BOOK REVIEW: Murder at Twin Oaks

In the first novella of the Victoria James Mystery series by C.Z. Brackett, we meet Victoria James, a reporter for the Bennettsville Herald, who, while investigating the story behind the murders of the town’s most influential couple, becomes the killer’s next target....more

Things You Don’t Get To Do When You’re In A Drunken Stupor

That’s right, being a drunk is fun, you get to meet all these great people at the bar. You hang out with them, you love them, they become part of your life. If you don’t see them, you miss them, more than the booze. I’m not an alcoholic for the beer, the bar is where my friends are. The people I love. The people that get me through good and bad times. The people that give me silly ideas, thoughtful comments and insight....more

A Novel Approach to Writing and Reading Fiction

I’ve never heard anyone say writing a novel was easy. The fact that so many aspiring authors have trouble completing the task gave Christine Smith and Jessie Kwak the brilliant idea to form Four Windows Books. ...more
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...just a writer

 I cannot keep it in any longer or something is gonna blow! You see, there it is right there. There’s your proof. I’m so fired up I even used an ! and of all the punctuation marks in the universe ! would be my least favourite. ...more

Nobody But Us

“You know,” I began as I fed her another spoonful of Haagen Dazs, “I never thought I’d date a girl who’s into tentacle porn.”“Fuck off. It was a phase, okay?” She elbowed me in the ribs and brushed a lock of Mahogany hair away from her eyes.I shrugged. “It’s okay, I’m into some weird shit too.”Her eyes lit up. “Shit like what?”“Shit that I’m not dumb enough to share on a first date.” I scooped up the remaining bit of melted ice cream and pushed it into her mouth.“A last date, too.” She glared at me. “You’re much better as a friend.”...more

Ben's New Beginning

 Photo Left - ©Google Search...more

Cliff Hanger

My Writing Process

On Friday, I was tagged by Annabelle Hazard of Written by the Finger of God to share with you my writing process. Me. Cristina. My writing process. Let me process that for a second (can you hear me squealing with delight?) Then I thought, crap. What is my writing process? Thank goodness I had the weekend to think about this. So, I winged up some prayers to my writing partner, ...more


It's Friday and time for Friday Fictioneers to spin their tales of 100 words.   I look eagerly for the photo prompt each week.  Will it inspire a masterpiece from me or will it stump me?  It's always a challenge.  Our host is Rochelle Wisoff-Fields...more


It’s Friday and time for fiction of 100 words, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-FieldsI'm a dream girl but not much into fantasy, but I thought it's time I spread my wings and fly a little.  Everything is possible. ...more