Italian Sausage and Potato Foil Dinner

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a very good (nor a very ambitious) cook. Whenever I search for new recipes online, I always include the word “easy” in my search terms. Trust me, I would love to be a better cook. I’m sure I would be if I practiced at it. But I’m someone who prefers to seek out the recipes that allow me to stick a casserole dish in the oven or dump ingredients into a slow cooker with absolute minimal prep-work. That’s why I was so excited to make this dinner the other night! I recently discovered the concept of foil pack dinners and knew I had to give one a shot!...more


When you look at this image and this quote, they both provide the same advice. Whatever you are doing in life, bring it! Bring enthusiasm, bring your soul, and bring your passion to the dish or to whatever you do. A recipe is nothing more than a recipe. It is what you bring to it, how you prepare, and the love you infuse into it that brings it to life....more

Bountiful Baskets

Friday Blog Round up #4

This week there was a mix of everything going on. I was hungry, my younger brothers graduation (they grow up so fast), issues with work, the ruling for the subsidies for the insurance companies was suppose to be coming up, just so so much....more

Vegetarian Cheese Manicotti

Vegetarian Cheese Manicotti are large pasta tubes that are stuffed with the mixture of potato, spinach, mushroom and mozzarella cheese and then baked topped with cheese.I have used Manicotti from Barilla....more

Pandan Chiffon Cake

Good Morning Everyone!Today is Monday, and today, I am going to share a recipe of one of my favorite food! Yeah! Can you guess it? I think you can guess it!No, no, I’m pretty sure you can guess it.Why? Because its written in the title of the post!! Hahaha!Yes, it is Pandan Chiffon! :D...more

Vegetarian Bolognese Sauce - Must try recipe

Vegetarian Bolognese Sauce is prepared with mushroom, carrots, capsicum is twist to traditional bolognese sauce which is prepared using meat. Try this out and I am sure you are going to love this....more

10 Tips for Preparing Your Kitchen for Summer Eating & Entertaining

The ceaseless appetite of my kids is hard to keep up with year-round, but it grows exponentially over the summer when they are spending hours each day swimming and playing in the hot Houston sun. To make matters worse, my desire to spend time in the kitchen shrinks exponentially over the summer when I have less time to grocery shop in peace and zero desire to stand over a hot stove. ...more

Bread Masala Chaat

Bread Masala Chaat is quick, delicious and chatpata recipe prepared using bread and few different spices. If you are chaat lover then you must try this out and do not forget to garnish this with coriander leaves, onion and  sev, this is the one that gives the additional taste :) I have used Aloo bhujia from haldirams , its my favorite....more

Ooodles of Noodles

Ramen noodles are a staple in any college student's dorm room. They're quick, easy and delicious. Despite the fact that I've graduated from college, I will still buy a package of ramen noodles for a rainy day.As I was scrolling through Pinterest one day, I stumbled upon a recipe that included shrimp, Sriracha, basil and RAMEN NOODLES! I decided that I would make that dish that very night. I went to Publix that very night to get the ingredients....more