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Shrimp Tacos with Cilantro Lime Cream

Next month will mark four years of creating recipes and publishing them to this site. Wow! Sometimes I still marvel at how I’ve managed to continue to come up with more creative ways to feed our family with easy to find ingredients....more

Grilled Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are so amazing, aren’t they? They’re delicious, chock-full of vitamins and minerals, and much lower in starch than their white potato cousins. Sweet potatoes contain vitamin A (beta-carotene), vitamin C, manganese, copper, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, potassium, dietary fiber, niacin, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and phosphorus....more
This looks wonderful and we are having a BBQ on the weekendmore

A Chicken Roll That Won't Let You Forget

“Isn’t it to die for?” My friend gushed breathlessly between bites of Kati Roll....more

The Perfect Summer Dessert: Kahlua Cake

Sharing an old (old!) post today because it's just so dang good and perfect for summer parties! ...more

Top Female Restaurateurs & Chefs

Homemade Naan Bread

I don't think there's much better in the world than warm, homemade naan bread. Normally, naan is made in a tandoori oven, but my version can be done in in your normal home oven and requires no special equipment. Once you make it, naan will become a regular in your house!...more

Butter Chicken

I fell in love with Indian food in college. Coming from Small Town, Texas neither Blythe nor I had ever tried Indian food before we left our tiny towns for the big bad university world. For both of us, it was love at first bite. While chewing, we both looked at each other in utter disbelief. I didn't know that my life was missing Indian food until that moment, but I've done my best to make up for my Indian-foodless years since then. Today, I'm sharing one of our favorite Indian food dishes with you!...more


Many of the dishes I have posted thus far on my lovely little blog have not exactly been light and healthy. I've noticed this, you've noticed this, my waistline has definitely noticed this. My intent has been to share some of our favorite recipes with all of you wonderful people and that generally leads to me sharing comfort food (yum!). Unfortunately for our waistlines, and fortunately for our stomachs, Blythe and I need to eat all of the food I make for the blog... my tight pants have now convinced me that it's time to enter into a phase of light summer cooking! So for the next few months my recipes will be focusing on healthier summer dishes from around the world and I could not be more excited! As much as we love comfort food, Blythe and I really eat dishes like this more often and I can't wait to share some of our favorites with you!...more

Is Your Cookware Poisoning You?

For more than 40 years scientists have known that the fumes which evaporate from hot non-stick pans tend to kill pet birds. So how dangerous you think they are to you? Multiple studies have been conducted into health concerns surrounding Teflon, results have been quite disturbing. While the lethal effect on birds is not in dispute but much of other evidence tends to be downright confusing....more