Finding Inspiration When We Least Expect it

I've never been one to enjoy strength training. In fact, unless I'm with a group of people, or taking a class, I find it really hard to make myself do it.But years ago, Hubby decided to get a bowflex. I had my doubts then if we'd ever use it. The answer is.. no we did not. It's used more to 'dry clothes' than build or tone muscles. In fact, I'm in the process of selling it. When I do any strength training at home, I use my free weights....more

Great Legs From Doing Something Fun? Yes!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NI0xWzg4LgI ...more

As Long As I'm Not Picked Last

I've never been what you'd consider an "athletic" person. It wasn't so much I was lazy, I just had a petrifying fear of being picked last for the team. And, in all honesty, my fears weren't completely unjustified considering kids are total fuckwads and would pick me last. Then I'd cry, further sealing my fate of loserdome, as not only the kid who gets picked last, but cries about it. Uh, no. I saw the writing on that wall and would've rather given up my 90210 Brenda doll for a month than participate in Little League anything. ...more
This post is 80 kinds of awesome. Congrats on making the decision to run.   See how you feel ...more

Sierra Buttes Hike Along The Pacific Crest Trail

I will never do it again. NEVER. EVER. That’s what I told myself a couple years ago after I hiked to the lookout tower high upon the top of the Sierra Buttes. But here I was last week, grudgely agreeing to take our friends up, up, up to the top of the mountain, along the Pacific Crest Trail in Northern California....more
After meeting those inspiring girls, I decided to do my own PCT walk, virtually, with America ...more

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About Me

My name is Laura – I’m a fitness fanatic, full-on fashionista, fervent foodie, and full of fun!...more

A Low-Impact Way to Tone Up, Boost Metabolism, and Strengthen the Core

 If you are overweight, have joint problems, or are just bored with your current workout routine, water resistance exercise may work for you. ...more
Now all I need is a pool!more

Summer Dehydration

July is almost here! I can't believe how quickly the summer is going! Why is it that the cold weather takes forever to leave but the warm weather doesn't stay long enough! With the hot weather in full swing it is imperative that we stay hydrated. Most people are actually functioning in some state of dehydration and don't even realize it! Below are Mayo clinic's symptoms of dehydration:...more