Forget the Sugary Drinks - Pass These Laws to Make Parenting Easier

The other day, I saw yet another bill being proffered so that parents don't have to do their job.  The Healthy Kids' Meal Bill would require that restaurants offer water, juice or milk as the beverage with a kids' meal. Why? Yes, because it's healthier than, say lemonade or a soda. But, also, because parents don't want to be the bad guys on this.  Really?...more

Healthy and Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ever since we tried those Avocado Chocolate Cookies, Mateo has been determined to create his own “healthy” cookie recipe.  These chocolate chip cookies are his first attempt, and man are they delicious!  Even better, they are flourless, lactose-free, and have no added sugar (aside from the chocolate chips), so you can feel good about eating them....more


 Guess who is back with another recipe? This gal. I know you are all probably astonished like my mother was when I told her I was cooking this but lately, I've really been digging trying new recipes....more

Healthy Snack Time!

Healthy Snack Time!2/27/20150 Comments...more

Chicken Pot Pie

I used Sorted Food's Chicken Pot Pie recipe as a reference in making this dish. The changes I made were as follows:...more

Vegan Chocolate Truffles

Yes, that’s right these truffles are vegan friendly. I know, I know the success of a great truffle is all about the ganche, and how can you possibly achieve this without thickened cream? The answer is Coconut Cream!To get the best part of the coconut cream, pop your can in the fridge for awhile, when your ready to use it don’t shake the can and simply scrape the cream off the top. The result is some surprisingly rich and silky truffles guaranteed to satisfy your chocolate cravings....more

Being skinny won't make you happy. Being fat won't either.

"...Striving for that perfect beach body isn't going to make you happy.Striving to love your curves and rolls despite the media telling you to lose weight isn't going to make you happy.No physical body image is going to make you happy.No amount of eating what you love will make you happy.Skinny. Fat. Somewhere in the middle. It doesn't matter.What matters, and what will actually make you happy is being healthy..."...more

Looks Like Gravy, Tastes Like Pudding

Today, when I opened up one of my kitchen cabinets, I noticed all of my “good intentions” baking supplies. “Good intentions” meaning that I had good intentions over the holidays to make all sorts of cookies and yet, there the supplies still sit....more

Satisfying the Tummy

I think its great that living in the 21st Century means readily accessibility to just about any cuisine anywhere. I seriously can tour the world with my stomach within two miles from my workplace.I can also gain a lot of weight very quickly....more

Yumalicious food from around the world

 Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul.- Dorothy Day Food not only is a necessity but it is also an unforgettable experience on a daily basis.Do you eat in a rush or do you take the time to cook your meals and really savor every single bite?...more