Meal Planning for Dummies

I used to think that meal planning was for type A crazies with WAY too much time on their hands. I mean, who has the time or energy to think more than a day or two ahead about food, let alone a week or a month! But deciding on dinner has always stressed me out. Pulling something out of the freezer in the morning left my family with a very boring revolving door of baked BBQ chicken, baked shake-and-bake chicken, or (here’s where we get exciting…) spaghetti. Or I would tell my husband to pick up a pizza on the way home....more

A License to Chill and Eating Real Food in 2016

In 2015, I naively thought that starting this blog would be a panacea for my health and weight loss goals....more

Seasonal Supper Dish: Chestnut Crumble

I imagine, with Christmas just gone, most of us have eaten chestnuts in some form or another recently, but these tasty nuts are not just for Christmas. Although we all enjoy various chestnut dishes during the festive period, they are in season throughout the autumn and winter, so it makes sense to take advantage of them, as their mild flavour enhances many dishes, not to mention the fact that they are lower in fat than other nuts. You can go out and gather your own chestnuts from the woods, or buy them from certain supermarkets....more

Sakkare Acchu (Sugar Figures) for Sankranthi - Recipe

Sankranthi is a traditional Indian harvest festival which marks the commencement of spring in India and Nepal. Known by different names in different parts of India, it is usually celebrated around January 13th to January 15th, every year. Some South Indian states like Andra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu celebrate Sankranthi for three days with each day carrying its own significance – like thanking sun god, cattle, farmers, family & friends for the harvest....more

Psychological Warfare In The Grocery Store & How to Fight Back

Everyone knows the purpose of a commercial on TV is to sell you a product. We also know as we watch them, or fast forward through them, that there is marketing taking place on the psychological level. Some of it is blatant and some of it is subliminal. What we don’t often consider, is that these tactics are also surrounding us each time we enter a grocery store....more
....make a list & stick to it...that way, you can't get got!more


Orange Amaretto Cranberry Sauce

Have you started to make your Thanksgiving dinner preparations yet? Let’s face it, the holidays are a lot of work to make everything perfect for family and friends.  All the cooking. planning and organizing is all worth it though because it means time spent with those we love.  I’m here today  to help you get one of those Thanksgiving meal preparation items checked off your “to-do” list....more

Cookies In A Jar - A Perfect Gift Idea

I love the idea of giving gifts in Mason Jars. I think it is so unique and creative. With the holidays quickly approaching, I thought I would share with you three EASY Cookie in a Jar Recipes that you can be create in no time. Who doesn’t love cookies, right? Especially when they are gifted to you. These make perfect gifts for any time of year, but especially during the holidays. Plus, they are inexpensive and easy to make....more

Peppermint Hot Chocolate Cookies