The lateral thinking

When I was a child, one day the washer had broken down. A sweater got stuck between the washing machine drum and the structure. We could not get  the sweater. My mother was angry, was left without washing machine and with  three children. From my child's mind wanted to help my mother, so I tried to fix the washer   without my mother even noticing.  ...more

Slice of my life here in Costa Rica


Ćeske Koláče

Ćeske Koláče3 cups scaled milk2 egg yolks beaten2 packages active dry yeast½ cup melted lard¼ cup sugar6 cups flour (about)2 tablespoons saltDissolve yeast and half of the sugar in 1½ cups scaled milk, which has been cooled to lukewarm. Add 1 ½ cups flour. Mix and put in warm place to rise until bubbles appear (1 ½ hours). Add egg yolks, salt, rest of sugar, melted and cooled lard, and remaining lukewarm milk. Beat well....more

Top 5 Kitchen Essentials for Making Baby Food

Happy of happiest Friday to everyone!Friday's take on a whole new meaning once the school  year is back in swing. My first full week back at it and I am dragging....more

Real Corn Cornbread

On-the-Go Strawberry Mango Smoothies


A Quick Guide to Pairing Wine with Food

There are nine types of wine. Below is a straightforward list of what wine you should be sipping based on the food you'll be savouring.  1. SPARKLING WINE. Lasts for two days once opened. Pair with salty foods such as potato chips, caviar, anchovies, sushi and popcorn.  Sparkling wines also pair well with fish, shellfish, chicken and other poultry. ...more

The Reluctant Cook: Cutting a Chiffonade of Basil

As evidence of the video below, my knife skills are a bit lackluster, and the Chef's videotaping needs a lot of work too. However, the Chef was giving me instruction on how to cut basil for our dinner last night and he videotaped me using a technique called chiffonade. That's just a fancy little French word for making elegant ribbons....more

Living in Costa Rica and starting a blog at 62.

As I sit on this 300 year old fountain and contemplate my 1 month old Blog, I sure can see I have learned a lot of new things. First off, I know it's about time, But I have learned to cut and paste. Like, 6 times now. If nothing else, this blog stuff is really good for my brain. Best part. I am having fun, I always talk about food anyway. I am always thinking about what I am going to cook next. Like last night I was craving something sweet. I was thinking, I could bake something, it was kinda late so I thought maybe banana bread so we could have it for breakfast....more