Patriots - Bills Week 17 Prediction Patriots go into the final week of the regular season in an odd position. They are fighting for a first round bye but they may already have clinched the two seed before they even kick off just after 4. None the less the Patriots will be looking for a win and here's how I think the game will go....more

Does Anyone Remember David Givens???

So I was watching the 2001 rewind of the Pats season with my buddy a couple months ago and I could not be more surprised at all the names. Yea I remembered Bruschi and tom and troy but man the names I forgot. People like Roman Phifer ( forgive me if my spelling sucks) and Larry Izzo. these players were such integral parts to the patriots and all had huge parts in the super bowl. but I’m here to talk about hope! with this years team and a possible championship!...more

Who Is Under Performing for the Patriots This Year

Going into week 17 The Patriots are in good position to get a first round bye, but at 11-4 the Pats have had more then a few bumps in the road this season. Here’s a look at who I think has underperformed this season....more

Patriots- Ravens What We Learned

The Patriots week sixteen route of the Ravens came as a surprise too many, me included, but there were several key occurrences I learned a lot from during the game......more

Wes Welker -- overrated player of the week

nepatstalk.comIt's Sunday! What does that mean? Funday? Well maybe not. But I do have a new segment. Every Sunday I will be writing on players I think are overrated or underrated and why. This week I will be talking about Wes Welker.Being a Patriots fan I have a lot of experience watching Wes and I never thought he was quite as elite as stated for a few reasons....more

Higher elevation means fewer concussions for athletes

I live in the heart of the Rocky Mountains so I found this especially interesting.A new study from the Colorado School of Public Health found that high school athletes who play at higher altitudes have fewer concussions thair those closer to sea-level.Why?Apparently, it's because the at higher altitudes, there are physiological changes (i.e., mild edema) that make our brains fit more tightly in our skulls. Less room to move around means fewer concussions....more

10 Reasons I Have A Love Hate Relationship With Football

I love the fall season. The air is crisper, leaves turn gold, sweaters come out of storage and pumpkin lattes abound. My husband loves fall for a different reason. Football. The time of year when both my grocery and liquor bill skyrocket. I’ve been to several games and I’ve tried to get into the sport, but the spirit just isn’t there. I am far more interested in the fried foods that are offered than I am over who scored a touchdown. I won’t even remember who won the game, but I’ll be able to tell you in detail every morsel I put into my mouth while watching it....more

Life's Questions

In this country, football is as much a part of Thanksgiving as is the turkey. Since I always cared more about eating than playing sports, the televised games were always background noise to me. It was something that the “guys” would watch while my sister and I hung out with the ladies sneaking tastes of all the delicious food in the kitchen....more

Patriots - Broncos Quick Prediction

4 Keys to a Patriots Win Against Denver

The upcoming Patriots- Broncos game will be the toughest test for this years Patriots team, it will also be a crucial factor in AFC playoff seeding. Here's what The Patriots need to do to beat the Broncos on Sunday night. ...more