(Un)Tangled Disney Princess Story Lines

www.TheFeministBride.comDisney’s princess plots are more predictable than a woman’s period.Scene from the movie "Tangled," Disney.comGirl is oppressed (by magic, evil villain, or station in life), girl decides to challenge adversity, girl meets vagabond boy en route, cue adorable magical or animal sidekick, boy and girl conquer evil villain, boy and girl marry and the live happily ever after. The End....more

Why I'm Not Sad My Daughter Punched a Little Boy in the Privates

I looked at the now-pale face of the young lady in charge as I ripped up the report. "I'm not signing this, and unless you want me to start a stink about why you let my daughter be the recipient of sexual harassment on your premises, you will not only write up that boy but you will make sure that his family understands that if it ever happens again and he is allowed back here, I will report you." ...more
Heck YES!!!  That's my type of girl. My parents taught the girls to squeeze the nuts of boys to ...more

Gender bias and children’s underwear

Yeah, you read that right.  Want to go back and read the headline again?  Okay.  Now that we’re all together, have I got a topic for today!...more

The Bear right now is wearing Handy Manny briefs to school today because she LOVES Handy Manny ...more

Feminism Is As Feminism Does

By Merle Hoffman, cross-posted at On The Issues Magazine ...more

Six Writers Who Saved My Life

During a job interview a few years back, the Chair of the English department asked, Why English? I didn’t have to think of the answer. Literature saved my childhood. It filled my loneliness and the many silences I tolerated as a child with words and characters and worlds I had not known. ...more

What a poignant post by Marina about the six authors who made a difference in her life! The ...more

All Students, No Pros: Where Did All the Female Web Designers Go?

Where are all the female web designers? Or, according to a new article out of Smashing Magazine, the question should be rephrased: Where do all the female web designers go after college? While the numbers between genders are remarkably even in the classroom, 82.6 of web designers in the work force are male. What happens from that first day of college to stat collecting day post-college? Things that make you go "hmm." ...more

I agree with lihowey7 about the college aspect - but with my experience, although I did a ...more

Let Us Talk Now of Emma Peel

No heroine before or since has captured my attention and imagination quite the way Emma Peel did.  Her mod black wetsuit wardrobe, karate-style hand-knifing of villains, utter brilliance, and unflappable demeanor in the face of danger made her a riveting character to want to emulate....more


I think it is perfectly reasonable that we revisit Emma in our prime as we are ...more

Bigotry, Rape Apologism, and Baby Theft: WTF, Patriarchy?

Some weeks, the news just doesn't get any better, and this week is no exception when it comes to gross misconduct and contravention of human rights. Here are a few gems to put in your WTF file. ...more

I think women/moms would make every effort to have kept the baby and the mother together while ...more

Gina's Barreca's list of 30 VERY FUNNY Books!

Blogher friends:Please tell me what your favorite funny books are:http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/snow-white-doesnt-live-here-anymore/... Your Shameless Friend,Ginawww.ginabarreca.comTwitter @TheGinaBarreca...more

Snooki & Her Situation

Sometimes the problems we choose to ignore reveal a lot about Moms in America. Like the Snooki situation. Photo courtesy of HotHits957 If you are like me and get your weekly dose of reality TV filtered through the comedy of 'The Soup's' Joel McHale on E!, you may have heard about Snooki. Snooki appears on the TV show 'Jersey Shore'....more