Blogher Pro 2014, San Francisco... from my heart...because I know not everyone could have attended

THE ARRIVALPort Of Spain, Piarco Airport...more
Jenny Lauck Thank you Jenny.....Glad to touch you.more

Vegan coconut chocolate chip oat cookies!

An ideal tasty food gift!Recipe: For about 12 larger cookiesIngredients:...more

Vegan spiced spelt pumpkin bread

Today, I made this stunning vegan pumpkin bread studded with yellow raisins, infused with an organic cinnamon, ginger & cardamom tea. Yummy, I assure you that! I made my bread not so sweet because I saw recipes on the internet that were stuffed with lots of sugar. I didn’t want that! :) So, I made this stunning & very appetizing pumpkin bread! This is great & tasty enjoyed with the same ginger, cinnamon & cardamom tea in your tea mug!  Check it out for yourself, my lovely ones! ;)...more

Going Nutty for Nut Butters


Sensuality Hub, Feet, Food, Fashion and More - Blog Plans for 2015

The idea of a year long elaborate meal discussion in my previous post brought the answer to this: Plans for my b...more

Menton: The Hidden Gem for Foodies

 Hidden Gem for Foodies ...more

The Goose Is Cooked

November 27, 2014...more

Where IS the beef?

So, once a year, sometimes twice, I have the proverbial "Mac Attack" wherein which my brain magically forgets what the double decker sandwich does to my stomach and I am urged by an unknown power to go out and get a Big Mac.I have no will power.Every. single. time. It never fails. I will order one, dream about the taste of it on the way home, then I end up waiting an hour to consume it because my twins are too busy being needy and wanting things like food and attention....more

These Are a Few of My Favorite Foods

In an effort to help any readers I may have get to know me a little better, I’ve been writing some pieces about my favorite things.  Here I wrote about general things that make me happy, and here I talk about TV shows I like.  Now I want to talk about my favorite foods, because food i...more

Walden Farms Diet Foods Range From Great To Gag: Reviews

A few years ago, I came across Walden Foods in my local grocery store.  The label proclaimed that they were zero-calorie, zero-carb, gluten-free, and basically free of all nutrition. Hmmmm. Except for water, it seemed impossible....more