Regina George Crowned Miss America

The newly crowned Miss America, Kira Kazantsev, is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. According to an article published on Jezebel, in 2013 Kazantsev was expelled from her sorority at Hofstra University due to abusive hazing....more

Why I Call Myself A Feminist (And You Should Too)

What a great post! Based on the definition of feminism in your post I would have to say that I ...more

Some People Aren’t Worth Mourning: What We Can Learn from the Life and Death of Joan Rivers

The outpouring of love for the late Joan Rivers comes as no surprise. She connected with every generation. What she didn’t do, however, is transcended generations. In fact, her road to success divided us—even after her passing. In my humble opinion this is a sickening testament to how antiquated our beliefs still are about a woman’s duty to be forever subordinate. ...more
@SherryIrishGold rootandharvest Thanks, Sherry. That one's been eating at me for too long.more

Catcalling : Why it's Not a Compliment

So I'm super excited to be writing to you today from the second ever F-Word Link-up with Marielle and I!  Last month went really well, and we LOVED reading through all of your amazing posts, so we're hoping that this month will be even better!...more

Why We Keep Getting Feminism Wrong

Why We Keep Getting Feminism Wrong  ...more

"Gaslighting" Is The Best Word I Ever Learned

File this one under feminism, guys.  Here I go. ...more

The Corner Of Ferguson And Freedom

.KWestSavali Black Women's "Bodies" on the Line: ...more

This Priceline Commercial is a Chauvinistic Piece of Crap

Who has seen this Priceline commercial? ...more

Have You Listened To THE MRS -- ENOUGH?

It’s well proven that if you repeat something often enough people will accept that “something” as a truth, even if it is actually a lie.Every day, all day, and from every corner imaginable, we are bombarded by media and a society that not only questions our worthiness, but demands that we constantly take measure of ourselves and our lives and question our worthiness too.Young, old, male, female, rich, poor, we are all expected to continually evaluate how close we are to being who we “need” to be –Are we doing enough?Are we achieving enough?...more

You Can (and Should) Set Relationship Boundaries

Recently, I was asked for advice from a beautiful twenty-something young woman who is helping me to rediscover fitness in my life. She needed some dating advice and I was flattered that she thought I could offer some helpful information to her. After all, it has been awhile since I was twenty-something....more
Boundaries help the relationship grow so you can learn about each other......great post.more