On-the-Go Strawberry Mango Smoothies


A Quick Guide to Pairing Wine with Food

There are nine types of wine. Below is a straightforward list of what wine you should be sipping based on the food you'll be savouring.  1. SPARKLING WINE. Lasts for two days once opened. Pair with salty foods such as potato chips, caviar, anchovies, sushi and popcorn.  Sparkling wines also pair well with fish, shellfish, chicken and other poultry. ...more

The Reluctant Cook: Cutting a Chiffonade of Basil

As evidence of the video below, my knife skills are a bit lackluster, and the Chef's videotaping needs a lot of work too. However, the Chef was giving me instruction on how to cut basil for our dinner last night and he videotaped me using a technique called chiffonade. That's just a fancy little French word for making elegant ribbons....more

Living in Costa Rica and starting a blog at 62.

As I sit on this 300 year old fountain and contemplate my 1 month old Blog, I sure can see I have learned a lot of new things. First off, I know it's about time, But I have learned to cut and paste. Like, 6 times now. If nothing else, this blog stuff is really good for my brain. Best part. I am having fun, I always talk about food anyway. I am always thinking about what I am going to cook next. Like last night I was craving something sweet. I was thinking, I could bake something, it was kinda late so I thought maybe banana bread so we could have it for breakfast....more

Favorite San Diego Eats

Happy Friday friends! As most of you have probably surmised by now, being that I'm a food blogger, I LOVE food. I not only enjoy cooking, but I also take pleasure in scoping out to new food joints and being on the receiving end of a deliciously prepared meal. The hubs and I like trying new places and develop favorites rather quickly. We have very similar tastes, thank goodness! So, today I thought I'd share with you our favorite eats and drinks in San Diego....more

Farmer's Market Recipes

I've officially become a Farmer's Market groupie. Granted, I have always thought the concept was great but honestly never took the time to go on a regular basis. However, this summer my local farmer's market has really boomed and I'm taking full advantage of all the summer produce. I'm packing along my reusable bag and busting down the opening gates like it's Black Friday! But I've run into a few snags along the way....more

Cheesy Hasselback Chicken


New York City Restaurants: Where I Have Eaten So Far

I have a list of restaurants in New York City that I am trying my best to get to through this summer. However, there is a hard balance between staying in and cooking for myself and being able to try all these new restaurants! There are still plenty more on my list. For now, this is where I have eaten, and enjoyed eating, since I moved to NYC:...more