HelloFresh Review

Skillet Chicken PaprikashI blame Kory.  Lol due to her excitement about the food, the recipes and the service of HelloFresh, Jo and I had to try the site out too....more

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

We ought to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, one of the most important Mexican holidays that is celebrated on this day. The victory of the Mexican army in what is also remembered as the Battle of La Puebla against the French. You'll find all sorts of mexican delicious recipes and famous dishes being cooked all over the U.S. to honor the Mexican heritage on this festive day. ...more

Love to Cook, Hate to Plan weekly menu 5/4 - 5/10

Happy Tuesday and Cinco de Mayo everyone! I was too busy celebrating Vaughn's birthday and forgot to post the weekly menu. Here's what I have planned for this week!  ...more

Feelings of hunger

My feelings of hunger were satisfied with these amazing Homemade mixed berries pancakes with a side of turkey bacon!!! ...more

Sometimes I Want Funyuns

My eating habits aren’t too bad. They’d need to be better if I cared more about six-pack abs than general happiness, but I do not—so for what I value most, I do pretty well. For me, the quickest way to make life less lovely, is to wake up day after day with food restrictions....more

Our new breakfast passion.....

   Well it's later than I expected to write this but at least I am here. I've got my hubby's ear buds in and I'm jamming out to Pandora. ...more

BC Part 2: Food/Shopping, Burnaby Area

(Disclaimer: Not meaning to slam any business but the truth is, well , the truth. Now the misses are subjective, as my tastes are different from yours. Hope you get some use out of the post.) ...more

Fifty Recipes: Mother's Day All Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. I have no idea where I’ll be this year. My younger son finishes finals hundreds of miles away the day before. I think he’ll need help getting all of his crap stuff home so it’s possible I’ll be on the road.For those of you not spending Mother’s Day in a car, I hope you have something great planned. And since I’m not putting together my own celebration this year, I may as well help you plan yours....more

Microgreens: small veggies packed with nutrients

 ”You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces,just good food from fresh ingredients.”Julia Child ...more

How to save money on food when traveling

Food can take a big part of your travel budget, especially if you decide to stay in a tourist area or you like to eat out most of the time.That’s why we prepared a list of simple tips and things you can do, as well as easy recipes that will help you save money on food without feeling deprived....more