The beauty of female athletes

My, but I like this. Even though my hair is actually a bit of a mess when I train. Right, Becky? :) Truth is, all athletes (male or female) is different, and we all look different. And you know what? When we're out there doing our thing and pushing ourselves past our limits, we are ALL beautiful. Period....more

To train and to inspire

Today was a good day. Eldest, Middle Daughter and I competed in Battle Zone 2016, the tournament our dojo organizes every year. It was well attended, which meant we had pretty tough divisions to compete in. Eldest did very well in kata and got second. She fought well but did not place in sparring....more


I had briefly heard about the November Project a couple years ago. I didn’t know much about it, but I knew that a group of people got together to run the Glenora stairs at a time unimaginable to me to be awake at, nevermind working out at. It was the most absurd thing I heard of, who willingly wakes up to work out at six in the morning?!...more

Why do we doubt ourselves?

It’s weird how it happens sometimes. You feel great and train hard and things are improving and you feel like, yeah, that’s me right there, fighting like I belong in a ring. And then for no reason at all, suddenly you feel like a giant fraud. You have no business being there. You’re an imposter. You don’t belong. You might as well give up and take up crochet because maybe there at least you wouldn’t suck so bad....more

My 41st Birthday

I had a big celebration when I turned 40 last year. The Chief watched the kids while I took off for an extended weekend trip to Montreal with two dear friends. I was forty and it was fabulous fun!There wasn't as much pomp and circumstance for 41, but every year older is a blessing and I enjoyed a lovely celebration with my family on the beach....more

Start Running: By Jen Oliak

It wasn’t until after I had 2 kids when I really fell in love with running. Even after I decided to start running, it took a while for me to get comfortable. But now, it is a part of who I am. I feel strange if I go more than a couple of days without going for a run....more

How to make a geek fit

For those of you not living North of the Wall; winter is not coming....more


I’ve tried running for exercise, for the ease of being able to do it anywhere, for the health benefits and mostly in search of the elusive runner’s high. The only problem is the brick wall blocking the running ability in my brain. ...more

My First Spartan of the good, the bad, and the surprising

Last weekend I completed the Monterrey Spartan Super (yay me!) and it was such an awesome experience! I intended to write a Spartan race review much sooner, but when I tell you that I needed the full week for even my brain to recover from that thing, I'm not playin....more