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Vacation and Re-examining My Priorities

So I just have to blog about this or it's going to drive me insane. I don't feel like I really have anyone to unload this on because, well, I feel stupid and I know a lot of people I'm friends with (not to mention family!) would shake their heads with the "I told you so" look. And yes, I know. And yes I know I'm a fucking idiot. I'm just realizing now, as well, how selfish I am and that's the embarrassing part. Well, that and spending ridiculous amounts of money on something after I'd finally gotten my finances back in order....more

5 Ways to Create and Plan a Realistic Budget

A budget can help you achieve your financial goals, avoid getting into debt, and even identify problems in your spending habits. We all know having one is important, yet 57 per cent of households don't have one. Read on to learn how you can buck the trend and establish a budget you can stick to....more

Five Steps to Put Your Money Where Your Values Are

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I have become a stay at home mom recently.  Now every purchase in my house has come under scrutiny.  I chose to stay home so I knew I had to tighten my spending to make our ends meet.  In just over a month I have managed to rack up about $1000.00 in credit card bills. Mind you not alone, my husband has added to that, automobile gas, trips to the hardware store....more

Anyone can become a billionaire says best-selling author

  Author, business and family man, Scot Anderson, Executive Pastor of Living Word Bible Church in Mesa, AZ, believes that anyone has the potential to become wealthy. Not only wealthy, but a billionaire....more

BillGuard is Personal Finance Security

If I had a dime for every time I’ve been asked, “How do I protect my credit card number?” I’d be living on my own island in the Pacific. My response has always been, “Use your card whenever and wherever and don’t worry about it, but pay close attention to your statements,” because that’s really all you can do. But due to most people not carefully checking their statements, my sage advice has fallen on deaf ears....more

My Financial Philosophy

Instead of creating a financial plan for 2013 I decided it would be more productive to develop my financial philosophy. Withso much in the air it is hard to make a plan to save X amount. So without further ado:I believe that personal finance is extremely personal. I believe in spending less than I earn. ...more

How eBay Helped Us Buy Our Home

You know the saying “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure?” Well, for me, the saying should go “One family’s junk that is sold on eBay makes for a nice contribution to a house down payment.”...more
@Darcie True! But then he's always wanting to buy stuff we don't need, hah.more