Tips for Fitting Exercise into your Schedule

Fitting exercise into your daily routine is very difficult. Most of us work full time jobs, which means we either have to get up extra early to work out or come home from a long day at work, tired and then work out. Some of us are stay at home parents, doing laundry, going to play dates, cleaning the house, running errands and then trying to fit working out in your busy schedule.Either way, working out has to become a lifetime commitment that is part of your daily routine. But once you get it figured out, you can make it work and you become a happier, healthier you....more

Fitness Friday Office Workout 4/10

Back to the regular Fitness Friday style this week - a full body mini workout to target all the major muscle groups... Lets get the blood pumping today!  Who's ready?? ...more

How to Be a Morning Workout Person

I know we've all read something somewhere about the positive effects of working out first thing in the morning. A jump-started metabolism, more energy, and a better chance of consistency are just a few of the outcomes that come to mind.  So, how can we train ourselves to become morning workout people and reap the benefits of the a.m. sweat session?...more

5 Nutrition Books That Fueled My 50lb Weight Loss Journey

==>> 5 Nutrition Books That Fueled My 50 Lb Weight Loss!...more

I Need Me Some Discipline: Part 1

The summer is a-comin' and it's never too late to take action whether you want to start a workout routine, eat smaller portions or just become healthier all the way around. Continue reading for some discipline strategies that will help you reach your goals.TAKE FETUS STEPS...more

6 Exercises You Can Do on the Stairs

How excited are you that the weather is finally warming up??  I know I am!  I've been dying for the days of driving around without a coat (which actually happened yesterday!), being able to take walks in the evenings after dinner, and just generally being outdoors....more

Exercise and Humiliating Motivation

My First Yoga Experience

Back in December I took my first-ever (and second-ever) yoga class.  I have always been hesitant to take a yoga class, not because I didn’t think it would be a great experience, but because the only yoga I’d ever heard about involved a lot of chanting, “om-ing,” (which, to me, just sounded like a lot of people humming together - not really w...more