An Illegal Hit

The worst case scenario in football, our son was tackled and sustained a concussion. My husband and I watched it happen to our fourth grade son. We saw him slammed into as the other player speared him from the side in an illegal hit leading with his helmet. Our son crumpled to the ground and we could hear him crying from the sidelines. As he sat on the sidelines and watched his team continue the fight without him, he made a choice to go back into the game....more

Why I Won't Watch Football Anymore

My first post on BlogHer was about my brother’s suicide.  I didn’t really talk much about who he was.  So today I will share a bit more…He was my baby brother. He was the uncle to my daughter. He was a world famous motivational fitness coach.  He was an all SEC football player.  He was one of the coolest, most compassionate, most cerebral people I ever knew…and he died at age 40.  (That's my 'baby' bro and me.)...more

Why the Movie 'Concussion' Made My Sons NOT Want to Play Football

My kids have wanted to play football since they were little boys, and my husband and I have always said no. We allow them access to every other sport and hobby that they love. They take dance class and play on lacrosse and basketball teams. As a family, we ski and mountain bike. They even take part in a summertime flag football camp, led by a local coach whom I trust. ...more
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Gonna Miss My Son Playing High School Football

Happy times.The end of an era occurred last night. High school football is over for my son and his parents. Tears were in everyone’s eyes....more
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Nine Ways High School Football Fosters Community

I'd like to introduce the positive side of football.  I'm well aware of the dangers of the sport and the negative press at the professional level; there's a lot of talk about the bad side, and rightly so.  For our family, football gave my son more than any sport, a sense of community on so many levels both inside and outside the team.  He never wanted to miss a practice or a game.  He wanted his parents to watch him play and we wanted to be there too, Friday Night Lights fans....more

Are you ready for some Buffalo Bills Football?

Harley loves the fall. The cool crisp air, the falling leaves, the harvest of apples and pumpkins.... but most of all Football. Like any All-American dog, Harley is a huge NFL fan....more

Football before age 12 linked to poorer thinking and memory

Rumor has it the Super Bowl is coming up and chances are that some of the guys you'll be watching will have CTE (like Alzheimer's but caused by multiple blows to the head) in 10 or 15 years.And a new study published in "Neurology" indicates that NFL players who started playing football before age 12 are more likely to have memory and thinking problems as adults. My guess is that many NFL players started before 12. In the South they sometimes start boys off in football at age 4 or 5!...more

Does your son play high school football? Now brain changes are occurring even WITHOUT concussions

My 7-year-old son told me again last night that he plans to be a football player. Actually, he said, "I'm going to be a football player and then an engineer." The timing couldn't have been been better (or worse, depending how you look at it), considering that college football player Kosta Karageorge just killed himself citing concussions for messing with his mind."Maybe you should be an engineer FIRST, then play football," I suggested. "Because playing football can really damage your brain and you'll need it to be an engineer." ...more

Sunday Funday Game Day Foods

Now scientists can see damage to football players' brains after mild concussions

If someone you love plays football or other sports that are known for concussions, take note: there's a major breakthrough in spotting brain damage.Neuroscientists used a new, enhanced MRI approach and could identify damage to the blood-brain barrier of pro football players after "unreported" trauma and mild concussions.The study followed 29 players - 16 were football players and 13 track and field athletes (who served as controls). All 29 had the MRI-based diagnostic....more