Workout Wednesday: 10 Minute Circuits

Good morning! Spring has sprung and the weather has been beautiful this week! I have been trying to get outside with clients or on my free time as much as possible. Gotta love some Vitamin D from the sunshine!It has been a very busy week packed with clients and appointments and I have been scraping for some time to exercise myself. Back-to-back appointments all day can make it a little tough to find a good chunk of time to get a decent workout done....more

Exercise my Demons

Oh, Mandelynn...http//

Nurturing Your Wrists During Exercise

It's a common feeling, I think everyone has experienced this at some point during their practice, the god awful: Wrist pain....more

5 Tips to Get You Through Your First Barre Class

I've been wanting to try a Barre class for a while because there is something about that ballet barre that speaks to my inner ballerina. I imagine myself, long and lean with my hair in a tight bun, stretching gracefully over my pointed toes. Maybe spontaneously leaping into the air... That's not quite how it went down, but it was fun and it definitely kicked my booty. ...more
Yes! Everyone needs to take one once!more

Positive Evolution

I won’t give you some enduring sob story about how or why I let things get to this point. The long and short of it is that here I am, nearly 36 years old and battling a slew of health problems. My doctor, my neurologist and my pulmonologist all told me the same thing: significant weight loss would alleviate my condition....more

National Cereal Day

Happy National Cereal Day!Growing up we always had multiple cereal options in our pantry. We would snack on cereal while watching TV at night. It would be a trade off between cereal or bowls of ice cream that we would stir into “soup”. Anyone else do this? We would more often than not have the gallon tub of deans ice cream in our freezer. Oh to be a kid again....more

100 Days of Active

If you’ve been following the blog for any length of time, then you’ll remember my failed attempt at 100 Days of Active last year. Last year, the idea was to be active everyday in the days leading up to my birthday.Well, it didn’t happen. I tried. But not hard enough.So, I’m bringing it back. For no other reason than to give me a good goal, and something to keep me moving....more

This is Why I Am Not a Runner

Throughout the course of this horrible, crappy, no good ordeal, I have been getting advice from people to “take care of myself”.I assume this means to get decent amounts of sleep, eat well, take time to de-stress and avoid smoking crack, popping pills, and eating too many cake balls.So, in an effort to “take care of myself”, I decided a good way to do so would be to stay (or in my case, get) active and relieve some of my stress using exercise....more

Fitness Class Accessibility: Which is better ClassPass or Fitmob?

Note: I was not paid or offered any goods or services in exchange for this review. I opted to take advantage of introductory month offers at both ClassPass and Fitmob and decided to share my review here. I love a good workout class. Whether it is boot camp, barre, spinning, yoga, or something different, there is always something about a fitness class that is good for motivating me not only to actually show up to workout but also to challenge me to work muscles I wouldn't normally work if left to my own devices. And there is always something so satisfying about that perfect level of soreness you experience when you got a good workout in. I'm not talking about a debilitating level of soreness but rather that soreness that says "you rocked your workout yesterday and you are on your way to increased strength and stamina!"Workout classes are also great for staving off boredom and allowing you to be flexible in your training. Feeling a little sore after an intense long run? A yoga class might be just the thing you need. Or feeling like you've been too heavy on the cardio? Maybe it's time to throw in a kettle bell class or a boot camp. But seeking out different classes can be a challenge because different classes are usually at different studios with different fee structures. It can get expensive if you want to engage in different workouts at different studios each week. It doesn't usually make sense to take on a package at any particular studio and paying a la carte and spending around $20 per session can bust anybody's budget.  But now there are two new products on the market that make working out at multiple studios a breeze: ClassPass and Fitmob.  ...more