And then I got Fat and Immodest

I am no fan of modesty. In the name of full disclosure, I used to be seriously “modest.”  For several years in high school and college I covered by elbows, knees and cleavage.  I swam in the Dead Sea in a black t-shirt and skirt. I wore tank tops backwards, to take advantage of the high neckline, which was actually intended as the back of the shirt. I wore old navy long sleeve t-shirts year round, with another short sleeved t-shirt over it for the fashion. As an Orthodox Jew, I dressed more modestly than the Duggers....more

Beyond the Book Review: In which I surf the Third Wave and find my feminist identity

It was 1981, and as I neared the end of my high-school career, it was hard for me to fathom that legal equality for women wouldn’t be in place by the end of the decade....more

Book Talk: *Girl Power: The Nineties Revolution in Music*, by Marisa Meltzer

I knew it was familiar to me for some reason - assumed I had also seen it on a blog... ...more

Actress Helen Mirren Calls Out Hollywood for Penis Worship

Say what you want about Academy Award winning actress Helen Mirren, but don't ever say that she pulls her punches. In fact she landed a couple of doozies squarely on Hollywood's jaw when she received the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award at The Hollywood Reporter's annual Women in Entertainment breakfast. ...more

Yup, she's very gutsy. That's also one of the reasons she's such a good ...more

(RANT) Why I Always Take My Husband With Me When Shopping

I called my husband. He called the store. He chewed them out for not being helpful. They were suddenly very helpful and able to waive that two-week window and give me the phone today. In the meantime, we sat in our cold car. The twins and I had to wait for our knight in shining armour to come battle the dragon. I felt impotent. I felt really angry that my kids were observing all of this. I felt sad for everyone who didn't have someone in their life who could come in and save the day. I felt really frustrated that my husband was going to be able to do something I couldn't do. ...more

That is fantastic. I love it.

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Why Every Student Should Study Abroad Your Shameless Friend,Ginawww.ginabarreca.comTwitter @TheGinaBarreca...more

Disney: To Watch or Not to Watch

I bet a lot of people will be annoyed by this post upon reading it, but I still need to talk about it because it's been weighing on my mind quite heavily. In English, during my first year of college, I had a rather progressive male teacher. To get us to think outside the box, he brought in a documentary about Disney. The documentary was about the stereotyping & prejiduce that Disney movies have historically portrayed. First of all - something that I am sure most of you have heard of - the lack of diversity in Disney Princesses....more

Just Because I'm Female

It seems as if every time I turn on the T.V, go into a store,or look at a newspaper I am accosted by gender stereotypes. There are the childrens' toy commercials which never show the fathers. There is the carpet cleaning commercials where the women is fretting over her mother in law coming over, god forbid her carpets are "dirty". There's the Bounty paper towel commercial, featuring the mom cleaning up after her messy kids. & that show, where Mom is constantly nagging her husband, chasing after the kids, cleaning, cooking, & lacking a career....more

I don't recall those types of examples in school but I'm sure they were there.

It's good ...more