Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle #ChobaniKids Project

Once I had children, I knew that I had to pay more attention to eating and living healthier.  I also knew that a healthy lifestyle began at home but that may not always be easy when our lives get busy.  Eating unhealthy meals or snacks can become a convenience or we give in to that sweet tooth every now and then!  It should be a priority to eat healthy, however and I try to practice that with my children on a regular basis.  I want to encourage other families to do so, too....more

Tai Chi for Women Over 50

I am NOT a Quitter!

My friends and family all share the same response when I tell them I’m starting a new fitness regime or diet. They say that’s great, that they will support me, but the tone of their voice sends off alerts in my head....more

Fitness and Technology: How to Be More Present

When the New Year approaches we tend to turn our attention to what we resolve to do better or different than the last. Often this includes health and fitness related goals.  By midway we may have gotten off track or come up with new ones. One area of focus for me this year was to be more present. A tall order in this tech heavy social media world....more

7 Ways to Boost Your Fertility

For any woman eagerly awaiting the results of a pregnancy test, those grueling three minutes can be the longest of her life. Some will embrace motherhood as they notice a small plus sign coming into focus, but for countless others that celebrated symbol will fail to appear....more



Do you challenge yourself? Or are you content to run the same route, the same miles, at the same pace, on a regular schedule? Or do you mix it up? No matter how it you slice it, running is, in and of itself, challenging....more

3 Benefits of Working Out as a Family

If you've been trying to work out, eat healthier and change your lifestyle to that of something better, then it seems like we're living a life of similarity. Just within the past few weeks, I've put the junk food down and started working my body to it's max six days a week. (I'm doing Insanity, incase you're wondering!) So, I definitely know how hard it can be when you're trying to maintain a family, a household, a budget and change your lifestyle all within a day's work. It's hard. ...more

Meet the Expert: Emily Madsen, Certified Personal Trainer

Don't you love hearing from a trained expert in their field?  I sure do!  There's so much information (and misinformation) out there that it is often difficult to discern what is best and best for each individual.  Connecting with someone who is knowledgeable, skilled, practiced, and demonstrating high degrees of proficiency in their field is a must when it comes to making long-term decisions about your health....more

6 Reasons to Start Kickboxing + BODYARMOR Review

Outside of my pregnancy years, when my workout schedule was sadly sporadic, I have been pretty consistent in staying active. I was a casual jogger in my college years, took Tae Kwon Do classes and mixed in aerobics whenever possible. Like everyone else, I eventually joined a gym and worked out as regularly as I could. My husband and I also used to play tennis as often as we could in the summer until we had our first child. I started running again about three years ago, this time more intentionally, keeping a pretty consistent running schedule. This is the problem though...I got bored. I know many people would disagree with me, but I personally find running a little boring. Not that I'll be giving up running completely but I needed to mix things up. I had heard about kickboxing thru some friends and decided to give it a try towards the end of last summer. It's been about 8 months now and I still love it! Let me tell you the reasons why kickboxing is my workout of the moment....more