Are Women and Men wired differently?

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The Game of Thrones and Women

There has been a lot of heated debate regarding the ever popular television series called "Game of Thrones". According to some viewers the show is a blatant feminist project, devoid of empowered or respected women. As someone who has read numerous theory papers about feminism and where it originated from, placing so much emphasis on a television show is rather forced. However, I believe in giving an objective opinion and the only way to do this is by breaking down the narrative into sections. ...more

Paying For It: How Paypal Hurts Sex Workers

"In a sluggish economy, never, ever f*** with another man's livelihood." - Risky Business ...more

Ban Bossy? Or Help My Daughter Be the Boss?

I am a sucker for anything pro-women, much to my man's inner eye rolling. So when I heard about the new campaign to Ban Bossy being launched by female heavy hitters Sheryl Sandberg, Girl Scouts CEO Anna Maria Chávez and former secretary of state Condi Rice, I was all like, "Woo Hoo, you go girls! Where do I sign my fem-lovin' self up?" ...more

On-air: There By The Grace of G-d Go I!

There By The Grace of G-d Go I: Dangers of the unknown/undisclosed Self On-air, tonight! "There By The Grace of G-d Go I!" On the Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Show ...more

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Five Myths About Losing Your Virginity

The first time I had sex, there was no blood. It wasn’t painful, either. In fact, it was pretty damn fantastic, but I was super freaked out because, contrary to everything I’d ever heard about how my first time was going to go, my hymen didn’t break. When I told a friend, she told me that she had to have sex a couple times before hers broke. We tried a couple more times, and still nothing. Did something happen to me when I was younger that I didn’t remember? Was I a freak? To be honest, I was really scared. ...more
TerriLynnMerritts  The statement that 63% of women don't experience pain was based on an actual ...more

Today is My Birthday!

Today is the actual birthdate of the Fokker. Due to the place and time I was born, I am a Pisces not an Aquarius – but it was close. I have been stomping around planet earth for 42 years now and my skin is as loose as a Shar Pei’s in places. Seriously, this is what I look like when I sleep on my stomach: ...more
Happy, happy birthday!!! :-)more

The Art of Holding Back

Photo Credit: Craig GarnerLooking back, I'm not sure why I was so nervous....more