101 fun ideas for summer!

summer can't come fast enough, yet at the same time we're not quite ready for it. what are we going to do all summer with the kids? school gets out for us in 2 weeks. and it starts up at the end of august that means we have 79 days of summer. so here are 101 fun ideas to fill those days!...more

Banana Mango Dairy Free Milkshake

 Oooooo honey, I absolutely love myself a milkshake! Especially when chopping down on one of my guilty pleasures, french fries! No sweat, I don’t eat them often at all *wink.* However, as much as I love milkshakes my body just can not handle the aftermath of consuming’em! * Shaking My Head*So, what did I do?!I came up with a healthier alternative to having my milkshake & drinking it, too (childish neck roll)....more

5 Cheap Places to Explore With Kids

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you need a ton of money to do something fun with the kids.  Sure, our trip to Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto was a lot of fun.  But it cost a good chunk of money to drive there, park, pay for tickets, and eat while we were there.  Making memories and planning great experiences doesn’t have to cost so much though.  It doesn’t even have to cost anything....more

PlayBuzz - Free Fun Blog Content and Interactive Content Creation Platform

Any blogger is famillar with blogging successes like BuzzFeed and Upworthy and we all wish we could have even 1% of the traffic and user engagement levels they do. So what's the secret? How do they do it?...more

Top 14 free magazine subscriptions on Newsstand for the iPad

As someone who’s always been obsessed with magazines, I was beyond excited when I Eric got an iPad for Christmas and I discovered Newsstand has free magazine subscriptions.Until I found out that only about 1% (this figure may not be entirely accurate) are completely free. The other 99% are free asterisk. Meaning, free for the first issue then only pay $0.99 - $5.00 for each subsequent issue!No....more

Gentically Modified Organisms Part Two

genetically modified organisms : part twofresh fruit...more

We All Get Overwhelmed + a Free Printable

I’m going to be honest with you. We all get overwhelmed. I don’t care if you’re supermom, there is no denying it.Unfortunately for a lot of people, including myself, this time of year can be the most suffocating.Money. All of the decorating, cooking, baking, and gift buying. It can be overwhelming.Travel. Just the thought of packing up my family for a road trip makes me exhausted....more

Feeling Charitable?

Feeling Charitable?In our family, we try to be thankful year ’round, but traditionally, November is the time that we focus on giving thanks. Part of  that process (for us anyway) is recognizing that no matter how hard we have it sometimes, there is always someone in a worse place, and knowing that maybe WE can so something to change that.Fostering the feeling of being charitable is a big part of our holiday season....more
erinific Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment! I'll have to check out igive too- I ...more

The Benefits of Membership

Are you a member of Amazon Prime?  If so, there is a new service you will absolutely love!!Head over and check out Kindle First !!  This is a new service from Amazon that allows you to choose one free book each month.  These books are selected from various genres by the Amazon Publishing editors.  I've already grabbed mine for November!Here's the low down from Amazon:...more