Women Don’t Need Men, But Can We Admit We Want Them?

Comic by Tatsuya IshidaThis comic is sadly true....more
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Feminist.... as defined by me

What is a feminist? Dictionary.com definition:...more

Mothers, Uniqueness, and Sexual Freedom

A feminist: a woman who burns her satin bras and eats men for breakfast. A feminist: a raging liberal that protests for her rights. A feminist: a person who believes in equality between the sexes. Each of these stereotypes filled my head as I headed towards my first day of “Women’s Literature.” Over the course of the semester —filled with reading a great deal of novels, poetry, and short stories— I have finally realized what being a feminist means. Each written work I am studying  continually teaches me about the stereotypical female and her role in society....more

Being A Girl Is Hard

Being a girl is hard. It’s not just hard because as a girl, I bleed 5 days a month and my mood is regulated by my hormones but it’s from the day I realized I was born into a society that values men more than women; from the disappointed look on my father’s face for not having a son because to him, only sons, not daughters, are able to handle important matters in the family....more

breaking the silence on sexual abuse

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The Problem With Calling the Black Widow a Slut

You might have seen that Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner during a press junket responded to a question about Black Widow's romantic interests in Avengers: Age of Ultron (not saying who, SPOILERS, but it was brought up to them because in prior films it seemed like her interests were aimed at Captain America and Hawkeye) and both men joked that she's a slut, a whore, and she has a fake leg (which painted people with prosthetics as being something unattractive)....more
The "it's a jokemore

10 Empowering Quotes from Women in the World 2015

I was lucky to attend the sixth annual Women in the World Summit in New York City over the last few days. Words can’t quite capture the experience of being at an entire event wrapped around the narrative on issues affecting women from Washington to Uganda, discussing the setbacks and successes of the women’s movement. With the potential for a female to run as the next President of the United States, the event was even more empowering than previous years. ...more

I’m Muslim, But There's No Way My Husband Will Have a Second Wife

A lot of westerners have an image of a Muslim man as some rolley polley guy in a white maxi with a red scarf on his head married to several burqa-clad women who slave over him all day long. ...more
This was hilarious. And It showed an interesting positive other side. I have friends that are in ...more

Bechdel Test Your Writing

Have you heard of the Bechdel Test? Well this week we take on another Write Along Challenge by turning the Bechdel Test, normally used for movies, into a easy Writing Exercise for you writers. All we’re asking you to do is stop and consider your narrative, characters and how you tell stories. That's not too much to ask, right?...more

Being A blendy

I describe myself as a 'blendy'.I do not like rigid beliefs as it doesn't make any sense... unless of course I was the only person on this planet.   I'd not have anyone to 'compare' with.People do make mistakes and make no mistake I'm sure if you look at the 'most perfect' person in your world, you will find they have made some too.Hypocrisy - embrace your inner hypocrite and find new ways to tell people off.  Own your own mistakes.  Tooting your own horn as an example of how 'things should be done' isn't the way. ...more