Wicked Good - Chapter Twenty-two

 Chapter Twenty-two             Archer loved to drive, listen to the radio, sing and wiggle in her seat. To her ears, she was in tune. But as Wayne liked to remind her, she was off-key. So when she was alone, she sang. Loud and proud. And to herself, she was perfectly in tune....more

Honeymoon Surprise

Water gives life. It also takes it away. Write a short piece – fiction or non-fiction – inspired by one or both of these statements in 600 words. She was drowning. Hot watery spray sluiced down her skin, creating rivers where his tongue traced her body....more

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Reading them in order gives a more ...more

Wicked Good - Chapter Twenty

Chapter Twenty Archer put the tall vodka bottle on the counter of the Mobil To Go. “Isn’t it a little early? It’s not even two yet.” Connie scanned the bottle and put it in a bag. “You just missed Rory and Trish.” “They were here?” “Rory bought chips, drinks, another gas can. I don’t know what he does with all of them. Maybe he’s starting his own business selling gas cans.” “Did they say where they were going?”...more

Wicked Good - Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Seventeen Archer’s client was a woman from Hampden, Maine. After months of stalling, her soon-to-be-ex and his lawyer had finally provided Archer with a box of financial documents. Every document was cut in half. Archer had filed a motion seeking to hold the husband in contempt for his failure to abide by the court rules. The hearing was set in front of Alan Murphy, the Judge who had presided over her divorce....more

Wicked Good - Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Sixteen The morning sun streamed through the window.  Archer tried to bring the events of the last few hours into focus.  They had been in her bed and she had told Rory about his birth parents and The Perfect Storm. She recalled his outrage, her fear, his fist against her eye. And then the slam of the front door....more

Wicked Good - Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen Archer’s bedroom door rattled. The deadbolts were secure, three gold titanium locks slid into place. Rory had installed the deadbolts on both their bedroom doors as a mother’s day gift to protect them from intruders.  It had become unclear who they were shutting out. When her door wouldn’t open, Rory quietly called: “Mom?”...more

Wicked Good - Thanks for reading our novel

Dear Reader, ...more

Wicked Good - Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven Archer pulled into the parking lot of the Mobil To Go, knowing Rory would be there. His home away from home. She didn’t know where Wayne had gone and certainly did not care....more

Wicked Good - Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten             With only one day of his suspension left, Archer sat in her living room, looking at the letterhead of the heavy linen paper in her hands, running her fingers over the raised seal and reading it again. The Office of Judicial Appointment invites you to interview with the Governor’s Judicial Selection Committee on Friday at three o’clock.  In one week, she would be interviewed to be a Judge. She smiled, feeling surprisingly pleased. She had worked hard. It was a long time coming....more

Wicked Good - Chapter Eight

 Chapter Eight Archer had made the drive to Bangor General many times. She remembered at least seven. Four to the emergency room—three lawn mower related accidents, one a sledding mishap. Rory was lucky to have all of his fingers. Plus three trips to the psychiatric wing. The first time, he was eight years old. The last, he was twelve. As she drove, she tried Wayne’s cell.  No answer. She wondered if he had forgotten to charge his phone again....more