There are two new books hot off the press. The are awesome reads. You can get them on and Kindle. You are going to LOVE these books. The sequels are coming for both books. Here is a teaser about each book.Lost and Found ForverChase Donaldson is on his way to propose to the love of his life, Asher Germaine, when a thirtysecond news bulletin changes his life forever. The family business is severely compromised whenhis father, Chad Donaldson, is killed in a car accident in the company of a woman from the...more

On the problems of writing fiction

When it comes to my own writing, I would have to say that my favourite style - the type of writing I most enjoy doing, the one that seems to "fit" me best - is creative non-fiction. That said, I've always been a little (no, a LOT) envious of people who have the ability to write fiction, and have often wished a little wistfully that I had that particular gift myself. ...more
ksmueller Thank you for understanding... kind of glad I'm not alone! :)more

Video Killed the Radio Star

Margaret Brandwick-Kearns09:50 – 12 Nov 2012 UTC-7Submitted by: Lt. Joseph Carmichael The following is a transcript of my interview with Margaret Foley Brandwick-Kearns, female, Age 43. Resident of Young America, Michigan.  Occupation: UnemployedMs. Brandwick has come in voluntarily to answer questions about a video that Mrs. Robin Okwandi, wife of Romeo Okwandi, PhD student at UP State. Mrs. Okwandi received the video, as well as a note in the mail yesterday. The note and video have been submitted to evidence....more

A Borrowed Identity to Fill the Silence.


Walter shifted in his seat and leaned in closer, so Rusty could hear when he spoke under his breath.“We have a situation.”“I’ll say, “his brother smiled, his dazzling whites shining as he looked around the room, “you were supposed to break her.”Walter shook his head, “I couldn’t, I just – I had to be three sheets to the wind to even think about going down there.”Rusty shook his head in disgust. “It’s the only way, brother.”...more

Before The Fall

Margie shifted in her seat as she sat waiting for her supervisor, Bob Siwarski, to finish making his notes.  He always made her wait, come in….sit down, and just … wait.  This time she was prepared with her questions.  As a data analyst in the Department of Health, it was her job to create and pull reports for all sorts of purposes.  Several weeks ago she assisted the medical school with some accreditation review they were preparing for, and she happened to notice some strange trends in the patient data.  The head Epidemiologist refused to see her, so she decided to...more

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Black Cat Book ReviewToday instead of doing a review I am going tell youjust a little about some books I have recently read.The Maid’s Version by Daniel Woodrell...more

Adventures in Self-Publishing

Well yesterday I finally crossed the finish line and put the last of my books up there on the cybershelf, which constitutes the end of a path that I’ve been on for thirty-five years; and because I myself always yearn for enlightenment on the subject of publishing, I’m hoping that at this point in my adventures there might be some among you who’d benefit from hearing about them, as well as some who might have some invaluable comments or tips for yours truly....more

The Last Supper

Daily Prompt: Eat, Drink, and Be Merry……for tomorrow we die. The world is ending tomorrow! Tell us about your last dinner — the food, your dining companions, the setting, the conversation.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...more