Money Can't Buy Me Love

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Getting Your Life in Order: One Step At a Time

Life comes at you quickly with various activities and often times before you know it, your life is a mess. Being that busy is a blessing because it keeps you busy but it can often leave you with a list of things to do that looks more like a book rather than a list. Keeping an organized life organized is an easy task, but keeping a rather messy life from getting messier is where the challenge comes in. This will highlight some tips that will help you get your life in order, this is a process but it all happens one step at a time.Write It Down!...more

Living Together? It May Be Time to Have ‘the Talk’

We’ve all had awkward conversations that make us cringe to this day. What about when you staged that intervention with your roommate about the dirty-dishes situation or had to tell your friend that attending classes would actually help her get good grades?I have another awkward conversation for you: You’re living with your significant other, and things are going great. You both love each other, but you’re not ready for marriage. Maybe you’ve only been dating for a year, or maybe you’re just not sure whether you can truly commit to a lifetime relationship....more

It's Today Not Tomorrow - Living In The Moment

Lately, I keep finding myself thinking about, trying to plan or let's just face it, worrying about the future. And today, I realized I need to just stop. That's right - just stop. Focus on the moment, not the moment tomorrow, not the moment 5 minutes from now, but the moment now - this moment that I'm currently living....more

Debit Card Dangers: How to Protect Yourself

Debit cards are a nice convenience to use, but they are also a big moneymaker for banks. For example, if you unintentionally let your balance get too low, each debit that comes through will bounce. With fees as high as $34 per bounce, this can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars in a matter of seconds. So for example, if you forgot to track a few debits and a large check went through, many banks will honor the large check and then bounce all the debits, even debits as small as $2. Here are some ways to avoid the banks stealing your hard-earned money:...more

I'm Saving Money with a No Spend Challenge

Thanks to the inspiration of The Budget Mama I have decided to take an oath to not spend outside of a strict budget for the whole month of March. The way a no spend challenge works is you don't spend any money on anything that is a non-essential. You still pay your bills, still buy groceries, you just go a month without all of the luxuries and extras. ...more
I would join except that this challenge is actually how I must live every month, no choice ...more

Negotiate Credit Card Fees Like a Banker

Have you ever gotten that dreaded notice? You know, the one that reads something to the tune of:“Dear Ms. _________, we have not received your payment for your credit card this month. A late payment of $25 has been charged to your account as a late fee. Please send in your payment plus the late fee promptly.”If you’re like me, those notices make my heart sink. I feel like I’ve just donated $25 to a cause I didn’t want to participate in.I had not seen one of those notices in a long, long time (in my college days, I saw them far more often than I’d like to admit to).Until yesterday.    {Sigh}Credit image:  Missus Martian on Flickr ...more

Planning Essentials for New and Expecting Parents

The decision to start a family is one of the biggest and most important choices you’ll ever make. It’s usually accompanied by joy, stress, excitement, and an array of questions surrounding your physical and financial house. As new parents, not only will you be faced with a list of items and products to purchase and compare, but you’ll also need to ensure you have a plan in place that addresses your spending, your estate, and your insurance coverage to ensure that your new family is taken care of....more

Your Money Makeover in 4 Easy Steps

Need to rejuvenate your financial life? Maybe it’s time for a money makeover....more

The Money Ritual That Every Woman Should Start

Do you know when it’s time to get a fashion makeover? If you’re like most people, that’s a hard call. I mean, you have to take a good look at yourself, admit that something is wrong with your clothes, style, or makeup, and then tell yourself that you’re better than this. Then comes the hard part. You actually have to do something about it. You have to book that appointment for a day at the MAC counter, get that expensive salon cut, donate some clothes to charity and buy some new ones (on sale, of course), or invest in those long awaited braces....more
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