Why All The Sex Talk On BlogHer?

I have been a part of BlogHer for 3-4 years. I am in their publishing network, and I get the daily newsletter. The reason I'm writing this is that I'm getting a little tired of clicking over to BlogHer and I might as well have clicked on to Cosmopolitan, as so many articles posted are sexual in nature. Now I'm not at all conservative in politics or manner nor sexuality. I could never have been called a prude. But now I'm 57 years old, and my years of reading Cosmopolitan magazine are far behind me. ...more
Blogher is an important venue for the discussion of feminist issues and sex is one of them.  Sex ...more

One Heart, One Mind: Trimming Zion

“And the Lord called his people Zion, because they were of one heart and one mind. And dwelt in righteousness and there was no poor among them.” Moses 7:18...more

Don't Sell The Cow? How The 21st Century Offers Women A Better Take On Sex

"Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free" … ever heard this phrase before? Its often trotted out to explain why today's 21st century guy is less likely to get married. It  not a lie - the promise of intimacy is a powerful  incentive however, it is pretty irrelevant in modern society....more

The Good Girl Syndrome

For as long as I can remember, I've been eager to please: my parents, my teachers, my grandparents, and basically anyone I care about.When I was 9-years-old my teacher handed me a letter for my parents. I'd been out sick for a few days, so naturally my first assumption was that I was in trouble for being sick. In trouble for being sick. Turns out, the letter was an invitation to test for a gifted class. (Spoiler alert: I didn't pass the test.) ...more

Can Fashion Be Feminist?


The Feminization of Bowe Bergdahl

Bergdahl was not a run-of-the-mill “deserter”. It turns out that Bowe Bergdahl was discharged from the Coast Guard because of questions about his mental fitness for military service, but was accepted into the Army in 2008 anyway....more

Shame and Misplaced Blame: The Problems With a Girls-Only Dress Code

There's an article going around the internet right now about a sixth grade girl's outfit. A mother published on Slate after her daughter was made to wear an oversized t-shirt because her (mighty cute, may I add) blue jean shorts didn't pass the school's dress code which stated that all shorts and skirts must reach fingertip length or longer. Who cares, right? Well, there's a big reason that you should: ...more
Second Floor Flat TheBlackTortoise Yes, boys should have a dress code, too.  I agree with you there.more

And why not the clitoris?

And why not the clitoris? A loyal reader steered me toward Sophia Wallace's "cliteracy" art, and I thought, what if, instead of a tiny pocket penis, women carried a tiny clitoris around -- not a real one, you understand, because we already do carry a real one around....more

Sorry, I Won't Be Bringing My Dick to the Table

Guess what "BRDTTT" stands for? You won't get it, so I'll tell you. Bring Your Dick to the Table. Apparently the artist—and I use that term loosely—believes women can keep these expensive little pet cocks in their pockets to grab on to when they lose confidence in, for example, themselves in a business situation with men. A whole inch and a half of penile self-confidence right in the palm of our small, feminine hands....more
TerriLynnMerritts Nope, that is not what men do with pocket pussies.more

Traditional Gender Roles, Romantic Preferences and Feminism

Originally posted on ChapterTK.com“My son, he wants a classic woman, but every one these days is a feminist.”...more