Taming the Beast

One of My Favorite Things

You see this red Dutch Oven?  It is one of my favorite things in my kitchen.  Heck!  It's almost one of my favorite things in my house!  It makes cooking so delicious and easy....more

Cute Snowman Cheese Ball

Here is my cute snowman cheese ball. Hope you like it. Full instructions for the cheeseball on my blog:http://www.craftsalamode.com/2013/12/cute-and-yummy-snowman-cheeseball.html...more

Sweet and Sour Pork

You know there will always be that first love in your husband or significant others life. No, I am not talking about an ex-girlfriend, I am talking about someone more special, his mom! I asked my husband what he wanted me to make him for dinner as I was looking for something special. He said, “the dish my mom would make with the crunchy noodles.” So of course, I called her and asked what this dish was called and for the recipe. Low in behold, it is not called “the dish with the crunchy noodles”, it turned out to be Sweet and Sour Pork....more

Seriously, Lady? Yer Killin' Me Here!

Darcy Perdu of www.sothenstories.comSo then…I toss a couple toys behind the couch and shove the countertop contents into the junk drawer, just as the doorbell rings.“They’re here!  They’re here!” I shout, racing for the door. But I’m the only one dashing, since my 1st grader Tucker is engrossed in his Legos-Hot Wheels concoction and not nearly as excited about this playdate as I am....more

It's What's for Lunch.

I LOVE heating my food up at work. This is typically how it goes... I walk across the building towards the kitchen through the staff area. "Oh, Riann, what do you have today?" "Oh just left overs of XYZ." (today it's pork tacos with lettuce, toms and avocado) or at breakfast it's usually some kind of eggs. Then I heat it up (I had to heat my taco shells broken in half in the toaster- hey, it worked!) and walk back across the building to my office....more

Triple Chocolate Cupcakes & Quadruple Caramel Cupcakes

It was my brother and his fiance’s anniversary yesterday AND it is my dad’s birthday today! So I wanted to do something special for them and bake specialized cupcakes (even my dad is so far away, he was only able to enjoy the pictures).I guess I went a little over board again…...more


     What is your favorite holiday, Christmas cookie? One of my favorite cookies is the gingersnap. My grandfather introduced me to the spicy gingersnap cookie as a child. You could dunk your gingersnap in your glass of milk or coffee, or add it to a bowl of vanilla ice cream to soften it before taking a bite. Early as a child, I had to periodically stop eating gingersnaps as my teeth loosened....more

eat chicago: yolk

we are big breakfast food people. like “will-drag-ourselves-out-of-bed-at-the-crack-of-dawn” for a good breakfast, type of people. so when we were in the city this past weekend, we had the opportunity to expand on our usual breakfast haunts and try some place new! we stumbled upon a cute diner called yolk located in the river north neighborhood of the city. obviously, from the name you can tell that eggs are their big thang. and it showed....more

Healthier Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the kick off party for the rest of the holiday soiree’s to come!  The holidays are definitely difficult to get through when there is food in every direction, but if we make healthier choices and stay on our work out routine we can still indulge in that extra slice of pie and stuffing. ...more