Now scientists can see damage to football players' brains after mild concussions

If someone you love plays football or other sports that are known for concussions, take note: there's a major breakthrough in spotting brain damage.Neuroscientists used a new, enhanced MRI approach and could identify damage to the blood-brain barrier of pro football players after "unreported" trauma and mild concussions.The study followed 29 players - 16 were football players and 13 track and field athletes (who served as controls). All 29 had the MRI-based diagnostic....more

Nov 16 - Prompts, Failure & Football

Hey, look at that, it only took me 15 days to fail NaBloPoMo! Whoops.  Well, in all honesty I did write a post yesterday in response to the Daily Prompt, but I couldn't bring myself to publish it.  I wasn't having a very good day yesterday and it just didn't turn out to be something I felt comfortable sharing....more

Three HOT Sport Reads - Strahan, Eagles and Youth Ball

Yahoo!Beauty  Michael Strahan Talks Football and Facemasks...more

Game Time

I spent the latter part of last week planning to attend a local High School football game to support the coach, as well as the team and school. I was sure not to plan anything that would conflict with the time and day, marked it on the calendar and I even made the request to pick my bambino up from school early on Game day. That was a shot in the dark, but after the request was granted, I begin to solidify plans to go. I was looking forward to having a fun evening cheering from the stands, showing bambino the game of football up close....more

If your son (or daughter) plays football, read this - Part 2

I'm not a huge football fan but I have a son that wants to play football when he's older. I'm trying to convince my husband that we need to encourage another sport. (Not that any are perfectly safe, but let's be honest: football is at the top of the list for concussions, and my son's brain is the part I'm most worried about!)So, as usual, I'm going to summarize a medical article so you can get the most important parts:...more

Thoughtfulness Thursday: Growing Up Bulldog

Sports are kind of a big deal in our household. Okay, a big deal. Especially college sports. I am a fourth generation bulldog-- my brother and I went to UGA, both of my parents, my grandparents AND my great-grandfather got an honorary degree from there. My husband went to graduate school at we really don't/can't cheery for anyone else. E has never been to a football game, but he's been to tons of tailgates, many baseball games, gymnastics meets and women's basketball. He's met Hairy Dog, knows how to call the dawgs and one day will bleed red and black....more

If you kid plays football, read this

My husband is from Alabama, where football is HUGE. (Even non-football fans will likely have heard of the Alabama vs. Auburn football rivalry.) He wants our son to play football and I'm completely against based on everything I read about concussions and CTE.I've posted about NFL players developing CTE (an Alzheimer's-like diseased caused by multiple concussions) and several having committed suicide because of it. And now there's a new study that shows the effects of concussions may start even earlier.A recent study of 75 college students found some disturbing results....more

NFL Not For Lust


Warning: If your son (or daughter) plays football

My husband is from Alabama, where football is the sport of choice. He wants our son to play football but I don't. The more I read about it, the worse I feel just thinking about him playing in elementary school!And then I run across this new study:

Covering my first Super Bowl

I started off the year covering one of the biggest sporting events, Super Bowl XLVIII. Since the Super Bowl was in my neck of the woods this year, I felt it imperative to cover as much of the events leading up to the game as possible. Since my blog is a female centered sports blog it was great to see so many female fans out and about enjoying the Super Bowl events. I was able to cover the players arrivals, media day, parties, and press conferences. So much running around but lots of fun....more