Why Breast v Formula Should Not Be a Debate

We all know the breastfeeding versus formula feeding debate. We've all heard the passionate, and often outright hostile, arguments on each side. Many of us probably have an opinion one way or the other. Well, this post is not going to be about mine. No, I am not here to wade into the debate, I am here to ask whether it should be a debate at all....more

Formula Bashing

Sometimes formula isn't a choice ...more

Negative Breastfeeding Campaigns: How They Impact Mental Health

I am thrilled to post my interview with Steph, who is a blogger with Grounded Parents.  Steph talks more about how negative breastfeeding campaigns impacted her mental health.  Steph has really good ideas about how to implement positive infant feeding campaigns. ...more

What I Learned From Science This Week: Worry About Yourself

I often tell my children, "worry about yourself," meaning as long as they are making the right choices for themselves, they need to stop sticking their nose in the decisions of others. Most recently, this played out when my daughter decided to tattle on her brother, whom she had deemed to be rewarding himself with an extra helping of Girl Scout cookies without clearance from me....more

Why I Didn't Breastfeed My First Baby

My oldest son is 7. He was mostly formula-fed from birth, and completely formula-fed from about 7 weeks of age.Given the person I am now, the breastfeeding advocate and educator, who has successfully breastfed three subsequent children, sometimes I look back and can't quite believe he wasn't breastfed. But his birth and my experience with him is what made me so passionate about birth and breastfeeding in the first place.But why wasn't he breastfed?...more

Sexiest Formula Fed / Breast Fed Man Alive (or Not Your Typical Formula versus Breast Feeding Post).

I know what you are thinking.A new mom-blogger on the scene has to state her claim on where she sits on this debate. or You have Googled this topic and come across this piece hoping for some insight on the pros and cons of each. or You are wondering how much more can possibly be written on this topic....more

Breastfeed Just Once, and Then Decide

I stumbled across a rather polarizing article on why a particular author decided even before giving birth that she wasn't going to breastfeed. I'm not going to link to it, because I found it offensive and simply argumentative, but it can be found on the Mommyish site, if you care to go hunt it down. The problem I had with her article was that all of her reasons for not wanting to breastfeed were uninformed nonsense. She clearly wrote the article just to antagonize and not to convince or even to simply state her position....more
 @ashleymarie6 I'm glad you liked it. I read that article and wanted to yell at the author. Then ...more

Feeding babies, the epic version

So the nursing bras are in the garbage bin. Most of them were almost 7 years old – which sounds ancient, but overall they were only really worn for about a year and a half. Two of them were new, only a year old, and even had underwire – woooo. But they still didn’t support like a regular bra. I have to say, I’m very happy to be back in the regular bras. Happy and perky.I briefly contemplated burning those bras as I chucked them in the bin, but thought it best that they not go out with a bang. We had a complicated relationship, breastfeeding and I. And now it has come to an end....more

I Was A Breastfeeding Drop-Out

There is a deep chasm of fear and failure that separates the mother that I am, and the mother that I long to be....more