Shia LaBeouf's recent claim of sexual assault

If you've been hearing about Shia LaBeouf's behavior at all over the last few years, chances are you're aware of his #IAMSORRY event- a live art piece where the actor invited individuals from the public to spend time alone with him in a small room. During the piece, LaBeouf claims that a woman whipped his legs repeatedly, and then proceeded to sexually assault him. This has led to mixed reactions, from hostility and disgust, to compassion and heartache....more
Some of Shia's antics are off-putting. His claims of sexual assault do raise some interesting ...more

TIna Belcher: The Cartoon Girl Everyone Should Look Up To

In case you have never seen the show Bob's Burgers, the eldest daughter is Tina. Tina is a 13-14 year old girl who is awkward but still has self worth. As a 21 year old, I can often still relate to Tina and have taken advice from her life on the show. Tina is in love with Jimmy Jr, the rival resturaunt owner's son. However, she does not let this get in her way of being a "smart, strong, sensual woman." Though she is often used as being the awkward funny character, Tina has some admirable attributes....more

Sexual Objectification Of Women

About a year ago, I asked a friend of mine (a 19 year old female), to go out to a club with me. I was thinking we would go have a fun night of dancing, and a few drinks. She said no. When I asked why, she explained to me that she wouldn’t go out (to a club or bar) unless accompanied by her boyfriend, because she was afraid to be violated by other men while she’s out dancing. After thinking about it, I realized that this is not something I had put much thought into, but it happens all the time....more

Feminism Fridays: I am my own woman

Original image by Zack Roif ...more

Barbie Makes Women Appear Weak

  I loved her as a child. I wanted every doll and playset that Mattel produced, and I thought all of her different personas were beautiful and perfect. Barbie appeared to have her hands in all the metaphorical pots, being portrayed in a multitude of careers and roles. I doubt any woman could rival her list of achievements in a lifetime....more
rosheen And thus, it was blog worthy! Thanks for commenting! :)more

Fourth-Wave Feminism Can't Play Favorites

A few weeks past, news sources everywhere were aflutter with new information pertaining to the “Palin family brawl” that reportedly occurred at a party in September. Namely, leaked tapes of Bristol Palin’s teary description of an assault she endured that night at the hands of an unnamed man. In the recording, Bristol was heard giving a clearly upset, obscenity riddled explanation of the events that transpired to a police officer. She recounted how she was knocked to the ground, dragged by her feet and cursed at repeatedly by a male attacker....more

Why You Don’t Have to Be a Good Feminist, Just Be a Feminist

“Emma Watson is a good feminist.”  “Katy Perry is a bad feminist.”  “Beyonce is a good feminist.”  “Beyonce is a bad feminist.”...more
I, too, like peter pan collars and definitely consider myself a femenist. LOL!  Love this.more

Some Thoughts on Makeup and Feminism

I was never one to wear a lot of makeup, so I don't always read articles about makeup or beauty. But this one caught my attention today. Refinery29 published an article on "10 Ways to Find Feminism in Your Beauty Routine," and I really appreciate everything it has to say....more

Not All About That Bass: I Never Asked to See Your Ass…ets

Somewhere along the line, the world got the impression that I wanted to see its ass…ets. I’m not sure how it happened, perhaps it was how I stared, for just a bit too long, like a curious cocker spaniel, or by my somehow inadvertently conjuring all the corporeal spirits to this world, but there have been more than a few hands full of naked bits wagging in my face lately.And not the kind I want to see....more