My Husband is a Federal Employee: How the Government Shutdown Affects Our Family

It's been a bit hazy these past few days. A lot of it due to the lack of sleep. A teething baby will do that. Combined with the Breaking Bad finale, and the pursuant discussion with friends that somehow wound into the wee hours of the night. And part of it has been this government shutdown. Refreshing the browser. Dusting off the old twitter. Watching. Wondering. Waiting. ...more
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Will the REAL Millionaire Please Stand Up!


The Hidden Costs of Blogging and Rarely Discussed Money-Saving Measures

So, let's talk cold, hard cash: how much does it really cost you to blog once you factor in the necessary (computer), the wanted (pretty blog design), and the reality (nothing is free: when you're taking time to blog, you're taking time away from something else).  Blogging can quickly become a very expensive hobby. ...more
I am blogging for free but I am using a website builder Ucoz. They have an upgrade option and I ...more

Take Action Now to Improve Your Business' Financial Health

 It is magnificent to take action to improve the financial health of your business. Everyone has heard stories about celebrities, athletes or trust fund babies who have lost millions of dollars due to their inability to have a clear understanding of their financial condition. This also happens in the business context. I have often been amazed at how many of my business clients have no idea what is the financial condition of their businesses. I ask them for sales figures or about their receivables and payables aging and I am given blank stares in response....more

4 Financial Planning Tips for Young Independent Women

From the hit HBO series “Girls” to Marissa Mayer’s takeover as CEO at Yahoo, and even Beyonce’s heavily viewed documentary “Life Is But A Dream” it’s pretty clear that it’s the ladies who truly run the world. But while I applaud young professional women on their way up the ladder to the glass ceiling, I have a few major words of advice to pass along when it comes to making sound financial decisions – tips that can serve these ladies well into the future for a long time to come!...more

Financial Tips For Freelance Writers

Working as a freelancer is a lot different than having a traditional W2 job in the sense that you have to find your own work, your pay may not be very consistent, and you will at least be more aware of what you pay in taxes because nothing is taken you – you pay it all. Luckily, there are some tips that you can keep in mind to ensure that you can get the most out of your career as a freelance writer.Keep your taxes in order...more

Thrilling Thursday - Business Planning Part 4 of 5 Finances

Thrilling Thursday - it is thrilling to develop a plan for business success....more

My Friends Are Cutting Into The Family Budget!

Dear Mouthy Housewives, My husband and I love to go out with our couple friends, but the bill always gets out of control. We are on a serious budget and can't afford to blow so much money when we go out. How do we keep the bill down without seeming like buzz kills? Or do we just have to stay home and fire up the ole DVR? Signed,Pinching Penny __________________________________...more
Definitely just acknowledge that you are cutting down on your expenses.  If they are your true ...more

3 Free Smartphone Apps to Make Women the Masters of Their Financial Domain

Bad news for the gender gap. Women are less confident about finances than our male counterparts, according to a Financial Finesse report published this year. In fact we’re less confident about pretty much everything finance-related. Here are a few key findings of the survey:...more

Fair vs. Equal

I came across this post on The Minimalist Mom's blog, and being opinionated - wanted to rant a bit about it!The premise of this post is that 'Fair is not always equal', which I agree with COMPLETELY! She does, however, go on to use a few examples that I would argue are still not 'fair', but maybe that's just me......more