Operation: June Cleaver

Sally Edelstein...more

When a Woman Chooses Not to Be a Feminist

When I was first introduced the idea of a woman who does not support feminism, I was baffled. Even now, it's difficult to control a knee-jerk reaction when I see it. Okay, fine. I wanted to say. No feminism for you means no rights or opportunities for you. Enjoy. ...more

MOM IS THE RULE: 5 Most Famous and Compelling Momisms

Most of the time mom’s just stays at home cooking meals, doing laundries, cleaning everyone’s mess and keeping all the things in clean and in order inside and outside the house, day till night. It’s always a 100% released energy everyday just to keep a family safe and sound. ...more

What Do You Think?

An interesting thing happened. A man told me that my life is easier because I am a woman. ...more

A 24 Hour Day?

I am a feminist.  Even though I may cringe at the word, there is no denying that I am a feminist....more

31 Days, 32 Revelations: Silent Sentinel

 Series Introduction...more

Let Me Fix That For You: A Dramaturge Explains What's Wrong With Patricia Arquette's Speech

In my former life, I was, among many other things, a dramaturge for young playwrights. In theater, a dramaturge is responsible for supporting the work of the playwright by doing research when necessary to ensure the play is historically and culturally correct. My job was to dig beyond the surface of the words to uncover deeper meanings and intentions. ...more
This is a great article!  I too was moved by Patricia and that moment with both Meryl and ...more

4 Small Steps Toward a Female President

The last time the Chicago Cubs won a World Series, women were still not allowed to vote. That privilege was still 12 years away. I know what you're thinking. The Cubs need to step up their game, and more importantly, America really dropped the ball on Women's Suffrage. All detritus aside, this past President's Day and upcoming Women's History Month, had me thinking about what I can do to help America feel more comfortable with the thought of a female President. ...more
jessc_traveler Thank you, and thanks for this article too. I shared it on twitter as well.more

Fighting for Simple Human Kindness

“Part of what’s different now is the existence of organized misogyny, with groups of men who are angry at feminism gathering under banners such as the Men’s Rights Movement…....more

Review: FC2 Female Condom

The biggest condom contender of my life came up when I was told that I needed to review the FC2, also known as the female condom. Throughout my many safer sex adventures, sad to say it's true-- I've never tried one before. And I was a little bit nervous....more