National Adoption Awareness Month: Shilling for Adopacrats

Today the adoption industry  launches the 2011 edition of  National Adoption...more

Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History

     I was tired from two days of thinking and talking theologically as I boarded the plane to return to Dallas. The flight attendant began the usual pre-flight schpeel, which is my sign to check out mentally.  The familiar words passed right by me until something new drew me back from my daze.  What did she say? ...more
@hollynielsen Holly, I totally agree with you! I remember last year when Tina Fey was ...more

Let Him Eat Tofu

He did it.  He’s doing it.  My husband Mark, my beloved pepperoni pizza and Coca-Cola chicken loving man, has decided to eschew meat and animal products.  That’s right, he’s gone there, to the green side he’s gone vegan....more

On My Ex and the Importance of Fathers in Raising Girls

I had an a-ha moment while watching Dr. Phil the other day.The topic of that day’s show was “Our Teen is tearing the Family Apart”.  Miranda, one of the troubled teen girls, was playing with a combustible mix of sex and the internet and sneaking around.  At one point in the show, Dr. Phil pointed out that Miranda craved male attention because she was not getting nor feeling love from her father, and that when the first male who was nice to her came along, Miranda took to it “like a kitten to milk”.This is why I married my first husband....more

I AM the New Wave of Feminism

I Am the New Wave of Feminism I am the new wave of feminism.I see a gay black woman leading an organization side by side with a middle age white man....and it doesn't surprise me. I expect it.I have never known a time when I didn't have the same rights, same abilities, same expectations as my male counterparts.I believe femininity is as valuable a tool as hard work, strength, determination and will....more

What My Little Girl Taught Me About Makeup

If there is a gene for self-decoration, I don't have it.  I admire fashionable people.  I boggle at their creative abilities and the truly bizarre joy they derive from spending time and money in the seventh circle of Hell the mall.  I used to watch "Fashion File" every Sunday morning, could make educated commentary on a given designer's spring or fall collection, and could even pick out knock-offs walking down the street....more
Hahahaha! People say that to me, too, though in the case of some of my family members, their ...more

Women, War & Peace: Featuring Nobel Prize Winner Leymah Gbowee

Leymah Gbowee and the Liberian women's peace movement are featured in Women, War & Peace, a five-part PBS series that challenges the conventional wisdom that war and peace men's domain. Below, executive producer Abigail Disney describes her reaction to Leymah Gbowee's 2011 Nobel Peace Prize win. ...more
Every woman should!more

The War on Women is Coming From Within..( are you sure “your national family planning clinic” really is there for you?)

I have finally healed to the point where I can share my story. In fact, I must share my story. If I don’t, then the most well known “national family planning clinics” (I will refer to as QQ to avoid backlash)  will have stripped me of my voice, which is central to who I am. I will not allow that to happen to me or to any of you ....more

Maybe the Little Lady Will Be Allowed to Drive Next

The US has applauded the recent move by Saudi Arabia to both run and vote in municipal elections.  This is apparently a big step forward and something that we should see as possibly transformative of a culture that has historically denied women most basic rights.  ...more

Tomboys and Pretty Little Girls: Why Should She Have to Choose One or the Other?

I’ve seen a few things in my online adventures recently that reminds me that little boys are supposed to be wild and get dirty and little girls are supposed to be pretty and gentle. This encourages me to get my daughter out playing in the dirt. Yesterday she was dressed in yoga pants and a shirt with a nice warm sweater and she was asking for her hat. We knew that her summer hat would not do. Joe fished her Ottawa Senators baseball cap out of our ‘outdoor accessories’ basket. With the cap on top of her messy hair that I no longer expect to be able to tame (just like Mommy’s), she looked like a tomboy and I told her so. Today I’m re-thinking my word....more
We have almost four year old triplets and an almost one year old boy. Our triplets are two boys ...more