Lessons Learned

When our kids were small we bought our first home, a 1256 square ft house in the middle of town, neighbors were within an arms reach.  With that small house there was an exceptionally small mortgage. Our family of five was bursting the seams of that little house, we longed for privacy from our neighbors, rooms for each child. A home that would accomodate our extended family during holidays and so we sold the little house, bought property on the outskirts of town and built the house where we currently dwell.  ...more
You are among millions who did the same thing. The term I like regarding relooking at our ...more

Who Let in the Joneses

Please read if you have a minute.  Hoped you all could help "Sandra" with any advice I may have missed.  All my best!!!http://www.claytonpaulthomas.com...more

5 Steps for Using an Egg Timer to Improve your Financial Health

If you find yourself feeling totally overwhelmed when it comes to the thought of organizing your personal finances, then fear no more because this post is being written just for you....more

I Neglect You

   For that, I'm sorry. ...more

Social Security: I Knew I Was Screwed, But What About My Parents?

I'm 37. I made peace with the fact there would be no Social Security payments for me when I retired a long, long time ago. But I never thought about it running out on my parents, who -- unlike me -- didn't realize how screwed they were during their "prime earning years." (cough -- raise your hand if your family nets the same now as you did in 2000) ...more

I used to save a ton before I had my daughter. I only have one child, and the unexpected costs ...more

Making money from home?

I have come across various ways to earn money online and as a college student I am usually interested enough to check it out. Recently I was introduced to a site called Varolo (http://www.varolo.com/village/sun_shine_bright_blue) in which the site claims that you can make money by watching and rating advertisements. I have looked around online and most people say that it is possible to make money but you have to invite friends and hope that those friends invite their friends. On top of it all you have to hope that all these friends actually use the website....more

A Place to Hang Your Hat

My husband and I recently bought one of those folksy, old-fashioned signs to put on a shelf in the kitchen.  Even though our grandsons are only 15 months old, we’re totally optimistic about their reading ability:...more

My midlife sabbatical: DAY 1

Why start writing today? Because -  right now - I’m about to take a huge risk and hopefully change the course of my life. I just quit my job to take what I'm calling a midlife sabbatical. I'm veering off the planned  "path" that Corporate America sucks you into. And I'm scared. So why did I quit? I'm burnt out, work-wise. My husband had open-heart surgery eight months ago and I decided life is just too short to stay on the same path that is no longer making me happy. The balance of life turned on me in some way....more

So glad to read your post. I just posted about the same thing! Your post makes me feel less ...more


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10 Minutes Toward Financial Peace of Mind

We all know that the way to build wealth is to consistently save and “pay yourself first” — making sure to salt away some savings every month.Now, I’m no financial planner, so I’m just talking here about logistics. It seems to me  that a lot of us want to invest but the biggest hurdle is putting the plan in place. So whether it’s $50 a month, $500 or $5000, the trick is setting up the system to automatically invest it....more