Fourth-Wave Feminism Can't Play Favorites

A few weeks past, news sources everywhere were aflutter with new information pertaining to the “Palin family brawl” that reportedly occurred at a party in September. Namely, leaked tapes of Bristol Palin’s teary description of an assault she endured that night at the hands of an unnamed man. In the recording, Bristol was heard giving a clearly upset, obscenity riddled explanation of the events that transpired to a police officer. She recounted how she was knocked to the ground, dragged by her feet and cursed at repeatedly by a male attacker....more

Why You Don’t Have to Be a Good Feminist, Just Be a Feminist

“Emma Watson is a good feminist.”  “Katy Perry is a bad feminist.”  “Beyonce is a good feminist.”  “Beyonce is a bad feminist.”...more
I, too, like peter pan collars and definitely consider myself a femenist. LOL!  Love this.more

Some Thoughts on Makeup and Feminism

I was never one to wear a lot of makeup, so I don't always read articles about makeup or beauty. But this one caught my attention today. Refinery29 published an article on "10 Ways to Find Feminism in Your Beauty Routine," and I really appreciate everything it has to say....more

Not All About That Bass: I Never Asked to See Your Ass…ets

Somewhere along the line, the world got the impression that I wanted to see its ass…ets. I’m not sure how it happened, perhaps it was how I stared, for just a bit too long, like a curious cocker spaniel, or by my somehow inadvertently conjuring all the corporeal spirits to this world, but there have been more than a few hands full of naked bits wagging in my face lately.And not the kind I want to see....more

Infuriating: TIME Puts 'Feminist' on List of Words to Ban in 2015

[Editor's Note: On November 18, 2014, TIME issued an apology for including "feminist" on its list of words to ban in 2015.]...more
My boyfriend is a professor at a Catholic University in Kentucky. The other day, he overheard a ...more

An Apology to Street Harrassers

Dear Gentlemen,Please accept my apologies for overreacting to your innocent attempts to "be friendly" and to your kind "encouragement" regarding my looks.I respect your goals of introducing love and improving my self-esteem in, what is too often, a cold, hard-hearted world. Why can't more men be like you?...more

Beyonce Made Me A Feminist

If you're a male between the age of 18-28 you probably read the title of this post, let out some sort of disapproving sigh and assumed this entire post would be dedicated to praising her majesty King Bey, the Bey Hive and all that is leotard wearing-single-ladies-chanting-power-to-the-woman-man-hater-involved. If you're a woman, you probably read that title and wondered exactly where the hell I'm going with this. Stay with me here.  ...more

Gender Equity, Sports & Running Up That Hill

And if I only could,I’d make a deal with God,And I’d get him to swap our places,Be running up that road,Be running up that hill,Be running up that building....more

Nine Times Roxane Gay Was the ‘Bad Feminist’ We All Needed

At this point, we’ve pretty much all come to know and love Roxane Gay. Her book of essays, Bad Feminist recently became a New York Times Bestseller, her tweets are personable and often hysterical, and despite stating that she is in no way a leader, Roxane Gay is giving a voice to the lingering doubts and questions we all sometimes have about feminism and what it means. Gay delivered a book so full of hope and spot on observations about feminism and how it intersects in day to day life, that it’s hard not to see her as an inspiration....more

How Living In Another Country Made Me A Patriot

At the ripe age of 19, only a year out of high school and into adult life, I married. He was my high school sweetheart and had enlisted in the military. Although we were desperately in love the long distance was killing us. After a particularly hard month for our relationship I got an envelope in the mail that said “open only when I call.”I waited for that phone call with such fear and anxiety that I can’t even explain. I assumed this was a massive break up and I was about to be dumped. When I answered his call on it’s first ring he asked “is it there?” I said “yes” in a quick breathless kind of way quickly followed by “what is it.” He was simple matter of fact “open it.” As I tore into the envelope he started talking about how I was his other half, friend, and soul mate. How he was in another country and all he could think was how much I would love it there with him. He had sweet anecdotes from our friends and silly stories of our early dating. I wish I could remember every word but I was completely shocked. I don’t even know how I said yes, just that I was sure that he was the one....more