Grill This: My Favorite Bean Burger

Let's talk beans. And rice. (Which always reminds me of "Frank and Beans! Frank and Beans!" from There's Something About Mary.) Ahem, let's turn this back into a mature, adult conversation. ...more

Freezer Meal Friday: Cranberry BBQ Chicken

A few months ago, I attempted to open a can of black beans only to realize I had grabbed a can of cranberry sauce by mistake. So I dumped the sauce into a freezer bag and tried to figure out what I could do with it.And then I thought, “barbecue.”So I made a cranberry barbecue sauce and marinated some drumsticks in it. The sauce was delicious. I didn’t think Zach would like it (he generally doesn’t like cranberry), but he loved it. Another win for me!...more

High Food Prices: An Investor’s Dilemma

Otmane El Rhazi from Forbes – Commodities & Currencies.The EPA might cut the Renewable Fuel Standard’s (RFS) ethanol mandate in late June. The mandate is the root cause behind a surge in food prices and the feverish merger activity in the food industry. A change in the policy could alter the landscape for investors in ethanol producers and food producers....more

Get 'Fed Up' With the Documentary's Director and Executive Producer

Genie Gratto: While of course I'm sure you're hoping this film finds a wide audience, is there one specific audience you think would most benefit from seeing it?Laurie David: If you are a person who eats food, you should see this movie. In fact, one of the taglines for the film is, "Watch it...before you take another bite!"...more

Tasty Tuesday: Cheesy Bread

Tasty Tuesdays: Cheesy Bread I'm sorry for missing Monday Memories yesterday, but honestly we were just getting home from the beach and I was trying to get laundry done. I'll post plenty of pictures from the week on Wednesday. In the meantime, enjoy this yummy recipe!...more

How To Keep Ice Cream Fresher Longer

You scream!! We scream!!  I DEFINITELY SCREAM for ice cream!!! ...more

Movie Review: Chef

food chick chatter - May 22, 2014

Hey! Good Morning to you. Last night I met a 6'11" man named Mustafah. My girlfriend is going to make him her "boo" *cracking up*...more

Recipe: Spanish Garlicky Shrimp

I had a rewarding first experience peeling and deveining shrimp! I was a bit scared to tackle the task but this dish was soooo good and well worth the initial nervousness....more