Runaway Beach Bar and Grill

Would you like to know what's delicious in Panama City Beach, Florida? Runaway Island Beach Bar & Grill, one of Front Beach Road newest restaurants. Conveniently located and nestled perfectly betwixt other known dining attractions along the beach, the experience at Runaway Island will take you away for sure. Providing an endless scene of views along the beach, you can watch the sunset in the evening from the patio or lanai styled bar....more

Creature Feature

So, after 34 years of living in Boca Raton (minus the four years I spent at the University of Florida in Gainesville), I finally took the plunge and moved somewhere else.  My husband and I were tired of the hectic life South Florida has to offer, as well as the congestion and the ever-entitled and mostly older crowd who call it home.  Not to say there aren’t wonderful folks down there, you just have to know where to look.  Unfortunately, the encounters with nasty people were becoming less and less few and far between.  (Did you really just cut me off and give me...more
Denise Lol!  Yes...Go Gators!  My husband and I are both Gators!  I know what you mean...South ...more

Feels like 100

I moved to Florida from New Jersey a couple of weeks ago because of a number of personal anf financial reasons....more
WELCOME!!!  It's good to get a non-lefty from NJ.more

Valerie Furey Florida

Valerie Furey As an ASPCA supporter you are probably familiar with our dedicated Agents and the work they do to save the lives of animals across the country. But did you know that you, too, can help crack down on animal cruelty in your community? Read on for simple actions you can take to make the world a safer place for animals. Here are some other signs and symptoms that we see in many of the cases we investigate: ...more

Citrus County, FL is the place for scalloping

Citrus County Scalloping 101Authors note:  There a hundreds of reasons why I love my small town and even hundreds more things that make it unique.  One of the more popular activities in our community is scalloping.  Each summer tens of thousands of people from all over the country descend upon my beloved community to scallop.  If you have never done it or never been here – you have until September 24 when recreation scallop harvesting closes – so get here soon!...more

Vegan Eats in St. Petersburg

Surrounded by water you can imagine there is lots of water sporting and outdoor, waterfront dining. And in St. Pete, you will also find a booming art community (in the photo, that’s a giant mustache in front of the Dali museum!) and yep, lots of great plant based eats! Let’s check it out! St. Petersburg is a lovely sea and bayside town on the west coast of Florida....more

Visiting Gatorland in Kissimmee, Florida

I recently returned from a DREAM Kissimmee, Florida #RockYourVacation press trip with the amazing team at Experience Kissimmee.Most people, when they think of Kissimmee, they think of Disney. But oh - Kissimmee is SO MUCH MORE!Kissimmee is relaxing, invigorating, exhilarating, breathtaking, and again SO MUCH MORE!...more

Support Florida's Booster Seat Law

Early yesterday morning as I nursed Doodle and did my usual e-mail check, Facebook check-in and Twitter browse, I came across a post from SafeKids Worldwide which is the agency that accredits Certified Passenger Safety Technicians.  The tweet said:...more

Flamingo Gardens is An Urban Oasis in the Land of Mickey Mouse

I am not a big fan of theme parks. They're too crowded, too plastic and too fake. I'm always looking for a better alternative for my kids. I really enjoy smaller, natural places with soul... preferably off the beaten path. I can relax, enjoy the walk, and I don’t need to worry about losing sight of my kids in the crowds. I love it when they're able to explore on their own....more

Signed, Cold in Florida

Dear Weather Maker,Dare I say it? I am cold. Yes, I live in Florida. And, yes, I do feel sorry for myself....more
Haha! Good for you! We did end up with a balmy two days of near 80, at least, and then a storm ...more