"He's Not the Sun": Cristina Yang and Barbara Walters' Last Message to Women about Having it All

Sandra Oh has left Grey's Anatomy, and frankly, now that she's gone, there is no other reason to watch the show. For me, she was the show, and for the past nine years, I only tuned in to watch how her character, Cristina Yang, would break yet another stereotype, yet another normative female behavior. And she never failed me....more
Tracy Gibb  You're right about that, Tracy. It's a challenge on both sides. Thanks for commenting.more

Weak Sisters

I've so had it with all this oppressive sexist bullshit. It is never ending....more
yes, we are freaking mad.  about so many freaking things!! just one of many:  ...more

Inspirational Experiences at the PBWC

Inspirational experiences are great career boosters. I am personally really fired up after attending the Professional Business Women of California conference in San Francisco yesterday (http://pbwcconference.org). Over five thousand participants seeking the same end goal, gender equality.  ...more

Note To Self: My Husband Is Not The Patriarchy

I'm angry. Right now.This isn't just any run-of-the-mill anger. It's the kind of seething anger that pops up every now and then without notice.It's anger without a reason.This might sound crazy, but I'll be perfectly happy one minute -- and then ten minutes later I'm fuming. It literally comes from no where. There's typically nothing that predicates it. It just happens.I try to get rid of it -- try to step away for a moment and breathe. The anger doesn't happen all the time. But it happens enough. And I become bitter and resentful for an entire evening....more
Shortly after our son was born, I started to feel this sense of angry injustice towards my ex. ...more

Vagenda Asks: Can We Take the Sexism Out of Headlines?

What would the world look like if headlines in tabloids stopped being critical and cruel and started reflecting the photos of women that they accompany? On Monday, the editors at Vagenda Magazine asked their readers to pitch in in the headline-editing effort. ...more
"Vagenda" complains about sexist headlines.  "Vagenda" ... the irony is delicious.more

Actor Andrew Garfield takes: A Stitch in Time

Actor Andrew Garfield takes: A Stitch in Time                              By  Dr. Nicki Monti -   I think its time for us to bring in our claws and figure out for ourselves what we mean when we say…well, whatever. ...more

Why 'Games for Women' Has Given Me Rage Face

I grew up with video games.  My family wasn't wealthy, but my two older brothers and I saved our pennies and my father agreed to pitch in so we could buy our first gaming system: a TI-99/4A.  Image Credit: Quagmire's Photos via Flickr I played Parsec, Hunt the Wumpus, and Alpiner with the best of them. As time passed, we continued to save our pennies so we could upgrade our game systems and purchase more games. ...more
Candy crush is really a interesting gamemore

Are Women and Men wired differently?

This is the substance of a blog posted a while ago in http://joannevalentinesimson.wordpress.com/...more

The Game of Thrones and Women

There has been a lot of heated debate regarding the ever popular television series called "Game of Thrones". According to some viewers the show is a blatant feminist project, devoid of empowered or respected women. As someone who has read numerous theory papers about feminism and where it originated from, placing so much emphasis on a television show is rather forced. However, I believe in giving an objective opinion and the only way to do this is by breaking down the narrative into sections. ...more

Paying For It: How Paypal Hurts Sex Workers

"In a sluggish economy, never, ever f*** with another man's livelihood." - Risky Business ...more