Yummy Pear, Blue Cheese & Hazelnut Salad with Pomegranate Dressing

Easter time is always harvest festival at my place, with pears and hazelnuts to gather, pumpkins to store and potatoes to dig, I always feel a bit like squirrel nutkin preparing for winter. However, you'll find these ingredients in your grocery store year round....more

Why Has Buying Pet Food Become More Expensive Than People Food?

First, let me say this: I am sentimental about my pets. I refer to them as my "babies," talk baby talk to them, play with them when I should be cleaning the house and spend purr and pet time with them when I should be writing. However, recently my cat Bob became sick. After a $200 visit to the vet, my six-month old "baby cat" was found to have a urinary tract infection. And thus came the "it costs how much?!" cat food frustration....more

Tapas Anyone??

Monday Memories

Monday Memories What a busy week...getting ready for the half marathon and a big meeting at work! I'm relieved to have a little more time on the weekends now (well, after E's birthday party is over...which is THIS weekend)....more

Dear Internet: You've Lost Your Balance

Can we talk, Internet? Just you and I?...more
James Struthers  Well said. I agree completely.more

Is this fast food or food fast?

Do you like fast food? I like food fast especially when I’m hungry. A few nights ago I challenged my taste testers to make some food fast because everyone was starving and it had been a long day. They managed to pull out several bags of pre-cut vegetables, place them on a tray, and pour some dressing into a bowl. This took 3 minutes. Try this vegetable tray idea the next time you’re craving something crunchy and need it in 3 minutes. Yes it was 3 minutes. Don’t you believe me? ...more

Baking – Cinnamon and Sugar Soft Pretzels 30 MAR

I love pretzels, not the hard salty variety but the soft cinnamon and sugar variety. They’re soft and delicious and cinnamon is without a doubt one of my favourite spices. I often grab one during a shopping trip. But at £3 a pop they aren’t the cheapest snack. So what better thing to make on a lazy Sunday morning. I experimented with a few different recipes but most of them came out hard on the outside instead of soft but then I cracked it and found a recipe that works perfectly....more

Food related weekend Projects that will make your week so much easier!

There are so many things to do in the kitchen sometimes that it can get overwhelming. I normally try to plan ahead and I find myself coming up with all of these little chores and hacks that will make my life easier. The second I slip during the week, I tend to rush towards the nearest fast food place so it helps to have things in order. Here are easy weekend projects that you can do to make your week just a little easier. 1. Roast Red peppers & keep in fridge (in a ziploc back with a bit of oil)...more