Day 20: True Feminine

I am giving a speech tomorrow.  Actually, I am reading someone else's speech tomorrow.  It's for my Toastmasters club.  I am working my way through the Interpretive Reading manual.  The Speech I am reading is Ursula Le Guin's 1983 commencement address at Mill's College in Oakland CA.  The title of the speech is "A Left-Handed Commencement Address."...more

Starting a Conversation on Feminism and Conservatism on Campus

Ten years ago, when a woman stepped on campus she found chapters of the National Organization for Women, Women's Studies departments and Women's Centers not open to supporting all women. That is partly why we founded the Network of enlightened Women, known as NeW, to serve as an alternative to campus feminism and provide a home for conservative women on campus....more

My Husband Won't Let Me Go Back to Work

Last night, my husband and I got into an argument. ...more
Ha! I used to say that myself!more

Screw the Beauty Standards Created by Marketing Teams

I was thrilled and honored to be selected for this interview originally posted at the fantastic new website Real Women's Bodies. I was given permission by the site owner and interviewer to repost the interview here as it appears on the site....more
Great interview! The perspective-switch letters idea is really intriguing, and we all need ...more

Don't Just Lean In, LEAP IN: Let Passion Be Your Guide to Life Choices

Less than a week after I brought my first baby home, after the post-birthing euphoria wore off, after all the relatives had cooed, cuddled, and given back the baby — I fell silently, like a deflating balloon, into a bout of despair....more

FYI an Open Letter to Mothers of Teenage Boys

Yesterday, one of our  friends posted this article, which is in itself an open letter to young girls everywhere that insist on taking scandalous selfies and plastering them on the internet. While we do acknowledge that the youth of today is becoming increasingly sexualized, what comes off as a caring and concerned voice of reason is really, upon further examination, slut- shamey and misogynist. And we don’t like that....more

No Sacred Cows

I’ve been at this blogger-activist thing less than a year, but I know I’ve said it more than once: I strongly believe we have to hold ourselves and our allies to the same standards we do our opponents. This means we can’t allow ourselves to place anyone on a pedestal where criticism can’t reach them, and we can't sweep bad behavior under the proverbial rug....more

Childfree Response to "Of Pleasure and Parenthood"

I call this "On pleasure and personhood -- the final word." Last year I was visiting my childhood friend, now a mother, when dinner time arrived. She squirted ketchup onto her daughter’s plate and then her son’s. And then mine. I looked at it. She immediately recognized her mistake and laughed. She knew I could squirt my own ketchup, she said, but she was just so used to doing it … she apologized (still laughing) for overstepping her role as “mother” by inadvertently mothering me. ...more
I'm late to the conversation, but I too feel uncomfortable defending my decision to not have ...more

Excuse Our French, but F*CK Feminism

by D.Z. Walker & C.C. Mendoza of Brown Mommy Media...more

Why We Got Arrested: Women and Immigration Reform

“There are more women than we thought.”...more
Congratulations for all women fighting for what they believe! You are a model for ...more