MEXICO!Fish and VegetarianHello!  I’ve been away for a few days....more

How to Make Brown Butter

Guys. Brown your butter. ...more

Which Flavors Trigger Your Memories?

My default vanilla was established in a subterranean ice cream shop in the former Soviet Union, where my parents took me after I had my ears pierced. I was three years old, and while I don't recall the actual needle stabbing in my ear, the intense sweet vanilla lodged itself as the standard by which all future vanillas will have to measure against. Maybe in the wake of a traumatic event, your tastebuds become hyper-sensitive and tastes become saturated. Or else maybe your brain just remembers them that way. ...more
"Chili con queso" which was a melted block of Velveeta cheese with a jar of salsa stirred in, ...more

Amazing Health benefits of Berries

Berries are among the most popular fruits and the reasons for this are both their taste and their color. If you think of a sexy woman eating a chocolate-coated strawberry, you are not alone – millions think the same when someone spells the word berry....more

Tablecloth Tales: Fourth of July in France

With our recent move, I unearthed my travel journals and have decided to give them new life on Family Eats....more

A Summer Supper

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you might have guessed that summer is my favorite season. I know. Everybody is all- it's fall y'all and I'm over here, crying a little into my wine slushies. But summer is the best. For so many reasons but mostly because for three months, I don't ever have to wear pants. Not even once....more

Here’s how a simple potato can KILL you….

Ok, so I hope I got your attention with the title of this post!  Yes, it’s true that something as common as a potato can kill you. But before you get too worked up, you’ll be glad to know that cases of “death by potato” are extremely rare.  ...more