Samoa Cupcakes

Beer, Beer, and Beer

It's August, and we've officially made it through half of the year.  A lot has happened in the beer world, so I thought I would recap some of my favorite stand out moments....more


Exactly 219 days ago Freddie received the 007 collection on Blu-ray. Exactly 213 days ago we decided to do weekly 007 date nights and cook a themed dinner while going through all the Bond movies....more

4 Tips That Will Help You Go Green On Vacation

Going on vacation isn’t quite the same as it used to be. Yes, you can still go somewhere new, relax, and enjoy yourself....more

Bacon Potato Salad

YES! Eat fat!

YES!!! ...more

The BEST Banana Bread EVER! (With cinnamon topping!)

 Make sure you visit COCOANDASH.COM to see all my recipes!...more

Mason Jars and Summer Picnics

Summer’s longer days and warm weather is a perfect time to go exploring.   For some families, the challenge is having summer fun without breaking the bank.  Taking a family out for the day and then buying a meal for them can get very expensive....more

The Lasagna Experience.

Remember when you almost burned the house down the last time you tried boiling water? Or when you made crunchy rice? Or turned mashed potatoes into soup? ...more