Skinny Cauliflower Fried Rice

Looking for a great side dish that is healthy and flavorful? We have been hearing a lot about the Paleo diet which is basically anything in it’s whole form and does not incorporate grains, so basically no carbs. Here is a little information on it, if you are interested in learning more. We are not on any strict diet but try to eat a limited carb intake in the evening, since you are the most sedentary. Our Skinny Cauliflower rice is the best option for a delicious side dish....more

Throw It Out, Not Up!

I just threw away a dozen perfectly good eggs.  Perfectly good according to Dr. Oz.  Perfectly capable of causing illness according to me.  The eggs were one day past the sell-by date, and, in Dr....more

June Recipe Roundup

June is a month for settling into summer routines. My older son, College Boy, is home from his freshman year. He went to work campaigning for his close friend's dad, our Congressman. My younger son, PurDude, graduated from high school (in the top 6% of his class, but I digress). He continues to work for the city as a lifeguard as he prepares for his freshman year in college....more

Sip and Nibble

   Happy Fourth of July! Greeting from Steps4Health! How are you celebrating the Fourth? Viewing a parade or fireworks? Having a picnic or BBQ? Are you enjoying your summer? How do you beat the heat? When temperatures are high, some people eat light, especially when outdoors. They just sip and nibble through the heat. Have you been sipping and nibbling to fit into your swimsuit or shorts for the summer season? What do you sip and nibble on?Sip on cranberry juice, nibble on a cheese stick,Sip on lemonade, nibble on a handful of nuts,...more

cheesy broccoli & cauliflower gratin

Happy Tuesday - how is everyone's week going? I'm having blogging writer's block/laziness lately sigh. But I remembered that I haven't shared any recipeasies lately (my made up word for easy peasy recipes) in awhile. Here is one that I tried recently and it's a good way to get the picky eaters in your life to eat more veggies. In a mostly/kinda healthy way. You could also made something similar with other veggies you might have on hand, so here we go - cheesy broccoli & cauliflower gratin -...more

Spinach Quinoa Cakes

I have to admit, I was slightly skeptical about making this recipe because I had never tried Quinoa before and didn't like the taste of it when I boiled some up. That being said...these cakes are delicious and packed in protein at 11 grams! The calorie count is a little high because Quinoa is high in calories, but they are so filling that one cake is enough!...more

5 Must-Know Kitchen Hacks for Cooking Spray

Welcome back to DAMGoodCooking.comCooking spray is something of a gross necessity. The slimy, oddly-scented grease is perfect for keeping casserole dishes crust-free, but the oil splatter does a number on clean kitchen counters, and the lecithin ingredient can ruin nonstick cookware if not careful....more

Low Country Shrimp Boil Recipe

I had never heard of a "Low Country Boil" until I ha...more

Asian Chicken Salad