Navigating New Haven: What to Do Around Yale

The home of Yale University, the suburb/city of New Haven, Connecticut, is located only two hours outside Manhattan, which I didn’t realize before my boyfriend worked at the hospital. It may be the final stop on its line on the Metro North train, but it’s not too far for a weekend trip....more

Need a Quick and Easy Dinner? Chicken Enchilada Casserole Recipe

I’m sharing a quick and easy chicken enchilada casserole recipe that’s so tasty!...more

Mood Boosting Foods

 We have all experienced food effecting us in different ways ....more

Valentine 7 Layer Finger Jello

One of the first fun things I did with Zoe when I moved in was to make stripped finger Jell-O for her. She was impressed with the rainbow colors and at that point thought I was the best step-mom ever. ...more

Not My Mom's Tuna Casserole

When my dad left, I was just seven years old. He left my mom in a strange new town with nothing except two little girls to care for – she had no job, no car, no money, and no friends or family within a 1,000 miles to help her. It was just us. It was just her.And it was tough. Day after day, my sister and I would try to cheer my mom up as she sobbed trying to figure out how to survive. Where would the rent come from? How would she find a job? Why the hell would he leave her like that? It was a dark, dark time.But it got better....more

Hungry Kids and the Un-Complicated Week Night Dinner

Its Monday evening and I survived the work day…Yay!! And then I made it home to a starving teenager that had just arrived home from track practice to ask me ‘Mom, What’s for Dinner?” and you know what my reply was? “Dinner? Didn’t I just feed you yesterday?” ...more

People Food That Is Toxic For Pets


Eggless Red Velvet Cake - Recipe

I have started a tradition to celebrate LO’s birthday every month when he turns a month older. Thanks to P for gifting me the new Kitchen Aid Mixer, my baking love continues and I am able to bake different variety of cakes for LO’s monthly birthdays. This time,I rummaged Pinterest for some ‘eggless red velvet cake’ recipes and found an easy one Received raving reviews from everyone who tasted my final product....more

Meal Planning for Dummies

I used to think that meal planning was for type A crazies with WAY too much time on their hands. I mean, who has the time or energy to think more than a day or two ahead about food, let alone a week or a month! But deciding on dinner has always stressed me out. Pulling something out of the freezer in the morning left my family with a very boring revolving door of baked BBQ chicken, baked shake-and-bake chicken, or (here’s where we get exciting…) spaghetti. Or I would tell my husband to pick up a pizza on the way home....more

A License to Chill and Eating Real Food in 2016

In 2015, I naively thought that starting this blog would be a panacea for my health and weight loss goals....more