Can Fashion Be Feminist?


The Feminization of Bowe Bergdahl

Bergdahl was not a run-of-the-mill “deserter”. It turns out that Bowe Bergdahl was discharged from the Coast Guard because of questions about his mental fitness for military service, but was accepted into the Army in 2008 anyway....more

Shame and Misplaced Blame: The Problems With a Girls-Only Dress Code

There's an article going around the internet right now about a sixth grade girl's outfit. A mother published on Slate after her daughter was made to wear an oversized t-shirt because her (mighty cute, may I add) blue jean shorts didn't pass the school's dress code which stated that all shorts and skirts must reach fingertip length or longer. Who cares, right? Well, there's a big reason that you should: ...more
Second Floor Flat TheBlackTortoise Yes, boys should have a dress code, too.  I agree with you there.more

And why not the clitoris?

And why not the clitoris? A loyal reader steered me toward Sophia Wallace's "cliteracy" art, and I thought, what if, instead of a tiny pocket penis, women carried a tiny clitoris around -- not a real one, you understand, because we already do carry a real one around....more

Sorry, I Won't Be Bringing My Dick to the Table

Guess what "BRDTTT" stands for? You won't get it, so I'll tell you. Bring Your Dick to the Table. Apparently the artist—and I use that term loosely—believes women can keep these expensive little pet cocks in their pockets to grab on to when they lose confidence in, for example, themselves in a business situation with men. A whole inch and a half of penile self-confidence right in the palm of our small, feminine hands....more
TerriLynnMerritts Nope, that is not what men do with pocket pussies.more

Traditional Gender Roles, Romantic Preferences and Feminism

Originally posted on“My son, he wants a classic woman, but every one these days is a feminist.”...more

TIME TO RISE AS ONE (A Tribute to Maya Angelou)

  (This post was also written to Respond to the Female Dissenters to the #YesAllWomen Twitter Feed) To all of you people who are doing something to call attention to the experiences of women and the disparity between feminine and masculine—we applaud you, commend you, and join our voices with you....more

I Remind Myself Everyday That My Body Belongs to Me

I clearly remember the first time I realized that my body was being viewed sexually by my male peers. I was in middle school. I had hardly entered my teen years and I never walked out of my front door freely again....more
laurie Slowly, but surely I hope to see change. You have to be willing to deal with a lot of ...more

"He's Not the Sun": Cristina Yang and Barbara Walters' Last Message to Women about Having it All

Sandra Oh has left Grey's Anatomy, and frankly, now that she's gone, there is no other reason to watch the show. For me, she was the show, and for the past nine years, I only tuned in to watch how her character, Cristina Yang, would break yet another stereotype, yet another normative female behavior. And she never failed me....more
Tracy Gibb  You're right about that, Tracy. It's a challenge on both sides. Thanks for commenting.more

Weak Sisters

I've so had it with all this oppressive sexist bullshit. It is never ending....more
yes, we are freaking mad.  about so many freaking things!! just one of many:  ...more