All Students, No Pros: Where Did All the Female Web Designers Go?

Where are all the female web designers? Or, according to a new article out of Smashing Magazine, the question should be rephrased: Where do all the female web designers go after college? While the numbers between genders are remarkably even in the classroom, 82.6 of web designers in the work force are male. What happens from that first day of college to stat collecting day post-college? Things that make you go "hmm." ...more

I agree with lihowey7 about the college aspect - but with my experience, although I did a ...more

Let Us Talk Now of Emma Peel

No heroine before or since has captured my attention and imagination quite the way Emma Peel did.  Her mod black wetsuit wardrobe, karate-style hand-knifing of villains, utter brilliance, and unflappable demeanor in the face of danger made her a riveting character to want to emulate....more


I think it is perfectly reasonable that we revisit Emma in our prime as we are ...more

Bigotry, Rape Apologism, and Baby Theft: WTF, Patriarchy?

Some weeks, the news just doesn't get any better, and this week is no exception when it comes to gross misconduct and contravention of human rights. Here are a few gems to put in your WTF file. ...more

I think women/moms would make every effort to have kept the baby and the mother together while ...more

Gina's Barreca's list of 30 VERY FUNNY Books!

Blogher friends:Please tell me what your favorite funny books are: Your Shameless Friend,Ginawww.ginabarreca.comTwitter @TheGinaBarreca...more

Snooki & Her Situation

Sometimes the problems we choose to ignore reveal a lot about Moms in America. Like the Snooki situation. Photo courtesy of HotHits957 If you are like me and get your weekly dose of reality TV filtered through the comedy of 'The Soup's' Joel McHale on E!, you may have heard about Snooki. Snooki appears on the TV show 'Jersey Shore'....more


I am sitting in my bathtub.  The water is running over my feet and when I'm not writing these words my arms are stretched above my head, resting against the pink bathroom wall. I should be doing dishes, or laundry.  I should be planning tomorrow's post, or at least an outfit.  Shaving my legs.  Working out.  Worrying because it's 9PM and my boyfriend isn't home yet. My cat is staring at me; he thinks I'm crazy.  But I am not crazy.  Right now, I'm not even his owner....more

Thank you. [exhales]more

Election 2010: Women's Gains and Losses

For months working up to yesterday's Midterm election races, headline after headline sported some version of "year of the woman" or "year of the GOP woman" or "Dem women face losses due to year of the GOP woman" or "Mama Grizzlies growl through year of the woman" get the idea. So how did women do? Quick hits (information based on data from the Center for American Women in Politics) U.S. Senate: ...more

I'm fascinated by American politics and found this information especially interesting. I ...more

A Red State of Mind Helps Readers Understand Mama Grizzlies

What transplanted Southerner hasn't experienced the Walmart hate? While I only shop there when absolutely necessary because of awful customer service, French points out that it's the definition of "white trash" to Yankees. To the upwardly-mobile city dweller, anyone who shops at Walmart must live in a trailer, wear a wifebeater and drive a truck. They don't understand that many times, it's the only retailer around, or it's simply convenient. ...more

Author Holly Hill bad for feminist image, 'Sugarbabe' declares prostitution empowering.

Holly Hill is an Australian author who's book "Sugarbabe" has been selling like hotcakes. More than her book, people are interested in her life. Holly Hill is essentially a prostitute who "quit" (I have my doubts) her job as a psychologist to become a married man's full time mistress. When that went south, Holly decided it was still a great way to make money. Selling herself to married men for money, rent, shopping sprees, etc. Because she "loves sex", it's all good....more

At the Women's Conference: "The Supremes" (Sandra Day O'Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg)

This year’s California Women’s Conference was full of newsmakers and made some news of its own. But while Meg Whitman, Michelle Obama and Oprah were the speakers that made it to our local newscasts, the session I most looked forward to seeing was the conversation between the country’s first two women on the Supreme Court: Sandra Day O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. ...more

I think this would have been so interesting to actually sit in on, in person. Thanks for doing ...more