No Owls Were Spotted Tonight

This blog post was written during the MLB playoffs.I went to Hooters for the first time last night.  The guy and I wanted to go somewhere and eat while watching the Cardinals Brewers game.  I enjoy cheering or groaning at the TV with a bunch of baseball loving strangers.  ...more

The Feminist Bride Speaking Engagement on 11/18!

www.TheFeministBride.comIf you find yourself near Tufts University in Medford, MA this Friday, COME HEAR ME SPEAK at 4pm!  Admission is free and there’s food afterwards. I’ll be speaking at the 2nd Annual Women’s Center Symposium on “the sex and sexist layers of the wedding cake” and giving a small performance after the event but before the reception. See below for details! If you can’t make it no worries, I’ll be posting the video of it later.  ...more

Herman Cain, Penn State and what America thinks of Women and Children

Herman Cain’s continued candidacy is a sign of what America feels about women.   The animosity created over the ousting of Penn State’s former coach Joe Paterno indicates that America cares more about college football than protecting children from sexual predators.  Are these statements true? The reactions to these two stories appear to indicate that they are.  ...more

Rebalance, Rethink and Refocus: Stephanie Coontz on Gender Shifts at PopTech

Historian Stepanie Coontz talks about rebalancing of genders, the theme of this year’sPopTech Conference.She talks about when and how women not just in this country but worldwide, started to rebalance the power between sexes.It starts happening between genders when women not just started to work but got paid to work. After they get into the workforce, literacy goes up, they get a choice of who they got to marry, and then labor laws changed among other things....more

Washington Women: Real Smart or Real Dumb

Whoopee, all these beautiful, brave women telling on Herman Cain. I do so love it!  Of course, I believe the charges about Herman Cain. I do hope they drive him away. And, quickly as all this “sexual misconduct” stuff is so incredibly tedious, if nothing else. For me,Washingtonmen, particularly those with political aspirations are guilty as accused until proven otherwise. My little flip on Constitutional rights. Too bad, too bad....more

How My Life in a "Cult" Has Helped Me Become Feminist and Progressive

Witch burning. Illustration from a mid 19th century book.  Photo Credit: Mullica...more
I lived with a cult too. At the time I didn't think it was, but my mom and stepdad did. It was ...more

Be a man. Are clothes that flatter a woman's body bad?

I really don’t understand why clothes that are not flattering for a woman’s body are often called ‘intelligent’ design, while clothes that emphasize a woman’s femininity are called vulgar or are called clothes for women that don’t understand that those clothes come from an era where they had no rights....more

Momentum: Making Waves in Sexuality, Feminism, and Relationships - The Conference to Attend in 2012!

The second annual MOMENTUM Conference takes placeMarch 30 to April 1, 2012  in Washington, DC.  ...more

I Am Not Excited That the Sexism Is a Little Bit Better

Derek, you want me to get excited about the victory of a post-sexist age of advertising being elusive? I shouldn't worry because at least it's not okay to blatantly portray women as second-class citizens who should feel bad if they can't make good coffee? ...more
@Keira I still get cracked up by the Dr. Feminism moniker. :)more