Show Us Your Favorite Football Team-Inspired Shoes!

This is how much interest I have in American professional football: zero, zilch, nada, none, nil! So you can imagine my great lack of enthusiasm when my football-loving co-workers suggested that we theme this week’s shoe shot to align with a certain upcoming game taking place on Sunday....more

Tailgating Isn't Just About Beer Anymore

 Women love wine. Fact. ...more

What Do You Plan To Do On Super Bowl Sunday?

Next Sunday, the 47th annual Super Bowl football game will be telecast live from New Orleans. The San Francisco 49ers will face off against the Baltimore Ravens, as millions of Americans watch, cheer, and nosh on buffalo wings and bean dip. Will you be one of them? This week we want to know what you're planning for Super Bowl Sunday. ...more
I plan to wear my Meesh & Mia Super Bowl XLVII shirt!!

Weekend recap

Being a stay at home mom I don't get a true weekend off but it is nice and a lot of help that my husband is home to help me. We had all these big plans for Saturday but since our daughter decided to sleep in so did we! I think we accomplished some laundry, taking down the Christmas tree and some other minor details. And you know what? I am completely ok with it. Ha. We did get to take advantage of the rare warm Jan weather and take our daughter to the at least we got outside. Sunday after church my husband did a better job than me about doing some errands....more

Once In a Blue Moon

Every so often – maybe once in a blue moon – I do something for my husband. If you check the calendar, you’ll find that it actually was a blue moon on Aug. 31, when I accompanied Jeff to the Temple-Villanova football game at Lincoln Financial Field. It must have been. Otherwise, I never would have been there. I hate football. Even during college at the University of Washington, I barely saw the Huskies play. I usually visited the library during games....more

A Tribute to My Football Loving Dad

While watching college football this evening, and remembering weekends of my childhood, I thought I would write a blog about my Dad. You see, without him, I would have never known a thing about the game of football. I owe all of my knowledge, my "Football Divaness" if you will, to him....more
My mom taught me to love football when I was young. Back then, my dad didn't care about ...more

The Olympics When Your National Team Sucks

Up until that point, I had never encountered pride and loyalty in such real, palpable form. Their team's victory transformed everyone in that bar, without displacing anything at all. I have never felt more envious than I did then, looking around me at all the people who had followed their team through the ups and downs to see them take down their rival. There was laughing and hugging and kissing like these fans were survivors of an impossible struggle who'd come out triumphant. I suppose that in a sense, they were. ...more
If you ever want a unique fan experience. I suggest Fenway Park in Boston Massachusetts. The ...more

Too Big to Fail: Penn State & the Death Penalty

Man I love football.  So much so, that I consciously considered how my son’s name would look on the back of a jersey and sound over the PA before I settled on it....more

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