Going Make-up Commando Is Not Brave

I just saw a story on the internet praising some model who "braved" snapping a make-up free selfie and tweeting it for all the world to see.  Woohoo.  For some reason, that headline irked the heck out of me.  I've seen it before.  Susan Sarandon plays a role sans make-up. Reese Witherspoon lets herself be seen plain-faced in Wild.  Whatever.  Does anyone believe that models and movie stars wake up without face wrinkles and bad breath?...more

I'd Much Rather Be a Pretty Woman Than a Nice One

I want to be The Comeback Kid, or at the very least, Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Not a "comeback kid" in the sense that I make some sensational recovery after a fall from grace, but as someone who always has the perfect rejoinder to any jab sent my way. At my worst, I simply look like a dummy who has lost her ventriloquist, mouth agape, wordless, waiting for someone to feed me a line. ...more
From the title I didn't know where this post was going, but I got a great chuckle as soon as I ...more

How The Expectation Of Trying To “Have It All” Is Hurting Us All

I am almost 40 years old, and with my age comes at least a little wisdom; wisdom I wish I had possessed many years before this point in order to save myself much needless heartache....more

Gloria Steinem's 'My Life on the Road' Taught Me I Have So Much Yet to Learn

Anytime I sit down with a book written by Gloria Steinem, I actually pause and reflect before opening the cover. After all, it was her Revolution from Within: A Book of Self-Esteem that rocked my world when I first read it over twenty years ago. Her explanation of core self-esteem versus situational self-esteem forever changed the way I viewed myself, and set me on a healing journey that was long overdue....more
Joan, That is one of the things that struck me the most. She makes connections that I never ...more

On Being Ourselves, Whoever That Is

How To Stop Your Son From Objectifying Women

If we want society to stop objectifying women, we must subjectify them. We need to give ourselves 3-dimensionality. We hear that stories about women are "chick flicks" or "they won't make any money."  They are marketed to only women. If we value the female experience so little, why should men value it any more? Damsel in distress, Image Credit: Shutterstock...more
Thank you! It is an idea that has been in my head for awhile. I had to get it out. I just don't ...more

Oregon author publishes book "The Eve Chronicles" by Diane DeVillers

http://www.amazon.com/Diane-DeVillers/e/B00BWY3Q9K Check out my author page, under Diane DeVillers and my new paperback book called "The Eve Chronicles". A story based on my journals from the early 80's when I lived in the deep forest of the Wallowa Mountain in Eastern Oregon, doing timber inventory in some of the most remote areas near the notorious Hell's canyon. Check out my author page...more

Shonda Rhimes and Feminism

I have a confession: I am forty-four and I still watch Grey's Anatomy. I haven't missed an episode since it aired. And now that I have cancelled cable and rely on Netflix for my shows, I spend the last hour of my evening -- after my grading is done, kids' homework is checked, kids have been put to bed, bills have been paid, whatever writing I can muster is written -- collapsing on my couch to watch Grey's Anatomy-- from the beginning....more

What is the Bechdel Test?

Developed in 1985 by Alison Bechdel, the Bechdel Test now an important feminist staple when it comes to Western media and pop culture derived from HollyWOOD– which is typically a man’s world. This eye opening test was conceived and published in Bechdel’s comic series called Dykes to Watch Out For in a strip entitled The Rule. For this reason, sometimes this test is also referred to as the Bechdel Rule....more