reading!more

I am a Feminist and I don't hate men!!

Yes, I know, that may confuse some people.  A great many people think feminists are crazy radical women who don't shave their armpits or legs, and carry on about how men are awful human beings who don't deserve to be alive, and should just be servants to womankind forever.  Or something like that.....First of all, as the mother to two teenaged boys who will someday be men, and a stepmother to a wonderful young adult who is already a man, that is the farthest thing from my mind.  If I hated men, wouldn't I see my sons (i.e. future men) in that light?...more

Rolling Stone issues apology over UVA story

"A Note to Our Readers" - Rolling Stone...more
I have read the RS article, and even if it's only half true, it's pretty scary.  Seems likely RS ...more

Shia LaBeouf's recent claim of sexual assault

If you've been hearing about Shia LaBeouf's behavior at all over the last few years, chances are you're aware of his #IAMSORRY event- a live art piece where the actor invited individuals from the public to spend time alone with him in a small room. During the piece, LaBeouf claims that a woman whipped his legs repeatedly, and then proceeded to sexually assault him. This has led to mixed reactions, from hostility and disgust, to compassion and heartache....more
Some of Shia's antics are off-putting. His claims of sexual assault do raise some interesting ...more

TIna Belcher: The Cartoon Girl Everyone Should Look Up To

In case you have never seen the show Bob's Burgers, the eldest daughter is Tina. Tina is a 13-14 year old girl who is awkward but still has self worth. As a 21 year old, I can often still relate to Tina and have taken advice from her life on the show. Tina is in love with Jimmy Jr, the rival resturaunt owner's son. However, she does not let this get in her way of being a "smart, strong, sensual woman." Though she is often used as being the awkward funny character, Tina has some admirable attributes....more