Screw You Rear-View Mirror


The 'Poo Chronicles

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons...more
patriciaappelquist Sequoia tree--I love it.  good luck!more

Stratocasters, Tattoos, and Poker-Playing Grandmas

I played a Fender Stratocaster today.OK, well “played” may be too strong a word here, but I strummed a chord. An actual chord that my little fingers created on the fretboard from memory. And it sounded good....more

Writer's Block

My best friend from college is a fabulous writer. No, let me clarify–she’s an effing fabulous writer. But here’s the rub–she can’t write....more

Summoning the Enchantress

LUST: Damned if we give into it, damned if we don't

As my divorced girlfriend Amy told me about a recent first date she went on, she was practically squealing.  For not only was her date smart, funny and gentlemanly, she was...more