Hey Planned Parenthood! Fail to Plan..Plan to Fail

I found out about the 12:00pm  Walk for Choice in my city at 12:15pm.  Seems I'm not the only one.I am " Facebook friends" with Planned Parenthood - both the national and local affiliates. I checked their website 2 days ago and nada listed in my state. Judging from the confirmed attendees on the invite (about 100), which I received 15 minutes after the march had started, the word seemed to have gotten out to the organizers' friends only...more

The event was organized by individuals in each city, Planned Parenthood just attended. It's a ...more

The Revolution Began With an 8 Year Old Girrrl

"Mom, can I go say hi to my Prinicpal? He's sitting at that table with his wife."  My 8 year old self was about to kick off the revolution and I knew enough to be a tiny bit manipulative about it. I was out to dinner with my family and I knew if I told my mom my REAL motives she would deny my request real quick. "Sure, that would be great honey. Go say hi and then come sit down. Don't disturb his dinner with his wife."...more

To quote some guy's blog I also read last night while I was lying awake in discomfort from the ...more

In Honor of 100th Anniversary of Int'l Womens Day 8 March 2011

 Here is a map of the Congresspersons who voted to remove funding. Maybe a cyber visit by enough people will help them clear their thinking? http://bit.ly/WeHaveAVoice Women Helping Women 4 GoodOnline Campaigns to support Women & Children 1st...more

Forget about it, Enrique

What the f--? New Iglesias song with the F-word. Sells b/c we've failed to teach girls this is not OK. Allie http://24inmymind.blogspot.com...more

Fame Monster: Lady Gaga vs. The Minnesota Matron

According That Grape Juice, Lady GaGa instructed Vogue magazine that she has "one of the greatest voices in the industry." My, my, tuts the demure midwestern mild-mannered Matron. People from Minnesota are not supposed to toot their own horns. ...more

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My only claim is that I like to write - not ...more

Other Mothers Bug Me

OK. I already know that I am going to get grief about this, but here goes:I don't like most other women who are mothers....more

Men's Health Magazine Starts New Feminist Blog

What with all the bad news lately about legislation that hurts women, I was especially psyched to learn that Men's Health launched a new blog recently, The Men's Health Feminist. Finally, we have recognition from the mainstream media that feminism is good for men, too! Initial posts by reporter Kiera Aaron explore what it means to be a feminist, Kanye West, how popular athletes are given carte blanche to sexually assault women, and, near and dear to my furry little heart, the trend of "vatooing" (having your man's name temporarily inked into your shaved bare cooter* region). ...more
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Questions for the police: not getting raped is not my responsibility

There has been a spate of cab drivers charged with sexual and violent offences in Australia, where I live. According to ABC news (via Triple J radio) the police have asked women to be "careful" by sitting in the back and being aware of cabbie registration. (Just how that second point is supposed to help you, I'm not sure, unless we're noe responsible for catching rapists as well as avoiding them)....more

Maury Povich: DNA Does Not a Parent Make

“I need to prove he’s the dad so he’ll help me with the baby.” The girl sobbed to Maury. The guy who accompanied her to the show was positive he wasn’t, screaming sexual slurs at his former lover. Where did we get the idea that a paternity test will change our ex-sex partners, magically transforming them into loving partners and fathers? The Maury Povich show is predicated on humiliating women. Why else would they allow these “lovers” to use such vile verbal attacks? The producers and Maury have the power to stop the humiliation. They don’t....more

Stop Punishing Man, He's Already Apologized

Men in general have become the subject of fierce backlash from women who feel they need to fight for their power and noticeability in this world.  In their foot stampede, women have left a trail of trampled hearts and bones, of those men who have been made to feel worthless, weak, and stupid.  Art reflects life, and we don’t have to look too far into movies and television to see this… the dufus father, the clueless husband.  While of course there are a few duds out there, our men are ...more