My Mothers World. My Emancipation

My mother, wearing a white collared blue wasted dress with a soft petticoat, nylons and white pumps, waved me out the door to join the other neighbor kids walking to school. She had risen before the rest of the family, prepared a well balanced breakfast for us. Poached eggs in milk over buttered white toast, bacon, half a grapefruit broiled with brown sugar on top with a glass of orange juice. I never did know what she did the rest of the day while I was in school. I just assumed she sat and waited for us to come home....more

Do You Have Kids? This is what happens when you opt out of the Mommy Club

I was floating around the socialmediaverse the other day when I came across a friend’s Facebook post. She’d linked to the article below about why one woman opted out of having children. Intrigued, I clicked and read.7 Realizations That Convinced Me Not To Have Children –

Merkley deserts Hillary, endorses Bernie Merkley my Oregon Congressman deserts Hillary Clinton and endorses Bernie....more

Be Wary of 'Sex Worker Voices'

Camille Henrot, My Anaconda Don’t  ...more

In a Stereotypical World, My Role is Not the Model

Our days begin early in a foggy routine, long before the sun rises on a school day. We don’t say much, we usually just chat about the weather. But this morning, mere minutes before my teenager ran out the door to catch the school bus, he said he was having trouble with the fight of feminism. Really? That was an eye-opening interlude from the protein shake to good-bye. ...more

I'm a Womanist, not a Feminist

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. I wrote my 5-year-old daughter a poignant note on the back of a watercolored card I painted for her, which said: “believe in your dreams.” Between my daily musings urging her to smile and be kind, I urged her to celebrate being a beautiful, smart little woman. Not because she is able to comprehend the power of womanhood now, but because one day, all my messages to her together may resonate loud enough to trump the other noise. ...more

Who Run this Motha? Why we need to rally behind Hillary Clinton.

The year is 1984.  A twelve year-old me stands beside her mom in a labor temple in a small Midwestern city on a chilly fall night.  The excitement is palpable.  We wait for hours to get a glimpse of the person who could become the first woman Vice-President of the United States—to maybe even ...more

5 Things Hillary Should Do After New Hampshire

None of us is surprised that Hillary Clinton lost in New Hampshire. The polls and pundits have been predicting this for weeks. So it's done. What's next? As a very strong supporter of Hillary Clinton, this is what I think she ought to do next....more