Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala

Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas

This is my all time favorite recipe! It was given to me by my mom, who is a wonderful cook. I make it almost every other week and Seth LOVES it. Sorry mom, but this one has to be shared with the world!...more

6 Things That Defined My Summer 2015

Now that summer is officially over (according to those people who are telling me I can't wear my white pants anymore), I figured I would do what any other blogger would do. Steal a post idea from someone (The Daily Tay) who stole her post idea from someone else ...more

Don't Fall Into These Dangers of Clean Eating

I have many friends advocating a "clean eating" lifestyle. On the surface, this seems like a good idea. Eat more fruits and vegetables and fewer processed foods. That's always a wise goal. However, sometimes this nebulous concept of "clean eating" devolves into food camps almost religious in their fervor. In one camp, I have dear friends who are vegan because they read The China Study. In another camp, I have friends who avoid all bread because they read Wheat Belly. And then in another are my friends who have gone Paleo and espouse the virtues of meat, meat, and more meat (with a side of vegetables). I know half a dozen children whose mothers claim are allergic to gluten, even though the chances of this statistical cluster are slim. ...more
Healthy eating is great, but I agree it can go too far when people refuse to eat anything they ...more

Catching Up to the Present

Well, I've got to admit that trying to fill in all of the missing information from the last several years of my life has proven pretty daunting.  I've decided to push forward and just start posting the most current things I'm doing, cooking, and having fun with!For the sake of getting the blog up to speed:...more


This blog is a new start to a blog I started a couple of years ago as I was just beginning my cooking career.  This began as a very green, wide-eyed journey into what I wasn't sure would ever be a life I could sustain and thrive within.My first blog was called "The Profane Chef" and the welcome page was this:...more

This little oven of mine, in the jungle

I just wanted to stop cooking for a moment, and talk about the oven I use. It's outside in the elements, it's a little rusty now after eight years. A raccoon got the oven door open while we were on vacation and tore the rubber gasket on the inside. It still works. A pizote  (an animal that is like a raccoon but bigger with a long nose) got on top of the stove and pulled back the coils and all most broke them off. Chuck cut a piece of wood for me and we put a piece of oil cloth on top so it looked nice and would stay clean....more

Avocado Quinoa Cups


What I've learned about Colombia

I had never really thought of visiting Colombia until one of my best friends (who’s Colombian) moved there about 5 years ago. She now lives in Canada so I never really got the chance to visit when she was there, but my interest in the country remained. I’d heard tons of things about Colombia throughout my life, some of which are true, but most importantly, some of which aren’t true anymore. Most l likely, when we think about Colombia, we all think drugs. It’s inevitable....more