The Tax & Financial Implications of Returning To Work

While the majority of women today enter the workforce at some point in their lives, the birth of a child often causes a woman to rethink her career, at least on a temporary basis. Among other concerns, a new mother often must weigh relevant financial concerns, including not only overall household income, but also the costs of daycare, taxes, and other job-related expenses....more

Tax Time: What Bloggers Need to Know

At the Healthy Living Summit, after I gave my talk about making money from blogging, I got a couple of questions that I had to dodge. But I knew I couldn't outrun them for long! Instead of trying to fumble through the issue myself, I called in an expert. ...more
As someone who has run a business for 26 years, my advice is hire a good accountant. Clip ...more

A Job is Not Just a Paycheck (And Other Observations of Employment)

I still don't have a day job. It's been just over six months since my boss decided he couldn't afford to keep me. And since I don't publicly vent, that's all you get on that subject.I've been unemployed before. I'm a legal secretary. A licensed insurance agent. I've worked for large corporations and sole practitioners. I'm excellent at sales, customer service, administrative duties and, no surprise, communications.But I can't seem to find a job. So I'm praying for income. Which is not the same thing....more

Financial Tune-up

     The New Year brings lots of opportunity for improvement. We all wish we could do better, or more, or make improvements in our lives. Often the basis for the ability to do more where it relates to those things that are needed in our lives, or are a part of a dream for the future may be tied to our finances. Either we don't have enough, or what we have is not stretching as far as we would like. At the root of this problem is a budget....more


Anger was the first thing that set in, then sadness and frustration, and finally acceptance for the scam. I know that I have been fooled. Thoughts of revenge originally set in, IP address, reverse information look up, flooding emails, and etc. came running through my mind....more

Smart Scholarship Searching!

Hi! I am lucky enough to have secured enough scholarships to attend Harvard College for as close to free as it gets, so please check out my scholarship hunting tips and tricks HERE. It is such a pity when finances prevent education, or when students leave college with loads of debt. Let's break the cycle! Please pack this post on to anyone with kids in 9th grade or above - trust me, that's not too early! <3 Living, Learning, Eating...more

Lessons Learned

When our kids were small we bought our first home, a 1256 square ft house in the middle of town, neighbors were within an arms reach.  With that small house there was an exceptionally small mortgage. Our family of five was bursting the seams of that little house, we longed for privacy from our neighbors, rooms for each child. A home that would accomodate our extended family during holidays and so we sold the little house, bought property on the outskirts of town and built the house where we currently dwell.  ...more
You are among millions who did the same thing. The term I like regarding relooking at our ...more

Who Let in the Joneses

Please read if you have a minute.  Hoped you all could help "Sandra" with any advice I may have missed.  All my best!!!

5 Steps for Using an Egg Timer to Improve your Financial Health

If you find yourself feeling totally overwhelmed when it comes to the thought of organizing your personal finances, then fear no more because this post is being written just for you....more

I Neglect You

   For that, I'm sorry. ...more