Forty and whatnot

Oh hai, blogher! Been a while!I am now forty years old. For the records, that profile photo of me was taken almost a year ago - I think. Nothing much has changed, except for my hairstyle. It's now shorter, because I find it more manageable during workouts (not having to use a dozen pins to keep them from face during burpees, use less shampoo, etc - ye olde standard excuses for having short hair). Anyway. What's been happening to me?...more

6 Ways Turning 40 is a Lot Like Turning 4

My youngest just turned four on Tuesday and is acting like she has suddenly doubled her age.  Four is still young compared to her older sisters, but in her mind, she has officially made it into the Big Kid Club....more


GETTING IT ALL INby Tracey Jackson Remember when all you had to do was cook dinner?  ...more

I love the idea of meeting your deadline ahead of schedule. Thanks for sharing!more

Forty and Feeling Fine

Just another day... But today is the day that I turn 40.  Holy crap, FORTY?  Really? Yup, it's true. ...more

It's been remarkably easy so far... :-) I think that half the battle for me was embracing it ...more

How Do You Have Fun and Do Good on Your (Gasp, 40th) Birthday?

People have started to ask me how I'll be celebrating my 40th birthday next month: Will I be having a party, or a day of solo contemplation? Will I go on a fabulous trip, or stay home with friends? And what would I like for gifts, or do I want gifts at all? I haven't entirely decided how to celebrate the big day, and would love your ideas about how to celebrate your birthday in a way that is fun and makes a difference. ...more

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