The Sacred Feminine

“The Sacred Feminine is a term we use for the mysterious source of all life, the wellspring of creation. The Big SHE. The Feminine Force that births both male and female forms. The Circle that contains both yin and yang” (The Sacred Feminine)....more

How I Decided to Start Blogging

My husband really wants me to do a Mom-Blog. Perhaps he is worried that otherwise I will fade into oblivion. Not that I was whatever the opposite of oblivion is – terribly relevant?...more

Gloria Steinem for Miss Representation: What's New Is Old

Last night HBO premiered a new documentary, Gloria: In Her Own Words, on the life of visionary feminist leader Gloria Steinem. To celebrate the film and Gloria herself, we thought we'd share this clip from the set of Miss Representation....more

A boy is a man and not a girl: The power of circumcision.

Last week, July 16th 2011, Sharon and I had this enriching discussion. Sharon is a friend I recently met in June 2011, during one of my ‘residence’ tour in Kenya. Often, when we meet, we always have new stories to share.  It was almost evening, the usual time Sharon and I would always sit for our storytelling.  Our conversation is never defined. We talk on all sorts of issues....more

Direct Line Advert infantalises women

As reported earlier on WVoN today, a patronising advertising campaign by the US company Got Milk has been pulled after complaints from feminists, not least from WVoN’s own Do It campaigning arm....more

When public schools don't teach our kids the whole truth it hurts their success rate.

As we move through another campaign year for the U.S. presidency, there’s bound to be a lot of talk about our ailing public education system. The question “should we set aside more money for education or defund it?” will certainly bubble up. While I know it’s important that our education lobbyists’ struggle for a larger piece of the general budget, money is not the only thing we should be discussing.  ...more

Global Sports Sexist Interview With Brittany Waters

Brittany Waters, one of Canada’s top rugby players, was profiled on Global BC TV’s News Hour Sports. The interview started out like most athlete features in which we heard some background information on how she got into the sport and some of her accomplishments. Eventually, it went off the rugby field and down sexism street....more

From Traditional Marriage to New Forms of Intimacy

The United States is one of the most sexually conservative countries in the industrial world. In 2002, 42 percent of Americans told pollsters that homosexuality was morally wrong. Only 16 percent of Italians, 13 percent of the French, and 5 percent of Spaniards felt that way. (Marriage, A History...more

Finding Hope: Reweaving -- Then and Now

By Pam McCallister, cross-posted at On The Issues Magazine....more

A Culture War Against Conservative Women

Injecting conservative values into the cultural mainstream is a battle, especially for women’s issues in popular, female-geared media like magazines. Liberal ideology has attracted the female presidential vote—and the female magazine—for years. For most of these crusaders and publications, “women’s issues” comes down to one issue: abortion. ...more
Call it what you want... But delivering all but the baby's head, then stabbing that baby at the ...more