A Beginner's Full Body Workout for Women

Here's an exercise training program combining free-weight and callisthenic resistance exercises with cardiovascular exercise (cardio) for a complete, full-body workout. This program has many benefits including:...more

The Timing Of Weight Loss

If you want to loose weight do not eat 3 hours before bedtime. So for example if you go to sleep at 10:00 p.m. your last meal or snack should be at 7:00 p.m.*It is important to eat within 1 hour of getting up in the morning to help with weight-loss.*It is important to eat every 3 to 4 hours, at the same time of day if possible, it lowers insulin, causing less cravings and less body fat....more

Peaches and Pearls

A blog about it all.  I am currently expecting my first baby Spring 2013, and I am documenting the whole process.  I plan on also documenting getting back in shape, adopting a clean eating lifestyle, style/fashion, mommy lessons, favorite items along the way, and topics/treatment ideas in speech therapy.   Join me for all of these things at: www.peachesandpearlscassidy.blogspot.comI would love to meet others with the same interests and enjoy their blogs as well:) ...more

The 7 Principles of Exercise

In order to develop an effective exercise program you must adhere to certain basic guidelines. Here are 7 principles of exercise that you can implement whether you’re a weekend walker or seasoned athlete:...more

The Stigma About Size

Awhile ago I remember a magazine (either Cosmo or Glamour - cos those are the only two I read on a regular basis) published photos of a woman who they said wasn't skinny.But then the following month a lot of reader comments said something along the lines of "How dare you publish this obviously thin woman and act like she's average? I don't look anything like that!!"  Can I be honest? It was upsetting. She was a size twelve. And yet women were saying she wasn't representative of real women.That's ludicrous....more

My thoughts on 30 Day Shred

Yesterday I did level one of 30 Day Shred (the Jillian Michaels workout DVD) for the first time.I don't know how I feel about it. I keep reading reviews on Amazon, some people give it 5 stars while other people give it 1 star.The five star reviews talk a lot about how it's an intense/great work out shoved into 20 minutes and the 1 star reviews say it's hard on the knees. A lot of them do at least.However, my roommate bought the DVD so I decided to borrow it from her. ...more

Why I Still Drink Diet Soda


Fitness Journey: Week 1

A couple of weeks ago, while sitting at dinner my friend challenged me to start running. I've been run/walking on and off since August and haven't really made any progress. A group of us talked about how often we start and stop exercising. We lose dedication and momentum and as a result keep the bodies and attitudes we've always had.  I WANT A CHANGE!   ...more

My Story

“Wow, what have I been doing all these years” is what I remember thinking not long after I began waddling through fitness and stumbled upon old pictures!  I was overweight, living my life oblivious to the fact that I was eating unhealthy, fattening foods.  I was eating fast food atleast two times a day, an unhealthy dinner, and dessert more times than not.  And my pregnancies and the fun I had!  I gained 100 pounds with my first child and 90 pounds with my second!        ...more

6 ways to put on extra weight and keep it

Everyone is always talking about how to lose weight; “take this pill”, ‘drink this concoction” or even the sensible methods of eating less calories and moving more.   But, often, we don’t look into the reasons why we got heavy in the first place.  A lot of people assume that overweight people are lazy, but that simply isn't true in most cases, and even in cases where it is true, it's not a complete answer as to "HOW" a person got to be 100 pounds overweight. ...more