Patriots - Panthers Early Prediction

The Patriots first test after the bye week is a bit of a surprise, the panthers were nothing to write home about last season but come into this weeks match up with a 6-3 record and are fresh off an impressive win vs the 49ers. The Monday night match up  should be a good one with both teams matching up admirably. Both teams get after the quarterback well but look for the Patriots D - line to sacrifice pass rush for the sake of keeping Superman in the pocket, while the panthers D-line will pin their ears back and go all out attacking Brady....more

The Impending Impact of Shane Vareen

My Spirit: this seasons last football game

Walking up to the football field with my whole family was a treat. There were the aunts, uncles, grandmothers, cousins, daughters, step-children and babies. My youngest of my many nephews had so much fun with all of his siblings (half and step) surrounding him. He will be three years older than my grand daughter and (as my sister and I are planning) to have them grow up together and become in the same social groups. That would make me a very happy Titi and Grandmother....more

Football: A Theological Perspective

I spent the day with friends today and we watched football.I hate football. I don’t understand football. Here’s what I know about football.Nothing....more

Football Camp in Ireland for $3500. Easy, right?!

Football Camp in Ireland for $3500. Easy, right?My teenager really loves football....more
Karen Ballum Wow! Two days?! It does really suck. And it was would be so much easier to brush ...more

Family, Football & Food...

So we are halfway through college football season, which means I have had quite a few football Saturdays to prepare for!  In the south, college football is right there with family, and when you're a family of football fanatics, it works.  We have themed game weekends...well, let me back up...we are big time Alabama fans...can I get a ROLL TIDE???  So being Alabama fans, we obviously root for Alabama and anyone playing Tennessee or Auburn, ha! ...more

First things first

One of my sons had chosen to take a nap after school before dragging himself to football practice. By the time he got home and showered, it was already 8:30 p.m. when he was starting up his laptop to do his homework.“When is this due?” I set him up with a plate of food and a drink at his desk.“I have to get this part done by tomorrow.”...more

Football Sunday

I normally root for one collegiate football team.Professional football I can watch, but it really doesn’t rock my world.However…This season my hometown’s team has a new coach.Call me a fair-weather fan,but we have one win under our teams’ belt.End result of this? We aregoing to try to watch the first quarter at a place known for the goldenarches-after all,we are sans electric…lol…at least until UndisclosedDeux is done its’ construction....more

Lament of a Newbie Football Mom

The beginning of September in Texas heralds a brand new season.  I speak not of autumn leaves and sweater-weather, but the clash of helmets and the smell of sweaty boys. I am now officially a Football Mom (is that capitalized?).  I have just finished splinting my first sprained thumb/jammed pinkie combo.  My 13 year old son is now running around the house clicking his injured appendages together like a demented crab....more

What every mother of an athlete should hear

If your child plays a contact sport (especially football) or does cheerleading, you should probably read this: several decades of hiding the seriousness of the risks of head injuries, the NFL is being sued ... by 4,000 of its former players....more