Wicked Good - the final cover!

Please look at our blog at www.wickedgoodthebook.blogspot.com for our final cover. Let us know what you think.Thanks!Amy and Joannewww.wickedgoodthebook.blogspot.comamyandjoanne@gmail.com...more

Wicked Good - Cover Art Part 4 - we have found our cover!

We have spoken with our publisher and they approve of the cover our brother, Warren, has designed for our novel, Wicked Good. Please go to our blog at www.wickedgoodthebook.blogspot.com to check it out. Thanks. Amy and Joannewww.wickedgoodthebook.blogspot.comjtawnylewis@gmail.com...more

Wicked Good - Cover Art Part 3 - the search for the perfect cover continues...

  We heard from our publisher this morning. They like the photo we've chosen to be on the cover of Wicked Good but are having a hard time blending the brown grass with the green of the trees. They're working on it. We'll post the cover as soon as we get it. To see the photo, go to our blog at www.wickedgoodthebook.blogspot.com. Enjoy the moon tonight. JoAmy and Joannewww.wickedgoodthebook.blogspot.comjtawnylewis@gmail.com...more

Wicked Good - Cover Art Part 2

Our publisher presented another cover to us but we still didn't like it. We realized that while in Wicked Good the willow represents being strong - bending but not breaking - as an image it is kind of creepy. Amy said: "why don't we put a boy on the cover? I look at every book with a boy on the cover." Since Amy represents the demographic that would most likely read Wicked Good, I agreed. I then went searching on the Internet for a photo of a mother and a boy that I could show our publisher as an example of what we thought would make a good cover image....more

Wicked Good - Cover Art

We received the first two proposals for the cover of Wicked Good from our publisher. None of us care for it but it's a start. It makes me think of a ghost story, not the story of a mother and her son with aspergers syndrome. Back to the drawing board! To see the photos, go to www.wickedgoodthebook.blogspot.com. Amy and Joannewww.wickedgoodthebook.blogspot.comjtawnylewis@gmail.com...more

Wicked Good - Kill Your Darlings

     Not much to report yet on the publishing of Wicked Good. It is in the editing stage. It will be interesting to see what changes Trestle Press think are necessary. I've been writing since I was about 10 years old (it all began with a book on the weather that I covered in wallpaper which was placed in my elementary school library) and one of the most popular writing rule has always been:     Kill Your Darlings. ...more

Wicked Good - Chapter Twenty-four

Chapter Twenty-four Archer hadn’t expected the Gloucester Police Department to be so modern. It’s brick and glass structure stood conspicuously among the neglected storefronts and homes she had passed since exiting Route 128. Its design was likely intended to instill confidence in Gloucester’s law enforcement personnel and assurance to the community. Archer felt little of that confidence as she passed The Policeman’s Prayer and entered the building. She approached the officer encased behind thick, smoky glass; wishing there was a prayer for Rory. ...more

Wicked Good - Chapter Twenty-three

Chapter Twenty-three The exit into Gloucester off Route 128 twirled like a breeching tarpon. When Archer was growing up her only awareness of Gloucester was the image of a fisherman in a yellow rain coat selling fish sticks. She never ate frozen fish sticks. She blamed it on her mother who never served them. Archer came from a long line of fish haters.  Her line preferred cow....more

Wicked Good - Chapter Twenty-two

 Chapter Twenty-two             Archer loved to drive, listen to the radio, sing and wiggle in her seat. To her ears, she was in tune. But as Wayne liked to remind her, she was off-key. So when she was alone, she sang. Loud and proud. And to herself, she was perfectly in tune....more