It's OK For My Kid To Care About Looks

“Okay, we have these new bell bottoms with a red tank top, jelly bean leggings, or the purple dress,” I say.We have exactly two minutes before we have to be downstairs to eat breakfast.Even with the school-bus scramble on a frazzled weekday morning, I give my girl some options.“Purple dress!” yells my 4-year-old daughter, with a smile on her face....more

Wolf Whistles, Cat Calls, Hoots and Hollers

Many men will whistle at any woman.*So it’s not a special insult toward the woman in question (yes, men, whistles are insulting when they occur in everyday contexts—because they emphasize our sexuality when we’re trying to be seen for our personhood and our various competencies; it thus reduces us to sexual objects) (whistles, or reasonable facsimiles, in the bedroom directed toward your consenting sexual partner is a completely different matter). ...more

Sexism, Feminism And True Victory


'Bad Girl' Hillary: 'Unliked', 'Unpopular', & (Totally) On Top of the World

How we can, and Hillary is, fighting the tough-girl stereotype. (Hey, if this is being 'unlikeable and 'unpopular', as her critics say, well, Ill have some of that!)...more
You are right.  There is definitely a double standard for Hillary and I think a lot of it is ...more

Women in Charge, Seeing is Believing

“Stop telling girls that they can be anything they want when they grow up. I think it’s a mistake. Not because they can’t, but because it would have never occurred to them they couldn’t.” - Sarah SilvermanWe’re living in interesting times, to say the least. On one hand you wouldn’t be blamed for screaming in a panicked manner about the madness everywhere. On the other, if you’re like me, you’re quietly excited about the genders of our leading politicians. ...more

The One Thing Photoshop Can't Give You

There is no gap between my thighs. Growing up this didn’t bother me. I was much more concerned about the numbers on the scale than the particulars of my body, and besides, I was a figure skater, so big thighs came with the territory. It was only a few years ago that I learned that women and teens are desperate to recreate a look that is most often achieved by Photoshopping....more

Whatever you do, don't get old.

Imagine if you were invited to speak at an event, and no one came. Or perhaps, for better or worse, just maybe, everyone came? ...more

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What's so funny about a man getting pregnant?

I recently read The Fourth Procedure by Stanley Pottinger, in which, during a surgical procedure, a man is given a uterus containing a fertilized egg.  He is enraged when he finds out, afraid that if it becomes public knowledge he’ll be a laughingstock.  Turns out he’s right.  But I don’t get it.  What’s so funny about a man getting pregnant?...more

Who Drives and Who Holds On? Motorcycles and Feminism

How a man and woman riding on a motorcycle made me think twice about power....more