Dinner and a Movie

I love to take something as simple as watching a movie at home and make it an event.   I will be taking some of the most popular rental movies and pairing them with a dinner menu.  So the next time you sit down to watch a movie at home, make it dinner and a movie.This month's movie:  Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory...more

Today Is One Day Closer To Spring


Bunny Chow- vegetarian version


Where I made my mistake

Okay so I went to Chipolte yesterday, and let me just say it was the worse Chipolte I have ever experienced. First let me  state that I should be part owner of Chipolte lol as much as i eat there, However I didnt go to my normal Chipolte spot in Hanover Maryland. While i was shopping in Rockville Md , it was there where I made my mistake. I ordered the steak bowl except the steak bowl was clearly nothing but fat. I tasted no meat just the fat yuck ! The service was also very poor in Rockville Md. Orders were not so orderly should I say....more

Quick Brussels Sprouts topped with Gouda

Right now I have garlic breath. Yep that’s what my favorite guy said when he came home today. Mind you I just finished dinner and had a good amount of roasted garlic in my Brussels Sprouts. No I don’t go around breathing on people right after I’ve eaten garlic. Whoops. He loves me. ...more

Can a "Normal Person" Appreciate a Meal by the World's BEST Chef Massimo Bottura?

This is the second part of a series describing my experience eating at the Osteria Francescana, the restaurant of the World’s Number One Chef Massimo Bottura. ...more

veggie and carnivore chilis

I have been hardcore slacking on the cooking lately. Oops....more

Gratitude Linkup - Week of 2/16/14

As I've been dealing with my father's health crisis, gratitude has been at the forefront of my mind. I've had immense gratitude for the smallest of things. Now that things are no longer critical, I have a little time to participation in Laurel Regan's Gratitude linkup over at Alphabet Salad....more

Goodbye Cigarettes: Should CVS Dump Junk Food and Alcohol Too?

When CVS announced its plan to stop selling all tobacco products at its 7,600 stores by October 1, 2014 and walk away from 2 billion in tobacco related business, the media immediately began to speculate whether other major drug store chains would follow suit. The more interesting question to me is whether tobacco is the only product line that will be removed from "drug store" shelves. ...more
Elaine Griffin  I think you are right, they will probably divide the space so clinic separate in ...more

You're Doing it Wrong: Food Shaming

Last week's "You're Doing it Wrong," covered a couple of food pet peeves that were kind of me-specific and ok, a little weird. This week's topic is a little more universal because it's happened to everyone and is probably a pet peeve of yours that you couldn't put a name to. Until now.You're doing it wrong if...You're food shaming friends, family or anyone for that matter....more