Cinco De Mayo

Earls' Certified Humane Beef

Earl's is a Canadian restaurant chain that has traditionally used Alberta Beef in its upscale casual restaurants. No more. This changed in April 2016, when it was announced that Earl's certified humane beef would come from the US....more

10 Ways to Make Work Night Cooking a Snap (and Avoid the Temptation to Eat Out!)

After a long day at work, the last thing most people want to do is spend another hour cooking. No wonder nearly 40% of the average American’s food dollar is spent on restaurant meals. While eating out is fast and convenient, it’s also expensive and restaurant’s are notorious for over-sized portions full of fat and salt. ...more



Arctic Zero provides ice cream joy for dieters

If you love ice cream but are on a diet, consider Arctic Zero. The frozen desserts have satisfied my cravings for ice cream ever since I discovered them, and now they've come out with some new flavors that are even better. Cake Batter, for example, has just 35 calories for half a cup, with 3 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber. It tastes just like licking that cake batter bowl. I also love the Toasted Coconut flavor, which has real coconut in it and also is just 35 calories a serving with a boost of protein and fiber. ...more

Vermont Chicken Pie

Vermont Chicken Pie, chicken, smothered in rich gravy, and topped with golden buttermilk biscuits. A church dinner staple, this is delicious comfort food for Sunday dinner. ...more

I Hate Making Meal Plans

I Hate Making Meal Plans....more

Fine Pickle Purveyors in Salt Lake City

“HELLO MY NAME IS KRISTINA AND I LOVE ALL THE PICKLED THINGS.”“Hi Kristina”Look, I’m not sorry. The minute the snow melts all I want on this earth is vinegar in all its forms. Salad dressings. Bread dipped in vinegar and oil. Sipping vinegar with seltzer. And of course, pickled things....more

A Big Pot of Pasta e Fagioli

There is nothing like fixing a big pot of pasta—with beans and vegetables—e fagioli, with a pinch of this and a hefty dash of that and a splash of whatever brings out umami. It will simply come together creating a burst of flavor explosion. A warm bowl of comfort!Just ask my flu-stricken family that sat to the dinner table to devour big bowls of it, all the while yumming, and slurping it all up!...more
souschef Thank you, so did we! My oldest daughter said the e Fagioli was "restaurant quality!" A ...more