Finding The Truth in Fiction

When I write fiction, I look for truths not yet revealed.  Not always about deeds committed or intended,  some truths are simply revelations a character will have, often about his own soul.  Today I take specific examples from the pieces in my story collection, All The Roads That Lead From Home, to illustrate what I mean....more

A Requiem: "The Book of Jonas"

When you pick up Stephen Dau's debut novel The Book of Jonas, I urge to set aside a good chunk of time to read it. I don't say that because it's a long book or one that is is difficult to read, but because if you are anything like me, you will not appreciate life interrupting your time with this novel. I found Dau's sparse prose and Jonas's story to be utterly engrossing....more
I look forward to reading it~ I'm waiting for UPS to deliver my copy~more

Stop Telling Me What to Read!

Why the HELL do we even care what people do or do not read?" Seriously. Why is this important to so many people? It seems that at least once a month, there's some new article (50 percent of which feature Jonathan Franzen bloviating about his supposed superiority) asserting that we should read X, that we should not read Y and that "serious readers*" would most definitely should not read Z. ...more
My criteria for what books I read?  That it's well written and the story grabs me right out of ...more

Gypsy: A Fai-Re-Tale

 They say she danced from her mother’s womb. They say her first yelps were a song to the ear. They say she was born with the pulsing rhythm of her heart glowing red beneath her golden skin. ...more
Beautiful! I'm glad she found her voice again :)more

And The Winner Is...

I heard some chatter about NPR's Three Minute Fiction Contest and decided to check it out.  Basically this is a challenge from NPR's "All Things Considered" to its listeners to submit a piece of original fiction which can be read in three minutes or less. The word count is limited to 600 or less.  This the eighth round of this contest.  The deadline for this one is midnight Eastern Time on March 25 (Sunday)....more

WTE #10 & #11

So, I didn't have chance to cross-post yesterday's blog, but I did write it.So here are yesterday's and today's.  And, as you can see, I did get diarrhea of the brain and will spill over into a third posting with this story, but it's fun.  And, I am getting the writing exercise that I need.  The creative juices they can still flow... ...more

Writer's Toolbox Exercise #9

What I am doing this month... ...more

Writer's Toolbox Exercise #8

What I am doing in case you haven't been following my blog this month...These are the Sixth Sense cards I pulled tonight... hmmm......more

Writer's Toolbox Exercise #7

No time to repost here tonight with only 10 minutes left to get my post in.Please follow the original post on my blog:, and please leave comments.  I'd love to know if you're enjoying it, hating it, want more, want less, don't care... anything... Enjoy!...more

Writer's Toolbox Exercise #6

What I'm doing...The Story Part One.The Story Part Two.With that statement, Leora knew she was in for a long night.---...more